Chapter 34

Writer Notes: Well Chapter 34 and the first chapter posted in 2012! Yay!

Warnings: a bit longish, awkward moments, language, the use of the word “twinkle,” and may or may not be playing psyche.

Twister had made Toulouse leave with him.  Sasha was surprised by this.  Twister didn’t really like Toulouse even before all of the craziness had begun, but at least Twister knew his suffering was a lot less than Sasha or Peppermint…especially Pmint.  Sasha didn’t know how this girl was keeping it together, but Sasha wanted to make sure Pmint knew Sasha’s side of the story.

Even if that meant awkward situations.

“Hey-O.” Sasha smiled.  “Whaddya doin’ out here?”

“Just getting some air.” Pmint replied.

It was silent for a moment.  It seemed both of the girls wanted to say something to each other, but neither of them could form the words.  Peppermint finally sighed.

“It shouldn’t be this hard.” she said.  “We both feel like we were the other ‘woman’.”

Sasha laughed.  “It does, but you and Toulouse were more serious than…well…him and me…we were an off and on couple.”

“It doesn’t matter what the statuses of the relationships were…” Pmint said. 

Sasha nodded.  “I’m sorry though…I should have known earlier though…”

“We’re not to blame.” Pmint said.  “But this is just crazy!” She laughed.  “Toulouse should almost get an award for his acting skills.”

Sasha smiled a bit, but it was soft at the edges.  She knew that Pmint was miserable and hurt.  Sasha should have never gotten back with Toulouse.  She had ruined this girl’s life…well, Toulouse had.


“Oh…” Shane smirked.  “Dis is almost de’ja’vu.”

“Well, except I was where you are and you were standing arguing with Angel.” Sally said.   “How do you feel?”

“Like I was hit by a steamroller.”

Shane looked over and saw Rez and Angel asleep.  How Rez could sleep sitting up was a mystery to Shane.  It just seemed unnatural.


The group had condensed a little bit and they sat closely together, mostly because they were all tired and if they needed a pillow one was near.  Kassidy Lane was growing ever more bitchy by the hour.  Dewy and Kat ignored her, but Jack was just about to snap.  She could be her usual snobbiness after they left the hospital, but Jack believed his increased aggravation with the girl was sparked from what had happened earlier with Toulouse.

Kat’s attention was turned to this scene.  She knew that Drake had loads of friends, but she knew a lot of them or at least their names, but Drake had never mention this lady or her family.  So Kat was suspicious and perhaps a little jealous.  She loved Drake, but he was a big flirt.

But his “flirting” was truly what he felt about the person or how he saw them.

So, he cared for this lady very much.  She was very dear to him and he seemed very dear to her too.

Suddenly the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

Kat turned away from the vistor and made a sour face.  “Catherine.”

“Doc, tell me, how is he?” she asked.

“Settle down, Catherine,” Drake said.  “Shane will be fine.”

“Can I see him?”

Drake was about to say something, but Cassie interrupted.  “Yes, but visitor hours are about to end.”

“What da f…!”

“Hey, Catherine,” Sally interrupted.

Catherine just stood there for a moment observing the scene.  Shane stared back, but he his face wasn’t as friendly.

“Whaddya come for?” Shane then asked.

“What do you mean, why’d I come?” Catherine’s voice was shaky.  “No one called me! If the news hadn’t boardcasted…”

“Catherine…Iz don’t want ya here!” Shane looked around and spotted a doctor, at the moment he hadn’t realized it was Cassie.  “Get her outta here!”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to escort you out, miss.” Cassie said.

“WHAT?!” Catherine turned around.  “I just got here!”

“Is that who I think it is?” Angel asked sleepily.

“Yep,” Rez answered.

“Visiting hours are about to end anyways,” Cassie tried to calm the lady.

“Catherine, don’t make a scene.” Sally said.

Shane was about to get ugly, but the morphine was wearing off and he could feel the intensivity of his wounds.

“I will not leave!” Catherine spat.  “I deserve to be here!” she said.

“Please, miss, do not make me call security.”

“Call them, bitch! I’m still not leaving!”

“Please stop giving the doctor trouble!” Sally exclaimed, but Catherine ignored her.

“I drove for four hours to get here!” she shouted.  “I’m not leaving until I want to!”

“We don’t want ya here!” Shane snapped.


“Sasha, ya better get in there.” Dewy said.


“Catherine’s here.”



“CATHERINE!” Angel shouted.  “There’s no reason for this behavior!”

“Get the hell out of my hospital!” Cassie shouted.

“What’s going on?” Sasha questioned.

At the sight of Sasha, Catherine’s anger died down and there was an unmistakable twinkle of fear in her eyes.

“Get da fuck out!” Shane shouted.

Catherine didn’t say another word.  She just marched out of the room.  Cassie just tried to regain her cool.

“Call me and let me know when you get home.” Sasha called out to her.

Sally shook her head.  Angel and Rez just smiled.

“What a shit fest.” Shane said.

“Thank god for reinforcements.” he smiled.

“Don’t get too comfortable.” Cassie said.  “We’ve got to do a few tests.”

“And if she does call me,” Sasha began.  “I’m gonna give you hell!”


It was going on 2 am and Sally still couldn’t find herself falling asleep.  Her mind was heavy with a lot of thoughts.  Shane was in those thoughts too.  He seemed fine at the hospital after the Catherine episode, but who would really know what was really going on with him.  He was always holding back.

But her other thoughts…


“Hey, saw that your light was still on so I decided to check on you…so…how are you?” he asked.

Sally tried to smile.  “Sleepy, but can’t sleep.”

Jack nodded.  “I hear they make a pill for that.” he smiled.

Sally shrugged.  “I’m not so much into that trend.”

“You just need to relax.” he said.  “Stop thinking so much…or I could help you talk it out?”

Sally hesitated too long.  “Talk it out.” Jack said, lying next to her.

“I don’t know.” she answered.  “Just a lot of things have happened in a short time. Shane, our house…” Sally shook her head. “Why is my world always a drama?”

Sally looked over at the ever-so observant Jack.  “And you…you do a very good job at distracting me.”

He smiled and it reached his eyes.  Sally was stuck on those eyes.  She turned towards Jack with a new seriousness.

“Can you distract me now?”

He seemed to think about it.  “I can try.”

He held her close, staring into her eyes and smiled.  She leaned in slightly and he mirrored her until they were inches apart.  It was Jack’s turn to hesitate.  They were both tired and vulernable, but Jack didn’t want to have regrets; yet he didn’t want to put Sally into that type of situation.  She didn’t need anymore drama.

He was a little surprised when she made the final move.  A very chaste kiss, but soft and nice.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you yet…I found an apartment.” Sally smiled.  “Isn’t that great?”

Jack uneasily smiled.  “Yeah…”


6 Responses to Chapter 34

  1. Zhippidy says:

    What a scene, in a hospital no less… sweet on Jack and Sally. I hope she doesn’t get those ‘he needs me’ guilt feelings for Shane. Hope to read more soon 🙂

  2. 4mamma says:

    OMG what drama !!!
    The hospital scene is perfectly made and written…

    But your whole story is perfect
    Looking forwarg to the next chapter….=)


  3. 13pumpkin says:

    Drama…ending with…sweetness!

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