Chapter 8

Writer Notes: RE-Post of Chapter 8 of The Gang in TS2 format.  I also took the pictures of this chapter by memory…so that’s why it doesn’t exactly match the original TS3 version.  There’s one picture missing too.  Also it is easy to note that the title picture isn’t an image of Sally’s socks.  I totally forgot about that picture so we will do without it becacuse I’m not going to load my game for one picture.  Also the “policy” picture is from a different angle, but that’s fine.

Warnings: mostly girl talk, change in views, sort of long, this is staged after the party (Chapters 5-7) with Kat Baylor, Sally Saither, Kassidy Lane Staddler-Holts, and Angel Main.  There’s also another visitor. (And, a freakin talk bubble got into one of the picture, that bastard)

Sally and the girls got together for the night.  They conversed about Dewy, his friends, and the party while chowing down on some pizza.  It had been awhile since their last pajama night so they had plenty to catch up on.  P.J. night had been made when they were in junior high, but they loved it so much it became a regular thing.  KL and Kat shared an apartment so mostly their place became pajama sanctuary, considering at Angel and Sally’s they would have to put up with Rez.

“Jack and Pmint have a lovely house.” Kat smiled.

“Pmint, she’s only been here for a short time and she already has a nickname!” KL rolled her eyes.  “W-O-W!”

“Kassidy Lane!” Sally shook her head.  “She seemed like a nice enough girl.”

“I think her and Toulouse are a couple.” Angel claimed.

“Really?” Kassidy held back a smile.  “So soon?”

“Actually, she’s been here for awhile, Drake said.” Continued Angel.  “She’s been investigating the area.”

“Why?” questioned Sally.

“Evidently, they came out of the heart of the android war.” Angel replied.

“We made them feel—welcome—I hope we did.” Kat stared into space for a moment.”

“We’ll definitely make Jack feel welcome.” Sally spotted KL’s mischievous smile.

“Don’t you think you should be focusing on making up with Dewy?”

Kassidy diverted her eyes from looking at Sally’s.  “Yeah.” She sighed.

“I don’t think getting with his friend would help you any.”

“Definitely not.” Angel giggled.  “But Jack is something, isn’t he? Pretty damn cute for sure.”

“Speaking of cute,” KL’s face brightened up.  “Ya gonna let Sally on your coffee shop boy, Kat?”

“Oh, yeah! I haven’t told you!” Kat smiled.

“Is this another Ezzy and Zane adventure?!?” Sally almost screamed.

“No—” Kat bowed her head.

“It’s even better!” KL exclaimed.


The other day I went to Uncommon Grounds, ya know, my secret coffee shop.

Ezzy seemed to be in trouble with the boss so I didn’t want to intrude. 

So, I got on the computer and ya know, did my usual routine.

Well, Zane was there moping around, but he didn’t come up to me so—I didn’t think anything of it.  As I was getting on the chats, the regulars started arguing about the coffee not being served yet, which was making Zane angrier.  Any ways, I heard a voice from the crowd that I’ve never heard before.

I got off and turned around to see who it was, but I found a crowd—then—and then—!

Zane calls for me.

So I see what’s stressin’ him.  Evidently, there was a really bad short on a main maker of their deluxe coffee so—Ezzy was getting the fall out of it from the boss, which was totally making Zane made because he was the one who forgot to order the stuff.

Then, I spent a good amount of time cheering him up.  When he finally snapped out of his mood, I so happened to look at another computer screen and catch the time.  I was so late for my photography class!

As I was scrambling out of there, I got a good look at the stranger, ya know, the voice I didn’t recognize.

He was actually kinda handsome in a beach bum, surfer guy type of way.


“Well,” Sally blinked for a moment.  “That was still partly a Zane and Ezzy adventure, but…wow. Did you find out who the guy is?”

Kat shrugged.  “Some guy that comes every other week.”

“But,” Kat held back a smile.  “I did notice before Zane called me that the guy was apart of that site you like so much.”

“Clay’s Drama?” Sally jumped up and down.  “I could ask The Man if he knows any coffee shop boys, if you want?!?”

“Wouldn’t that be invasion of privacy?” Kat asked.

“Oh, yeah—”

“I rather just make an account and find out for myself.” Kat grinned.  “Will you make me one?”

“I would be so glad to!”

“I would still ask if Clay knows any coffee shop boys, Sally.” KL added.  “I mean, Clay likes you so maybe he’ll put his rules aside for a moment to help you.”

“Kassidy, I don’t want Sally to get in trouble.”

“She won’t.” KL claimed.

“Why don’t we go and do that.” Sally winked.

“You guys go ahead.” Kat said.  “I’ve—got to call Drake any ways.”

“For what?” Angel asked.

“I don’t know yet.” She answered.  “He said something important though.”

The girls did not question her any further and headed to KL’s room; however they were in for a surprise visit.

“Dewy?” Kassidy felt her heart drop.


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