Chapter 7

Writer Notes: Re-post of Chapter 7 from TS3 to TS2.

Warnings: This is part 3 of the party, still lots of Sims in the house, multiple views, and lots of conversation.


“Come on, man, you need to go home.” Rez tried to sound soothing, but knew better when it came Shane.  There was not a person in the universe that could calm him down.

“I just need a second.” Shane finally replied almost in a whisper.

“All right,” Rez nodded.  “We’re gonna be leavin soon, ya comin?”

“Yeah.”  A blunt answer, but Rez would accept anything as long as Shane kept talking.  They couldn’t afford for him to let certain emotions stay within him.  It could be dangerous for those around them.  And, they were all friends.


“Do I need to ask him to leave?” Sally knew she wasn’t dreaming.  He was standing there and he was speaking to her.

“No,” she tried to smile

“Shane’s—Dewy’s friend also. It wouldn’t be fair to make him go on my part.”

“Not that it’s any of my business,” Jack began.  “But that looked pretty serious.”

“Shane and I—broke up.”  Sally shook her head.  Why did she have to sound like a sixth grader in front of him?!

“Are you all right?”

“Um—uh—yes, I’m fine.”  She stepped back.  “I need to go.”

“Well, there you are!” Angel said appearing at her side.  “Holy crap, girl, what you couldn’t find the sink?”


“You were going to get some water.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Are you ok?” Angel asked.

“I-I’m fine.”

“You sure?”  Sally resorted in nodded this time.  “Well, Rez and I are going to hit the road, so call me when you get home.”

“This isn’t over!” Twister shouted at the doorway.  “We will have our revenge!”

“Bye, guys!” Angel laughed, following Twister out.

“Revenge will be sweet!” called Twister.

“Gosh, he can’t take defeat well, can he?” Dorian asked.

“No, who knew are team would come back from being over ten points down.” Drake replied.  “It’s a miracle!”

Toulouse shook his head and elbowed Peppermint.  “Are we gonna talk to Jack?”

She sighed.


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