Chapter 60


Writer Notes:  Sorry for this being so late.  January was a hectic month with the weather and work so I wasn’t able to do as much simming as I wanted to and then when I was simming there was a moment of which story gets more attention.  Alternate Universe of course was updated first…and The Gang…well fell through the cracks while I was working on my other story Sims 2 Bustin’ Out.  Having three stories is pretty straining so I may have to completely destroy my posting schedule and think of something better.  It may mean Story A and B get updated one month then A and C then next B and C the following month.  It sucks, but I’m not really sure if I’ll have time update all three in one month.

Warnings: talk of politics, stream of pictures, relationship problems, and what-the-fuck no profound language.


Casey Ask was trying to finally make a base of operations, but unfortunately, this area was already inhabited by gangs, business tycoons, and corrupt politicians like Venus De’tango. Most politicians in Casey’s position would have picked the waterfront or somewhere luxurious, but that wasn’t Casey.  He liked to help the people around him and rich folk didn’t need his help.


“Have you ever thought of expanding your circle?” he asked.  “You could take over this district and scale up to South Street. Just think, if it was cleaned up, how many new sponsors you’d pick up.”


Venus turned to him with a raised eyebrow.  “Don’t try to schmooze over what you are hinting about. You know helping those poor gang bangers is not my style. That’s yours.”


“So are you suggesting we team up?” Casey smiled.

“Oh, you turned that around brilliantly.” Venus rolled her eyes.  “What’s your interest in South Street any ways?”

“It’s the lowest of the low areas in this city. Clean it up and you’ll earn support from all around. That’s simple politics, Venus.”


“I’m charmed.” she laughed.  “But, an anonymous billionaire is already buying up the place to put in new business. So it’ll get cleaned up and I won’t have to worry about it.”


“And you haven’t thought to meet with this guy and see what his plans are?” Casey asked.

“No, why? If he brings in new business and industry, I see no hurt in it.” Venus shrugged.  “If anything he’ll have to come to me to get a signature for petitioning new zoning laws. Casey, I know this town and I’m a veteran at this job. Please don’t forget that.”


“Don’t forget I’m the one who taught you the ways.” Casey countered.  “Nor what our original purpose is.”

“Yes, to represent the people, blah, blah, blah. Get with the new times, Casey.” Venus scowled.  “People don’t care about that anymore. They use you to put through their ideas, but in the end it circles back around to the agenda of your party and what their goals are.  No one cares about the little guy anymore.”


“And that’s the real problem with our world today.” he replied.

“Sure, but less for him, more for me.”


“Like you need more.” Casey sighed.  “Fine, you won’t allow me to settle in this district and clean it up?”

“I didn’t say that.” Venus replied.  “But I could use you.”


“I’m not famously friendly with the commons.” she began.  “But you, they love. If I got your support for the upcoming bill then perhaps voters will rally and do as I want.”

“And if I refuse to be paraded around like your pet guinea-pig?”


“Oh, don’t play that way, Casey, you know you’ll lose. I’m more experienced in dirty work than you.” Venus laughed.  “But this bill fits right up your ally, cutting taxes on the poor, and bringing promise back into the promise land. So what do you say?”


“Why would you support such a bill?” Casey asked.  “That’s not your style as you said.”

“I get a cut of revenue from tycoons all over for good publicity. Why else?”


“But your name doesn’t have to be on that bill.” Venus continued.  “It could just wind up there if my pen isn’t careful.”


“Why does this sound like blackmail?” Casey inquired.  “Though you don’t have anything on me to blackmail.”


“Don’t I?” Venus smiled.











“I swear every time we see her, the more she looks like you.” Rez laughed.

“Just prettier.” Shane added.


“You know, with Catherine having this new baby,” Rez began. “You might want to keep Eleez for awhile to let Catherine and Bobby settle in.”

“Yeah, it’s been in my thoughts.” Shane admitted.  “I don’t know if Catherine would go for it though.”


“Talk to her about it.” Rez said as he watched the girls play.


“And how is this all working out for Angel?” Shane asked.  “I mean, she’s here all the time…a daycare…with all these children. How is she?”

“Crazy a bit.” Rez laughed.


“Nah, she’s good. She’d tell me if she wasn’t.”

“It must be hard on her though.” Shane shifted on his feet lightly.  “I mean, going through what you two did.”


Rez looked at him all serious.  “Angela may not be able to bear a child of our own, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never have kids. Just right now…we have to redo our plan.”


“What’s eating at you?” Rez then asked.  “Don’t say ‘nothing.’ I know you.  Ever since you got here, you’ve been on edge.”

Shane sighed.  “I’ve been seeing Dr. Cassie Ask.”


Rez stepped back.  “Really?” he smiled.  “Details?”

“Don’t get all girly on me.” Shane frowned.  “At first it was just…booty calls…now. I don’t know.”


“You don’t know or she doesn’t know?” Rez asked.

I don’t know.” Shane replied.  “At first I was fine with the arrangement, but then…when I brought her to go get Eleez, she skipped out.”


“Man, you had told her about your kid beforehand right?”

“Rez, she’s been to my house. It’s kinda hard to miss.”

“So what’s the problem?”


“I don’t know.” Shane answered.  “She was fine until we got outta the car and then she panicked.”


“I don’t want you to get ahead of yourself until you two talk this over,” Rez began.  “But you can’t be in a relationship with someone who can’t be apart of Eleez’s life too.”

“I know.” Shane sighed.  “Something’s going on though.”


“Well, she’s a doctor.” Rez said.  “Maybe something at the hospital, dealing with kids, freaked her out.”

“No…I don’t think so.” Shane shrugged.  “I’ll call her later and we’ll talk about it.”


“We’ll keep Eleez tonight, if you want.” Rez said.

“Yeah, that may be a good idea.”




Sasha had done a lot of thinking.  She put everything into a giant bowl, stood back, and looked at it all.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.  She wasn’t a pretty sight.


And she knew this was going to be harder than admitting it to herself.




Sasha had half hoped Dewy wouldn’t show up and would call later, but he was there.  Faithful Dewy, he was always there.  He had been for Kassidy Lane.  He would be there for Sasha too.


But Sasha didn’t want to use Dewy, not like KL had.


But first she had to do something that would truly destroy him and herself in the making.  Perhaps they could rebuild themselves and maybe in the future they could find each other again.


But she had to take the first step.




Dewy moved the keys to the center of the table and stared at them.  He felt his chest tighten.  She was giving up on “them.”


“We don’t have to do this, Sasha.” he said.  “We can work this out.”


Sasha was afraid of this.  “No, Dewy, we can’t.” she said.  “We’re no good to each other.  Separately, we have too many issues and together those issues escalate.”


“I’m sorry, Dewy, but I can’t hurt you anymore.”


“Sasha, stop taking all the blame. I’ve been wrong too and made you crazy. Stop it. Let’s fix it.”


This was going to be harder than she thought.



Kat was the girl there at the wrong time.  And now she had to make a decision.


Did she “tell on” one friend or keep a secret from another?  It wasn’t easy since Drake had been there for her all her life and Peppermint was one of her best friends.


“Was that work you were arguing with?” Kat asked all nonchalant.

“No, the pizza delivery guy.” Drake replied.  “What’s up? You seem like something’s bothering you.”


There it was.  If he hadn’t asked, maybe she wouldn’t have told him.  But now it was out there and Kat knew she couldn’t keep this secret from him.


Even if it hurt him in the end.


Additional Notes: Chapter 60, everyone! That’s a huge milestone. This story has been going on four years now. WOW! Comments appreciated!


2 Responses to Chapter 60

  1. I was really hoping Kat would keep quiet until she knew what was happening with PMint. 😦 Maybe she still will…. *hope*

    Poor Shane has it bad and is in a difficult place.

    Can’t wait for more.

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