Chapter 6

Writer Notes: Re-post of Chapter 6 from Sims3 to Sims2. Enjoy.

Warnings: This is part 2 of the party, so probably still some confusion.  Lots of Sims in the house still.  Switching of narration view…I also just noticed that in one of the flashbacks that one picture is night time and one is daytime…oh well.

Just for a second, a tiny glimpse in space did Sally look at Shane in the eyes.  He felt his heart stop, his whole world crashing back into reality.  After all, how many times had Shane told himself not to go to that party?  He did not want her to be in that awkward situation, but he also didn’t want to disappoint Dewy either.

What was he coming to, sitting down, and hiding?  So much for notorious gangsta.

However, he still found himself eavesdropping to see if she mentioned him in any way to the party host, Peppermint, or Rez and Angel.  But, no.  She hated him.  And, it was his fault

Shane met Sally through his best friend and right hand man, Rez, who evidently was Sally’s sister’s husband.  How they hadn’t met before, he didn’t know.

At first glance, she looked like a gullible bimbo with a nice ass, but after her mouth opened up, he knew different

Sally was something cool, yet rude in her own sarcastic way.  And, Shane liked it

They were officially dating.  It only took a moment and Shane had her under his gaze, reeling her in.

He—didn’t mean to go that far or become that manipulative.  She had turn into his new drug, his new addiction, and he felt—like gold.

The fall out had been nasty, six weeks of rage.  Now he was in this new situation.  There was no need for a scene.  He didn’t want to upset Dewy or their new friends.  But—

“Sally, we need to talk.”

She sighed.  “Shane—not now.”

“When, Sally?” he tried to keep his voice down.

“Sally, please.”

“This cannot be good.” Dorian said.

“Nope,” Drake shook his head.  “Third and twenty-four and seconds left on the quarter. Isn’t good.”

“Oh, so, now asking nicely works!” Sally smiled. “How about sweeping me off my feet—”

“And then, ooh let’s not stop there!”

“Sally, calm down.” Shane pleaded

Rez and Dewy watched attentively.  They knew Shane very well.  Never could take hardship.

Others absently to Shane’s demise were listening in, waiting for something to happen so they could flip out as well.

“Why should I calm down, Shane?”

“I just—Sally, I just wanna talk.”

“Ya know, Shane, I don’t.”

“Can I at least say I’m sorry?”

“You did. Now leave me alone.”

“Excuse me for a moment, Jack.” Rez said.

“Sure thing, dude.”

Shane stomped his way to the door, pause for a moment.  He knew Rez would be following him, but he had to get out of there before he did something he would regret

“Well,” Dewy bit his lip.  “I’m glad one thing got straightened out tonight.”

The girls giggled

“I’m sorry, Dewy.” Sally bowed her head.  “This about you and your new friends not Shane and me.”

“Sally, it’s ok.” Dewy laughed.  “Some drama is ok.”

“No one got hurt beyond repair.” Kat tried to smile.

Sally nodded, but kept her thoughts to herself.

“Excuse me,” Sally said while getting up.  “I need some water.”


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