Chapter 59


Writer Notes:  EEK, it’s done!  Wow, this took forever to make…so many scenes and angles.  There may only be like 52 pictures in this chapter, but I took more like 120.  You may want to check out HHS Part 1 and 2 for some perspective on this chapter.

Warnings: childish views, stranger, arguing grown-ups, references to famous TV shows, pixelated tears, talk of hook-ups, and a hook-up that shouldn’t be happening.


Life is hard when you’re the little guy…or girl.  Grown-ups are always fighting over stupid things like the government running out of money.  How can the government run out of money?  Can’t they just print more?


To Elizabeth Ezans, though, it was a little different.


See, she had a mom, a dad, and a step-dad.  Her bio-dad, as she called him, had only partial custody of her so he got to see her on the second weekend of the month and certain holidays or any time her mother wanted to drop her off.  Her bio-dad also called her Eleez, which she preferred to Elizabeth, which her mother also hated.


Step-dad was all right, but he didn’t really like Eleez.  He would never say it out loud, but it was definitely tinkling in his eyes when he looked at her.  She was just the constant reminder that Eleez wasn’t his blood and ruined their perfect family image that he wanted.


Eleez wondered when the new baby came if she would be suddenly sent off to some private school never to be heard from again just so step-dad got his perfect family image back.  If that was the case, Eleez hoped David Tennant stepped out of that blue box and offered his hand to her.  She hated school after all.


Yeah, it was hard being little and not understanding grown-ups.


What was all the fuss about? They always got their way and could order kids to clean house and rub their feet.


“You do not know much about the ways of the world, do you child?”

“What’s that, mister?” Eleez blinked at him.  Where had he come from?


“Grown-ups have a lot of responsibility that children do not. Do you not get to play and enjoy naps and food that you did not have to cook yourself?”


“Yeah…” Eleez nodded.  “But grown-ups make me nap when I don’t wanna and eat foods I hate!”


“Oh child, this world will constantly make you do things you rather not.”

“So don’t do things you don’t wanna do.” Eleez huffed.

“It is not that simple. There are rules and regulations that bind you to law and duty.”


“Hold it!”


“Dad’s first rule of being in public, no talking to strangers!”


“And you’re stranger than fiction!”

“That does not even make sense.”


“You don’t make sense!”


“Elizabeth, what have I told you about talking to yourself out loud.” Catherine said.

“It’s disturbing.” Bobby added.

“But, I wasn’t talking to myself, Mama. Mister won’t you tell her that I was talking to…”





Shane couldn’t help, but notice how quiet Cassie had been in the car.  Like most women, when they were quiet they were mad or thinking, both equally dangerous.  Though they weren’t an exclusive couple, Shane wanted Cassie to meet his daughter.  He didn’t know why.


Usually with the women in his life there was a certain protocol he went through for them to meet his daughter, but Cassie was definitely breaking many of them. Hell, no one in the gang even knew they were dating.

“Shane, stop.” she finally said.  “I can’t do this.”


“Do what?” he asked. “This can’t be your first kid visit? Ya get them all the time at the hospital.”

“Yeah, but this is different.”


“Cassie, what’s the matter?”

“Just…I’m in our date night clothes and I look like a wreck or a stripper…”

“No you don’t.” Shane laughed, but then got serious.  “Is this about meeting Eleez or do you think I’m just showing you off to Catherine? Cuz, that’s not what I’m doing.”


“No, I promise you this has nothing to do with Catherine.” Cassie took a breath.  “I’m sorry. I just can’t.”


Yeah, Cassie was different.  Perhaps it was his fault for breaking rules of their non-exclusive relationship.  Was meeting family members apart of that agreement?  He couldn’t remember.  But, he knew if their relationship was to continue they would need to have a serious conversation about this.


Eleez was his daughter and she came first, though dealing with her mother was always insufferable.







“All right, here we go.”



Sasha had been wailing over the phone.  Something was definitely wrong and Sally had a feeling this was about Dewy.


She knew her friend well.  When Sasha got into a great relationship, she would destroy it.  With paranoia, insecurity, and distrust, everything she had learned from her first relationship with Toulouse.  He had damaged her.


Sally also knew that Sasha wasn’t going to change how she felt about men, not unless she got some professional help.  You can go to the meetings, but it does no good unless you do the work.  Sasha wouldn’t do the work.  She was just too stubborn.  But Sally had hoped that this relationship with Dewy would finally break this trend.


It obviously hadn’t.  Sally should have known better.  Sasha always found a way and this time it really broke her.


“Just talk to Dewy.” Sally said.  “I’m sure you two can work it out.”

“You don’t know the horrible things I said!” Sasha cried.  “I was so terrible to him and all he did was talk to her and I accused him of things so much worse.”


“Sasha, if you love Dewy and you think he is worth going to the end of the world and back, you need to talk to him. If you don’t, you’re going to let him to slip away.”



Kat couldn’t remember the last time she felt so right, so unafraid, and secure to be out in public.  But of course it helped having Shalanae, a fire elemental, on her right…and whatever Harlay, Shalanae’s sister, was.


“Girls, a shopping trip well done.” Harlay announced.  “But now I’m thinking dinner and a club to lasso some guys to buy us drinks. What ya think?”

“I think you’re out of your mind.” Shalanae laughed.  “Kat’s not ready for that yet.”


“Oh come on girls!” Harlay exclaimed.  “It’s not even dark yet! Think of how many guys would drop to our feet and get us whatever we want!”


“That does sound like fun, but…” Kat’s voice got small.

“You’re not ready for that.” Shalanae finished for her.


“Come on!” Harlay squealed.  “Look at all this! I can’t just go hiding all this beauty from the world. Girls, let’s have some fun and let the guys think they have a shot with us.”


“Harlay, there’s a process to this.” Shalanae said.  “Kat’s making great progress in this program. We can’t just screw it up for her because you can’t go one night without bringing some random guy home.”


“It does sound empowering, Harlay…maybe in the future, but I rather go home and watch Tom make a fool out of himself trying to catch Jerry.”

“Seriously, Kat!” Harlay exclaimed.  “Just think of fun because what you just described doesn’t sound like fun.”


Kat let Shalanae finish the argument with her sister.  Something else had caught her attention and she could hardly believe her eyes.





“Is that Toulouse she’s sitting with?”

“No…Peppermint’s smarter than that…it just must be some guy who’s blonde and dresses in the same clothes as Toulouse.”


“Why would she do this?” Harlay asked.  “After everything Drake’s done for her! She doesn’t deserve him!”

“Do I sense some jealousy in your voice, sister dear?”


But Kat knew Harlay was right.  Why would Peppermint fall backwards.  She had been doing so good!


“We have to tell Drake about this.” Harlay said.  “This can’t slide.”


Comments always appreciated!

Additional Notes: I’m finally working out my posting schedule as you may or may not have noticed.  Alternate Universe goes first, then The Gang (and/or HHS), then Sims 2 Bustin’ Out, which I’ll start working on momentarily!


5 Responses to Chapter 59

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  2. Tipix says:

    So thrilled to see an update (as always)! Reading from Elizabeth’s POV was fun, hope to hear more from her in the future. She is a cutie! Mixed feelings about Cassie not meeting her. As for Sasha: shame! I hope she tries to move past this and talk to Dewy.

    Loved the pictures this update, too, they were perfect. Last one left me grinning, I have to say. Kat has dilemma written right across her face, poor thing.

    • Thank you for the lovely comment!
      Kat is good friends with Pmint and should let her make her own decisions, but at the same time, Kat’s even greater friends with Drake and knows (perhaps) a dirty little secret 😉

  3. Is Elizabeth’s strange real or imagined? I think he’s real. Maybe she has some sort of supernatural abilities and calls out to angels or something. Poor little girl, her thinking is a little skewed but quite appropriate for a child in that situation I think. it’s too bad she has a dampened view of her stepfather and Mom and the relationship.

    It does seem to me that Shane wants a bit more than Cassie might want. I do agree with her about the clothing though. She has to be comfortable. I would think meeting his child is a big deal, more than he is thinking, but that’s a guy for you.

    Drake’s not going to be happy about what he hears because I don’t think that the trio knows what PMint is doing and it will all be a huge, ugly, hurtful misunderstanding. 😦

    Great update and loved the pictures 🙂

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