Chapter 58


Writer Notes:  I know it has been since August and I feel really terrible about that.  I started a new job and seem to keep a crazy schedule week-to-week and then we started October Fest at HHS.  It’s been stressful, but I made myself work on this today while I was still off.

Warnings: First warning, I photoshopped the pictures on a different computer than usual, do they look too bright to you all? Rest of warnings: sister-to-sister talk about some things, stress, surprise visit, arguing, language, assumptions, and late night phone call.


“How long have you been sitting on this and not told the rest of the gang?” Angel asked, straining not to sound angry.

“Just this week.” Sally replied abashed.

“Does Jack know?”


Sally looked at the stack of letters and sighed.  “No.”

“What do you mean ‘no?'” Angel snapped.  It was then her turn to sigh and count to ten slowly before saying the next.  “Why haven’t you told him?”


“The usual reasons.”  Sally replied.  “I just couldn’t tell him.  He’s been so busy and then the house…Why did he have to buy me this house?”

“That’s exactly the reason you should tell him, because he is busy! He’ll have to adjust his work so you two can…”

“I don’t want him to mess up his life because of me!”


“Sally, you two are in a relationship.” Angel said.  “You cannot just not tell him about this.  It’s too big. What’s going to happen down the road? Are you even thinking about that?”


“You know I am.” Sally cringed.  “I…I just don’t know, Angel.  I can’t do this to him. It’ll destroy him.”


“Sally, Jack loves you. You don’t think he’ll do whatever he can to keep you in his life?” Angela shook her head.  “Don’t lose him because you’re afraid.  And don’t think he won’t support you.  You know he will.”


Sally bowed her head.  “I wish it was that simple.” she felt the tears already hot at the surface.  “If I do this…we…won’t.”


“Just give it a chance.” Angel said.  “You’ve worked too hard to throw all of this away. Talk to Jack soon or I’ll tell him.”




Jack was very surprised to see his favorite pink and blonde girl.  “Veronica!” he shrieked, hopping up from his laptop and rushed to greet her.  “What are you doing here?”

“Sebastian and I were in the neighborhood.” She smiled.  “He’s in the restroom.”


Jack invited her to sit and she took the offer in a heartbeat.  “We have been doing so much shopping for the wedding.” Veronica said.  “I can’t wait to show you all of the napkins.”

“I can’t believe you picked them out without me!” Jack laughed.


“And what about you?” Veronica smiled.  “How is everything? Peppermint, is she getting better?”

“Drake’s been working on that with some tough love. She’s improving, even job searching again.”

“Well, that’s good news.”


“And you?” Veronica clasped her hands together with a mischievous smirk.  “How’s business and Sally?”

“In that exact order…” Jack sighed.


“I’ve been one busy cookie.” he said.  “Just completed three projects, got five more to go on this schedule and another two on next weeks. It’s been a total nightmare.”


“Well, at least you’re doing well.” Veronica said.  “I heard a bunch of businesses on South Street are being closed down.”

“Not because of slow business.” Jack replied.  “Some billionaire bought them out. He’s going to redo the whole community…or at least that’s what I’ve heard.  But South Street has belonged to the gangs for so long.  I wonder what they think of all this?”


Veronica shook her head.  “Who knows.” she said.  “But…you, business, how’s Sally?”

Jack sighed and it was a happy sigh.  “She’s good. I bought her a new house, because her apartment was apart of the buildings bought by that billionaire. So, I didn’t want her to worry about it. Got her a new house and we just moved in.”



“Well, she moved in.” Jack laughed. “I’m there most of the time so it is like I live there.”

“Why didn’t you just move her in with you? Or did she not want to?” Veronica asked.

“I offered, but she wanted to have her own place and not take up my or Pmint’s space.”  Jack’s voice started light, but the more he talked, the more he started to become uneasy.


“Veronica, I know I can tell you anything.”

She nodded, but noticed he wasn’t looking at her.  “You can.”

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been working so much, I feel like I don’t know what’s happening in all of our friends’ lives…or even Sally’s.  I feel like work is taking over my life.  When I’m at home or Sally’s, I’m working.  Hell, when I’m sleeping, I dream of work.  It’s just so…exhausting.”


“You sound worried.”

“I am.” Jack said.  “What if I lose Sally because I can’t find the time to fit her into my schedule?”

“Don’t be silly Jack, that girl is crazy over you.” Veronica gave him a reassuring pat on the back.  “Work is just a mess right now, but it’ll slow down and everything will be fine.”


Jack slid back beside her on the couch.  “I knew you would set me straight.”

Veronica smiled.  “It’s kind of my job as your star?”


“Geez, that was some line at the restroom.” Sebastian laughed.  “Sorry, I’m late. What did I miss?”




“Oh come on, I’m standing right here!”



Sasha ambushed Dewy when he came home.  She had been sitting there the whole day thinking about what she was going to say.  The charity event had only brought them trouble.  She knew they should not have gone, but she wanted to see Casey and Jack wanted Dewy to participate in the downtown life since he was going to be a frequent visitor as a partner in Jack’s company.  None of that had been an issue though.


“If it was such a big deal, then why didn’t you tell me sooner?”


“Why are you acting like you didn’t know!” Sasha yelled.  Waiting at home all day, rolling all of their issues over and over again in her head, had done nothing good for Sasha.  She was a mess and angry, which was a little more extreme for her because she was a fire elemental.  Fire blazed in her eyes and Dewy could even feel heat radiating off her skin.


“I thought we agreed a year ago that we weren’t going to let the other people in our lives hurt our relationship.” Dewy said.  “That no matter what, we loved each other and that was what mattered.”


“But that only works if we love each other over someone else!” Sasha countered.  “And I know you love HER more!”


“Sasha, baby, stop this.” Dewy reached out to her, but she pulled away.  “I don’t love Kassidy Lane. I love you.”


“Don’t bullshit me, Dewy Russell!” Sasha shrieked.  “I saw the way you were looking at HER the other night. You men are all the same, no matter how much you pretend you’re not.”


Dewy didn’t know what to say.  He could think of many counters, like “I’m not Toulouse,” but it all just seemed petty.  He would not do to her as she was doing to him.  He would not break their pact.  “I just want you to know that I love you, Sasha.”


And with that he walked away.







“What have I done?”



“What is that screeching noise from Hell?”


“…it…get…the phone.”



“This better be damn important!” Shane yelled.


“…Catherine…well, I have a right to be unhappy. Do YOU know what time it is?”

Cassie couldn’t help, but giggle to herself.  Shane acted like they had been asleep for very long, but then again she doubted his ex-girlfriend wanted to know about their booty calls.


“That didn’t take long.” Cassie said.  “Is everything all right?”


“Catherine has an emergency.” Shane said.  “I have to go get Eleez.”

“Is everyone all right?” Cassie asked, recalling that Catherine was pregnant again.

“Yeah, she’s fine…it’s her husband‘s family. They don’t like it when Eleez is there because she’s not their blood.”


“Oh, this is going to be one Hell of a day.”


4 Responses to Chapter 58

  1. Tipix says:

    After I stop screaming over the fact that you’ve updated, I’d like to say that this chapter was amazing. Perfect balance of tension and fun, as always, and lovely contrast between relationships.

  2. Zhippidy says:

    I cannot wait to learn what Sally’s secret is. Maybe she can’t afford the bills in a house all alone?
    I hope Jack starts to delegate some of his work load so that he isn’t away all of the time working. That’s a really sucky way to spend a life …. Sebastian was funny *LOL* That was a great scene.
    What has Sasha done? Oh well. I am sure they might talk it out. heh.
    Shane is such a baby *LOL* I love him.
    Great update 🙂

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