Chapter 57


Writer Notes: Working hard, working on Saturdays and stuff, so it’s been taking away from me preparing my chapters.  But I will find a way to balance it all so we can get a more rounded schedule on when the stories will be updated. For now, enjoy this chapter 🙂

Warnings: couple codes, frustration, anger, forceful outing, sudden violence, lots of Sims = cutting through different conversations, introductions, and inner thoughts.


“SO there’s my leading lady,” Drake said entering the room.

“Where else would I be?” Peppermint did not even look away from the journal she was reading.


“I got you something.” Drake smiled.


That made Pmint look away from her book and at Drake.  “You know our code.” she said.  “You’re not suppose to shower me with gifts.”

“Oh, but this is a special occassion.” he replied.


“Special occassion?” her voice was thick with suspicion.


Pmint opened the bag. “A dress? What the hell do I need a dress for?”


Drake sighed frustrated.  He knew this was going to happen, but for once, he was not going to back down.  “I knew you would forget.” he began.  “Tonight is Venus Detango’s charity party.”

“I already told you I’m not going.”


“No, you are!” The anger in his voice scared him too.  “You’re going to get ready, wear this dress I bought you, and have a nice night out with me, our friends, and good charitable people downtown.”


“Why are you being like this?”


“Because I’m tired of being used and not getting anything in return.” Drake replied.  “I’ve done all I can, Pmint, but you got to get on your feet and get back out in the world, starting tonight.”


“Oh, you just got a couple of hours so hurry, and I love you.”





“Oh look, such fun.” Peppermint couldn’t keep the distain out of her voice when she saw Toulouse and Jade.


“I’m going to kill you after this.” she smiled for the cameras.

“I may just let you.” Drake also smiled, but teasingly.





“I can’t believe this guy.” Sasha said to Dewy.  “After all this time, he’s still so jealous. Seriously Shane, time to move on!”

“Leave him be.” Dewy answered.  “I mean, how hard was it for you to see someone you loved with someone else?


Shane ignored them both.  They believed he was staring at Sally and Jack, but they were wrong.  He was glad that Sally was happy and with Jack.  He was a good, decent guy so unlike Shane.  No, his gaze went farther into the room at an over zealous man and a lady in red.


“My, my, what a wonderful view, I just got to pinch it.”

“Oww!” Cassie shrieked. “Orvius Dracula, you son-of-a…”






“It’s not a party without at least one fight!” Martini laughed.

Venus shook her head.  “Sister dear, that’s your husband on the ground.”


“I’m sorry about that, Dr. Ask.” Venus said.  “Orvis is such a fool.”

“That’s quite all right.” Cassie answered.  “I like to put fools in their place.”


“Boy, can she hit!” Sally laughed.  “Wasn’t she the one who hit Kassidy Lane at your party Sasha?”


“She’s a full package.” Sasha replied.  “Beauty, power, brains, and a right hook.”


“She sure is.”


The Drake was on a war path for telling every lady how beautiful she looked.  But when it came to Kat, he just melted with compliments.  He’d always loved her since high school.


“I’ve been telling her all night how beautiful she looks,” Shalanae said.  “She just doesn’t know how to take a compliment!”

“I’m sorry.” Kat replied.  “I guess…I’m just not use to it.”


“Nonsense, you’ve always been beautiful.” Drake replied, hugging Peppermint to his side.  “All my girls are.”



For the most part, the event was a success.  People were chatting up a storm, giving money to the charity, and having a good time.


But, there were the few, who were uncomfortable with their own feelings.


Should they act on those feelings or leave it alone?


Then there was those, who were just arriving…





“Casey Ask,” Martini whistled.  “What a fine hunk of man meat you are. I could just eat you up.”


“Brother!” Cassie recused him before Martini acted on the literal meaning of her statement.  “How were your travels, hopefully nothing too terrible?”

“Fine, everything’s been fine.” He smiled then looked around the room.  “Is Clay here?”

She frowned.  “His flight was delayed because of horrible storm and you know him. He had to help.”


Casey Ask, Peppermint had heard of him.  Not only from Drake, who admired him something fierce that made Pmint want to ask if their relationship had “special” benefits.  But she knew Drake, he would just laugh and tease and keep her guessing.


But she also knew he was a very important politician.  He was a follower of The Right, a group of people, not only important or celebrity, that pledged to not corrupt anything they engaged.  For this many loved Casey Ask, but many hated him too.  Could someone, especially a politician, not get their hands dirty?


As far as anyone knew, Casey Ask was true to his word.  Peppermint doubted that anyone could be that pure, but she would let time tell.  For now, she looked to the sheer happiness blooming in her friends’ faces.  Those who knew him, all loved him.


“I’m sorry to break up this ‘heart-warming’ reunion,” Venus began.  “But I have a charity to run. Shall we get on with it so we can go back to our lives?”


Casey smiled.  “Of course.”

“Why you spoil everything?” Twister scowled.


Venus’s speech was lovely, about how the greatness of people helping the low and weak rise, being one.  It was alot of bullshit coming from a millionaire like her asking for people’s money, instead of using her own to help others.


But Peppermint was distracted.  She just could not understand what made these two people so special to Drake?


Venus was corrupt and selfish.  If she was not in the spotlight, she would stomp out whoever dare out shine her.  What had Drake seen in her that made him love her still?


And Casey? Peppermint was sure there was more than the “hunk of man meat” that meets the eye when it came to him.  Even when surely no one was looking at him, he seemed well mannered and polished, but in Pmint’s experienced, that usually meant they were holding back or hiding something.



Toulouse had never liked Casey Ask.  Maybe it was because everyone loved the guy, or maybe because Toulouse envied him, or because no one paid attention to Toulouse with Casey in the room.


Whatever the reason, Toulouse was unhappy with how the night was going.  He hadn’t known Peppermint was going to be there, or Casey.  Yeah, his night was looking to end at the bottom of a bottle, instead of between the sheets.


“How is your architectural business going?” Kat asked.  “I heard that you’re going to be building a new auditorium for the high school.”


“It’s been crazy.” Jack honestly replied.  “I have so many projects that I’ve hired out three builds to other companies.”

“He barely sleeps anymore.” Sally added.  “He’s always so worried about work that he even dreams about it.”


“Why not go talk to her?” Shane asked.

“You know why.” Dewy hissed between barred teeth.


“But if ya and Sasha’s relationship is that secure then what do ya have to fear, right?”


“You’re right.” Dewy replied.  “If Sasha and I love each other that much then no temptation can break us apart.”

“Then go talk to her.”


Though Shane knew edging Dewy on was only a pep talk for himself.


“I haven’t heard from him in a few years.” Shalanae said.  “I’m starting to get worried that he finally locked himself up in some magically impowered prison.”


“Magic that Jonathan can’t break?” Cassie laughed.  “I’m sure he’s all right. I mean, he has gone through worse than any of us could imagine. Perhaps he just needs this time away.”





“‘What do I look like,’ I asked him. ‘A robot,’ he said face all red.” Jack laughed.  “That was the end of it.  He backed out of the offer quickly.”

“Wow, I can’t believe that guy.” Kat shook her head.  “He was really not going to partner with you because you’re an Android? That’s ridiculous!”


“Speaking of ridiculous,” Peppermint heard behind her.


“Ridiculously handsome.” Drake smiled.  Casey just rolled his eyes.


“Casey this is Kat Baylor, Jack Saiders, and Sally Saither…”

“Jack, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Casey said.  “Everyone believes you’re going to win the Business Man of the Year Award this year.”

Before the men continued their conversation, Drake cleared his throat to get their attention.


“And this, is my soulmate.”


4 Responses to Chapter 57

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Wow, Drake put her in her place *L* get up and get out…. Peppermint did look very uncomfortable though…. ah well… but the ending? hmmm… what does he mean I wonder? 😉

    That grumpy bouncer looked pretty good 🙂

    Everyone seems to be having a mostly good time. The pictures were awesome 🙂
    I could hear all of the chatter *L*

  2. Tipix says:

    Phew! Had to reread the entire thing to get back on track with what drama the gang has been up to lately. Loved every minute of it. 😉

    Poor Pmint, though. I can’t help but think that one of Drake’s secrets is going to end up causing her more pain than she’s been through already. Not that he’d want to hurt one of ‘his girls’, but he really seems to have so many secrets. And Shane/Cassie aren’t an official couple yet even after a year’s interlude? Interesting…

    • Tipix! Hello again! The Gang is still so full of drama. Sometimes even I have to go back and reread everything I’ve written. 😉
      Pmint is still in a very dark place in her life. She’s a girl who made plans, but those plans were taken away so she feels she has nothing.
      Still a lot of stuff to cover with The Drake, Cassie, and Shane, especially Shane.
      Thanks for the comment! Always appreciated 😀

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