Chapter 56


Writer Notes: HERE is the Interlude just in case you missed it with the chapter dumps back in December. Holy crap! Back in December! It has been forever and I apologize!  I’ve had so many gaming problems, including the corrupt neighborhoods and back UP neighborhoods that, for some reason, wouldn’t work.  And then I lost the majority of my object CC in a total game crash.  It sucks, but rebuilding has begun.  This is the last chapter made before the game crash…I hope to get the game restored in time for the next update 🙂 Also notice I am no longer during a sub-title picture anymore, just because.

Warnings: switch in scenes twice, introduction of new character(s), gawking, girls, green faces, pajamas, conflicts, pool, and 5th wheel.


Overlooking this city, Venus Detango could consider herself very lucky.  Gang violence and hate crimes blasted South Side like a plague, especially since the Androids rose to citizenship.  Her side of the city lived in wealth and glamour, and power.  She had a lot of it, but solemnly used it for much more than her own safety.  Still, Venus pitied the city and its people.  They would never amount to the same height as she had.

“There’s a man here to see you, ma’m. He insists his title is ‘The’ Drake.”


Venus sighed “Drake” with frustration.

“Should I send him away?”

“No, send him in. The sooner he sees me, the sooner he’ll leave.”


Drake, a fool, but a fool with his own certain power and charm.  Everyone knew him from the low to the high and certainly they owed him a few of favors along the way.  Venus owed him nothing from her count of things, but if he wanted to embarrass himself, well…she could help him with that again.


“Did you come here to speak to me or gawk at my assistant like some whore-munger?”

Drake smiled despite her insult.  “Venus…how I’ve missed you.”


“No, I think I rather ‘gawk’ at you, pretty lady.” he winked.  “How have you been?”

She just stared at him in thick angry silence.

“I like what you’ve done with the place: purple, black, and white… are those satin curtains, leather seating…”


“Did you come all the way out here to ask me about interior decor? Or is there something much more pressing, because I have better things to do than help you shop for furniture.”


“Woah, shoot me at gun point, yeesh,” Drake laughed.  Venus always had a sharp tongue.  It’s one of the reasons why she was so successful in politics and definitely one of the reasons why he liked her.  “Yeah, I wanted to check on your guest list for this ‘party’ I’ve heard about. Sounds like a lot of big names, except…”


“You’re on the list, Drake.” she snapped.

“You didn’t say who the honorary guest was. What’s this event about?” he asked.


“Something that only happens once in five years.” she said, rounding the desk to stand in front of him.  “You should appreciate that you are on the list at all, but you know Casey…”

“Casey?” His eyes widened.  “He’s…”


“Before you start,” she began.  “You are allowed a plus one as are all the guests. You may sit at his table. You may not sit at mine. There will be one setting of meals and no, I did not check with Elvin camps to figure what are appropiate foods for your diet and nor will I.”

“That’s all good and all, but I wasn’t going to ask.” he smiled.  “Casey’s the honorary guest.”


“It was to be a surprise, but you have to know everything, don’t you?”


“Well, I’m going to have to cancel so many appointments so I can go to this event.” Drake laughed.  “Why didn’t he tell me he was coming to town?”

“Perhaps he has better things to do than whisper sweet nothings in your ear, Drake.”

“No, he doesn’t.”

Venus remembered why he was so frustrating. “Are you done with this childish charade?”


“I’ll go, if that’s what you mean.” he replied.  “Call me, if you need help.”

That made Venus smile. “You’d be the last person I call for help.”



The girls had not gotten together in awhile for a Girls’ Night so they decided it was time.  They told stories about past boyfriends, boys in general, prom highlights, and other parties that had them all giggling up a storm.


“He sounds so dreamy and amazing, like, magical in a way!” Sally exclaimed.  “I would love to meet your Jonathan!”


Shalanae sighed.  “I wish he would come home. I haven’t seen him in…a few years. And don’t call him ‘your Jonathan.’ He hates that!” she laughed. “Oh, but I miss him…”


“Yeah…” Sasha rolled her eyes and muttered to herself, “If he exists to begin with.”


Angel ignored Sasha and turned to Kat for a change in subject. “Speaking of guys,” she smiled.  “Kat, didn’t you receive a special message the other day.”


Kat looked puzzled for a moment then she seemed to understand what Angel was talking about.  “I got a message from Clay.”

The girls couldn’t help, but go “OOOOH!”


Harlay, Shalanae’s younger sister, smiled deviously.  “Clay? The artist? Or yoga instructor? I hear the secret to his heart is eight slices of deep dish, extra pepperoni and cheese.”


“Clay does love pizza.” Sasha nodded.  “Weird, because he’s such a health nut.”

It was Harlay’s turn to roll her eyes.  “He’s a nut for sure, with his blog, ‘Clay’s Drama.’ What is that? He doesn’t have drama at all in his life. ‘The Man’ he calls himself…please…”


“Aren’t you a member of Clay’s Drama?” Shalanae asked Sally.

She just smiled.  “And proud of it! Clay is The Man, but I like to call him the Godfather-of-Healing-Wounds. It’s so weird to know him from the Internet and then meet him in person!”


“He’s a great guy and not having ‘drama’ makes him an even better guy.” Sally couldn’t help, but smile slyly at Harlay.


Kat found herself smiling too.  “He is…really good.” she said.  “Oh, right…he’s suppose to be coming back from his trip sometime next week. I can’t wait! He’s been gone for almost six months. I’ve missed him.” She blushed.


“OOOH! Someone has a crush, I think!” Sasha exclaimed.


Angel just shrugged.  “Why not? He’s so ‘good,’ right Kat?”




Since the girls had their own night, the guys thought they might as well have their own night, but unfortunately Drake was busy with something else and nobody invited Toulouse.  But there were pressing matters, for example a heated pool table match-up of Rez versus Dewy…


But more importantly Shane.  Rez and Dewy had thought it was important that Shane and Jack finally become friends.  It had been a year after all and Shane didn’t seem remotely interested in giving Jack the time of day.  He was stubborn and Rez was thinking it had something to do with Sally.


Rez also thought it had something to do with being the center of attention.  Jack attracted quite a lot of attention.  After all, he was an interesting guy and good looking.  Rez knew Shane would have problems with someone getting with his precious Sally, but taking away his attention?  That was dangerous territory for sure.


Dewy knew it too, but he also knew that Jack would defend himself.  Two top dogs in one pack would never work, not unless they became friends…somehow.  For now though, this little guy’s night would be the test to see if Shane would open up or be a horrendous bastard.  Dewy was leaning towards the latter.


Jack was always friendly and Dewy was afraid that might come across condesending to Shane.


But thus far, Shane had been friendly back and hadn’t ran his mouth.  Neither of them had mentioned Sally the whole night.  It was probably for the best, but it must have been difficult.  Surely Jack was wondering if Shane approved of the coupling and maybe Shane was wondering how Sally was doing.  He didn’t see her as often anymore after all.


Rez and Dewy were still nervous, but they were glad how the night was going.  They didn’t want to break up a fight after all or pick sides.  The role of the best friend had complications.  Rez liked Jack a whole lot and Shane was like a brother to Dewy.  No, there definitely didn’t need to be a fight.


They should have been less concerned with Jack and Shane and more concerned with Twister.  He felt like the fifth wheel that he was and that was awkward and a little be ignored.  He was in a terrible mood ever since he found out Drake was not coming.  If Whitney did not have to work, he would have made up some excuse not to go with the guys, but she  announced he had nothing to do so off with the guys he went.




“You need to raise the angle,” Twister said.  “…or you’re gonna…”

“Shut it, Twist,” Dewy snapped. “Let me concentrate…”


“OR YOU’RE GONNA SCRATCH IT!” Twister laughed.  “Listen, boy, and maybe you learn something.”

Dewy just frowned.


“Hey look…” Rez announced.



“I win!”


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  1. Zhippidy says:

    Welcome back 🙂 Hope the game sorts out soon and without much pain and suffering.

    Drake has some secrets? Interesting.
    Girls’ night looked fun… loved the masks and curlers 🙂
    Boys’ night looked…. tense *L* great update 🙂

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