Chapter 55

Writer Notes: This is not a chapter for the faint of the heart.

Warnings: oh boy…ummm, pixelated blood, captionless photos, high emotions, tears, awkwardnessessses, and OK.

“Woah…” Shane shook his head.  Kat had not been exaggerating on the phone.

“Drake…” Shane tried to keep himself composed as he looked into his friend’s distraught face.  “I brought ya some clothes, man.”

“Why?” Drake asked then looked down at himself.  “…oh my god…”

Shane had no soothing words for Drake at the moment, but he knew one thing.  “Ya need ta change before Jack gets here.” he said.  “Ya can’t let Jack see this.”

Drake nodded.  “You’re right.” he managed, choking down a sob. “I know you’re right.”


“Drake…” Jack didn’t see him in the waiting room, but he did see someone else.

“Jack, I know this is a difficult time.” Dr. Cassie began.  “Your sister…”

“I. Hope. You’re. Happy.”



“You’re here so that means…”

“Jack’s in the room with Peppermint.” Dewy finished the sentence for Drake.  “Man, I’m sorry…are you…how are you doing?”

“How do I look?” Drake tried to laugh, but it fell short.


“Hello, dear sister, so where’s my patient?”

“Drake…” Cassie cleared her throat.  “Clay’s here to see you.”

“Hey buddy,” Clay began softly.  “How ya holding up?”

Drake didn’t bother answering that question.  He just looked up at Clay and said everything in his eyes.

Clay nodded.  “I know.” he said. “Is there anything I can get you?”

“Your brother.” Drake managed.

Clay shook his head.  “Anything else?”

“Your brother.”

“Casey’s not here.” Clay answered, voice still soft.  “He’s going to be out of reach for awhile, but I’m here and I can help you. You know I know what this is like.”

Drake looked down and cursed.  “I’m sorry, Clay. I forgot.”

“It’s fine.” Clay said.  “Just let me help you, man.”

“I’m sorry.” Jack said to Dr. Cassie.  “I…I’m just…I’m sorry.”

“I understand.” she replied.  “Temporary insanity cannot be helped in this type of situation.”

That made Jack smile a bit, but then his eyes met another person’s tear-stained face.

And all the strength Jack had fell apart.


“…ok…umm, so is there anything I can get you?”

“I think I have some pizza?”

“Or there’s…sandwich stuff…”

“Oh! I have some leftover chinese food…or…ummm…there’s…”

“Stop.” he shook his head.  “You’re trying too hard. Just…come here.”

This is all I need right now.”

“This?” she uneasily smiled.  “Are you sure? I’m something of a spaz.”

“Spaz or not.” he smiled.  “You’re all I need.”

She was looking deep into his eyes and the only thing that came out was. “Ok.”

She meant to kiss him lightly.  He was vulnerable and high on emotion, but Sally just wanted more.

And more.

And more.


4 Responses to Chapter 55

  1. Zhippidy says:

    I am like the title.
    Excellent stuff. The emotion was powerful.
    All I can think is that P’Mint and everyone may be better off with all ties to Toulouse gone.
    Wow Drake 😦 and Jack…

  2. 4mamma says:

    I’m just commenting to all the last chapters…. Thanks for giving me some to read, to get angry at and the tears I allmost cried…. but to have P’mint loose her baby was to much… I was so looking forward to that baby.. but like it said at the start,,,,, every thing happens for a reason…. even if it’s meaning loosing a baby… looking forward to read the chapters to come

    Ps…. I’m going sick over how beautiful all your simmis are….. Don’t be supprised it I pm you to do a a bunch of simmis……… one day =D

    • Thank you 4mamma! It’s a very emotional chapter for sure. I had a hard time taking the pictures myself, but I had 13pumpkin with me when I did. Sometimes you just need a hand to hold for this type of sadness.

      I look forward to your PMs 😉

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