Chapter 54

Writer Notes: Let’s call this one the biggest emotional chapters I have taken pictures for then written caption. It definitely wasn’t easy.

Warnings: multiple change in scenes, lots of yelling (and I do mean lots), really bad situation, pixelated blood, reminicing, and a phone call.

“That’s all I want.” Peppermint said.  “For you to be there.”

“I’m going to be there.” Toulouse nodded.  “I can do that.”

Peppermint just shook her head.  “You haven’t shown you can be there, Toulouse so please humor me. Are you really going to be able to make that kind of commitment with both feet?”

Toulouse didn’t even take time to think about it.  He just replied.  “Yes.”


♫ It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood, such a lovely day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be mine? Won’t you be mine? Won’t you be…won’t you be my neighbor. ♫

“Drake, please don’t freak out.” Kat said.  “I don’t want you to fight with him.”

“Oh, honey, The Drake’s just going to take care of business.”

“Oh hey, how has your terrific day been? Good I hope! Mine has been fueled by two hours of sleep, bad hair gel, two cups of coffee, and I think I’m just gonna about to snap!”

“What is this about?” Pmint asked.

“Oh, just that I’ve been up all night with a very, VERY emotional Twister and this son-of-bitch was the one who hurt him!”

“I didn’t hurt Twister. He hurt himself, if anything.” Toulouse was quick to reply.  “How was I suppose to know he didn’t know Whitney was a stripper?”

“She’s a dancer!” Drake shouted.  “And don’t play coy, Toulouse! You knew he didn’t know! You destroyed him and I had to put him back together!”

“Don’t be so dramatic man.” Toulouse said.  “He ran out of there so fast I wasn’t able to catch him.”

“Boys,” Peppermint shook her head.  “Let’s stop this before it gets out of hand.”

“Gets out of hand?” Drake thought about it.  “No, it is about damn time it gets out of hand! I am so sick and tired of being the one who does everything for everyone and then when it comes time for everything to go smoothly someone fucks it up and I am the one sent to fix everything! I’m tired of being the clean up man!”

“Then retire.” Toulouse shrugged.

“Fuck you!” Drake shouted.  “You can act cool now, Toulouse, but when the shits start flying you will run away like the little coward you are!”

“And what exactly are you referring to this time?”

“Boys I said enough!” Pmint shouted.

“When push comes to shove, I will be the one picking Pmint off the floor.” Drake claimed.  “I will be the one taking care of your baby because you will always chose yourself over them!”

“A little ahead of yourself, aren’t you?” Toulouse shook his head.  “I am fully committing myself to take care of Pmint and the baby now.”

“Bullshit!” Drake shouted.

“You are just making it seem like you want to be in this relationship and be apart of this family! Where we you when it mattered? Where were you, Toulouse, huh? You don’t want this family! Why come back now and try again? To make yourself look better so the men at the station don’t give you disapproving eyes anymore? Because you don’t want me to be close to Pmint anymore? So you can pretend to be daddy, but when you want to do something you want, you abandon ship? What’s your angle, Toulouse? Do you even know? In a couple of months are you still going to be satisfied with yourself or are you going to get bored and leave?”


“Fuck you!”


“Drake…Toulouse…” Pmint shook hear head, feeling slightly dizzy, but then the pain started.

“Get the fucking car!”


“How about that one time at the after party?” Dewy laughed.  “Trinity started telling everyone to get out of the water or they’d get wet from the rain!”

“That’s a good one!” Jack smiled.  “Just about as good as the time we were trying to spy on Veronica and Sebastian and she didn’t hide in the bushes! She was wide out in the open!”

“Oh, god, so many good times.”

Jack laughed. “With Trinity? Always!”

Reminicing. Dewy and Jack spent hours talking about good times of the past.

Dewy was glad Jack came over.  It was about time they stopped fighting each other and just give in.  Neither of them wanted to hate one another.  The whole Kassidy Lane event was over.  Dewy wanted his best friend back.

And there Jack was, like always.

He was the best guy Dewy had ever known.  He didn’t judge people.  He let them show who they were.  If they wanted his help, he’d help them.  It wasn’t easy, but Jack made it work.

Without him Dewy didn’t know where he would be now.  Still fighting hard in the gangs?  Driven mad by KL?  He could imagine some of the nightmares that would have followed if he had stayed in the gang instead of leaving and finding Jack and Pmint.

For once, Dewy felt a little solid.  KL wasn’t in his life right now and he was just fine.  He thought he’d fall to pieces, but he hadn’t.  Sasha was his girl now and she wasn’t demanding anything of him, except his love.  He would give it too.  It seemed everything was where it should be.

Then the phone rang.


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