Chapter 52

Writer Notes: First I have to apologize because I wasn’t at my best when I took these pictures, especially since I forgot to edit out the “command” icons in the last scene.  Oye.  Any way enjoy the new chapter. 🙂

Warnings: slight nudity…well, you’ve already seen some of it 😉 surprises, talks of personal information, nervousness, references to another story, language, arguing, and O-face.



“Oh my god…”


“Oh you didn’t…we didn’t.”


“In somebody else’s house!”


“Chill,” Shane smiled.  “This be my place.”

“Really?” Cassie couldn’t help the suspicion in her voice.  “And why do you have a bunch of children toys lying around?”


“You some type of freak freak?”

Shane just shook his head.  “Well, Cassie, it’s pretty simple, but…”


“Do ya need a picture?”


Cassie just stood in bewilderment.  “…woah.”


“You have a kid?”

“And survey says!” Shane smiled.  “Yeah, I have a kid.” She just stared at him.  “Don’t act all shocked now.”

“No, I know, but…” Cassie took a breath.  “You should really let a girl know you’re a fertile bastard.”


“So that woman at the hospital that night…she was your wife?”

Shane shook his head.  “No.” he said.  “Her name’s Catherine Ezans and yeah, she’s my baby’s mama.”


Cassie looked at the pictures on the wall and back at Shane.  “I’m sensing some type of ‘story’ here.”

“Always is.” Shane didn’t want to expound, but a little part of him knew that Cassie wasn’t just going to let the conversation be dropped.


“Catherine and I…we met at a club.” he said.  “And hooked up. I was hammered. She was stupid, mix the two…”

“And bouncing baby girl.” Cassie laughed.  “Some story. I was hoping for something a little bit more exciting.”


When Shane didn’t reply, Cassie apologized.  He just shook his head.

“It’s water under da bridge.” he replied.  “Catherine has custody and I see Eleez on the third weekend of the month and holidays.”

“Eleez?” Cassie smiled.  “That’s a beautiful name.”

Shane snorted.  “Her real name is Elizabeth.” He said.  “But I’ve always called her Eleez, pisses Catherine off.”


“Any way.” Shane shook his head.  “That’s that.”

“Are you sure?” Cassie asked.  “I can tell you’re not convinced ‘that’s that.'”


Shane got quiet again.  He had let her know as much as he would.  Cassie took the hint and turned to her omlette, wondering if it was safe.

“Oh my god!” she shrieked.  “This is delicious!”




“After this we really got ta get some Subway.” Dorian grinned.


Shelly raised an eyebrow.  “It closes in thirty minutes.”

“Even more reason to get it!” Dorian exclaimed.


“I don’t know about this.” Kat took a breath.  “I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Well,” Shalanae began.  “You’re already here and you dragged me along so we might as well give it a try. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? We meet new people and sweat?”


“When you say it like that,” Kat sighed.  “It makes me feel stupid.”

“You’re not stupid.” Shalanae said.  “You’re nervous. No reason to be nervous though, Kat. They look like nice people. Besides, I’m here for you.”


“I’m glad you came!” Clay smiled as Shalanae and Kat joined their group.


Kat didn’t know how to reply so she just returned the smile.


Clay could see she was uneasy about this and he was prepared for it.  “Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want.” he said.  “This class is just about exploring new things.”

“Right.” Kat managed.  “New things.”



Sasha arrived at Dewy’s house, but unlike most times, she was nervous.  It was about time that her and Dewy had a serious conversation about some important things…including their relationship and his with other certain other girl.


Dewy wasn’t all too surprised when he saw Sasha at his door.  He was kind of excited.


“Do you want a beer or juice, or something to eat?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” she replied.  “So what are the little birdies telling you about our target?”


“Not a damn thing.” Dewy frowned.  “Like Shane thought, they’re all staying real quiet and not trying at all to get involved.  Whoever this guy is, he’s got these people more afraid of him than us.”

“That’s not comforting.” she took a deep breath.  “I’ve figured out that South Street is the only place where his guys won’t go. My only assumption why is because that’s where our main ground of ZM is the most. So they might be scared of us after all.”


“Hey, that’s sort of good news.” Dewy smiled.  “Shane will definitely like to hear that.”

“Yeah, but that creates a problem.” Sasha sighed.  “If they’re scared of us then they think of us as potential threats so they’ll be watching our movements more closely.”


All Dewy could say was “Oh.”

“It’s a sticky situation right now.” Sasha said.


Dewy was quiet for a moment, deep in thought.  He had lost his brother to gang wars when they were teenagers.  Tim had been wreckless.  He wouldn’t listen to anyone, not even Shane.  Stubbornly, he handled a dangerous situation himself and was gunned down.  Shane still blamed himself for what happened to Tim.


Dewy had let it go as Tim being the idiot he was.  He had never been on good terms with his older brother.  Still, Shane had gone after those guys who shot Tim.  He never said what he did to them just that they were “taken care of.”  It was a dark time in the gang’s history and Sasha knew there were still dark times ahead.  She just hoped everyone was smart enough not to end up like Tim.  She knew Shane was working precautiously to make sure it didn’t happen.


She shook her head.  She wasn’t here to talk about the past just the future.

“Have you heard from Kassidy Lane?” she then asked.


Dewy frowned at her.  “Where did that come from?”

“I’m just curious, is all.” she replied.  “Have you heard from her?”


“No.” he replied.  “But what if I had? What is it to you?”

“Dewy…” Sasha shook her head.  “I just asked a simple question. Don’t get all macho on me.”


“Unless there’s a reason you’d get all macho?”


“What the fuck does that mean?” he asked.

“I know you and KL have always been close and I…” she sighed.  “I know she’ll use you to get back into the group. I just don’t want her to hurt you is all.”

Dewy narrowed his eyes.  “Like you keep letting Branden back into your life and letting him hurt you?”


Sasha’s eyes lit up. It was her turn to get angry.  “That’s different.” she replied.

“I don’t think so.” Dewy said.

“There’s a big difference between being forced and cowering like a little puppy!”


“What the fuck does that mean?” Dewy shot.

“You’ve always let KL control you!” Sasha answered.  “You bend to her will because ‘that’s just the way she is.’ Bullshit, Dewy!”


“Oh right, if you remember I walked away from that long ago when I left?” Dewy shook his head.

“Yeah, you ran instead of facing the problem.” Sasha claimed.  “And when you came back, she started warming back up to you and you let her back in! You sided with her and let her get in-between you and Jack!”


“Don’t bring him into this.” Dewy mumbled.

“Why not?” Sasha asked.  “Scared he would agree with me! Of course he would agree with me! He wants what’s best for you like I do and Kassidy Lane is NOT good for you!”


Dewy just looked at her fuming, but didn’t know what to say.  Part of him knew Sasha was right.  The other part of him didn’t want to give up on KL.

“Besides,” Sasha began.  “She’s seeing that Kenneth guy again. Remember him? That married guy you had to go save her from?”

Dewy’s jaw dropped.  “What?”


Sasha’s anger was gone, replaced by guilt.  She shouldn’t have told him that although he would have found out eventually.

“Shit.” she muttered.  “Why are we doing this? We shouldn’t be trying to hurt each other. I’m sorry, Dewy.”

“No.” he shook his head.  “You’re right. I’ve let her own me and did nothing, but run. I love you, Sasha. I shouldn’t be arguing with you like this over someone who doesn’t give a shit about me.”

Sasha blinked at him.  “You love me?”





2 Responses to Chapter 52

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Surprised, wow.
    Shane can be pretty cute. Is he as tough has he tries to seem or really a big mush who feels he needs to protect everyone?
    I hope Kat doesn’t run away. Clay seems to be a nice guy and maybe his friendship will help her come out of her shell.
    Dewy, *bug eyed* I didn’t ever expect that to happen. I hope there are no regrets later….

    • Shane is a mixture of a guy who wants people to fear and respect him and a guy who wants nothing more than his people to be safe. There’s still a lot more to be revealed about him.
      Any way, thank you for the comment! 😀

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