Chapter 50

Writer Notes: I apologize for the text in the picture above, sometimes colors just don’t want to listen so if you have a hard time reading it let me know.  Also Clay’s Art Gallery is UP for download at HHS 😉

Warnings: nervous Kat, nice guy, muscles, guy talk, plans of murder and a way of getting scott free, some language, and ewww THAT’S HER BROTHER!

Kat was all nerves walking into the art gallery.  She didn’t know this Clay very well, but he came highly recommended by Drake and others she had talked to.  Maybe this was a good thing, getting out doing something new.  Maybe, but Kat had to be skeptical.

She had met Clay on two different occasions now so he was an acquaintance and as far as she knew he was a nice guy.  He was friends with Drake and Drake wasn’t just friends with anybody.

Still, Kat was as nervous as ever.

And maybe it had something more to do with Clay being a nice guy with a T-shirt strained over bulging muscles.

“Hiya there, can I help you?” Clay asked with a smile.

Kat’s heart was fluttering.  “Umm…I…”

Clay smiled.  “Drake called me and said you would stopping by.” he said. 

Kat had to smile to that.  Drake was always the considerate one.  “Yes.” she managed.

“Your gallery is beautiful.” Kat tried to settle her nerves a bit.  “Did you paint all of these?”

Clay’s smile widened and certain amount of pride twinkling in his eyes.  “Thank you and yes, they’re all my work.”

“That’s amazing.”

“So Drake tells me you’re interested in doing some yoga?”

“Yoga…well…really I’m just interested in doing something new and yoga kinda…just came out.” Kat giggled.  “Drake said that you teach it?”

He nodded and noticed a few more clients coming through the door.  “Why don’t you go have a seat in my office while I finish something’s out and we’ll talk.”


His “office” consisted of paint, brushes, and many beautiful emotional portraits around the room.  It was his personal studio.

“So I have three seperate coarses.” Clay began.  “I do teach yoga every Wednesday.” he smiled.  “But there’s also a fitness race and a more basic session.”

“What’s the difference between the last two?”

“Well, our fitness race is…” he thought about it.  “…it’s kind of like a competition of strength and adurance. It’s not something I recommend to beginners.”


“Now our basic session is for beginners and meets at the South Lane park every Saturday morning for two hours.  We talk about proper forms of exercise for all different people, those that work, travel, etc. and we see if those types of exercise are right for our members.”

“That sounds interesting…” Kat said.  “Is there like admission or a member’s fee?”

Clay shook his head.  “Everything is absolutely free.”

“Really?” Kat was in disbelief.

Absolutely.” Clay repeated.  “I don’t charge people for the good of their health.”

“And if it makes things easier,” Clay said.  “You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”


“I did.” Jack muttered.  “I didn’t want to.  I wanted her to think for herself.”

“Oh sure.” Drake nodded.  “But she asked for your opinion. Did she think your were going to give it to her lightly? That’s not you Jack, Peppermint knows that.”

“I don’t know.” Jack said.  “I may have gone overboard.”

“I doubt that.” Drake replied.  “She’s your sister and you want the best for her even if she can’t see clearly what is best for her.”

“Pmint…” Drake sighed.  “She’s in a difficult place. She wants someone to be hers and be with her through this and afterwards. She wants Toulouse to be that guy since it’s his baby.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Jack began.  “That baby’s yours, Drake. You’ve been there not Toulouse.”

“Genetics might disagree.” Drake laughed.  “But I understand.”

“And what has our Pmint decided?” Twister asked.  “Will she marry dat bastard or will she say no?”

“She hasn’t told me.” Jack said.  “I don’t think she will.”

“Well, if we find out before you we’ll definitely report the news.” Drake replied.

“I’m sure Toulouse will be running a victory lap around you, Drake.” Jack replied.

“That’s how we’ll know.” Drake tried to smile.

“You shouldn’t just take that.” Jack said.  “You need to talk to Pmint…seriously.”

“And say what, Jack?” Drake shook his head.  “Things I already have? I’ve tried to talk as much sense into her head as possible.  Kat has.  You have.  Twister’s added his two cents and I’m surprised that Sally’s just standing by.  Pmint’s going to believe anything she wants and what she wants is a world of complete delusion.  Toulouse will never be the man she wants him to be.”

“Because you already are.” Jack added.

“That’s a mighty comment coming from her brother.” Drake smiled.

“No, it’s the truth.” Jack answered.

“I tell you what, Jacky-boy.” Drake began.  “Toulouse is supposed to be going over your house in a couple of days to have the talk with Pmint. If she’s going to announce her decision is unknown, but we’ll see how Toulouse acts and if he can stick to his newly made promise to stand by her. If he can then we’ll have to back down, but if he doesn’t…we’ll be there for her and if she starts to notice who’s there more, maybe the picture will become clear to her.”

“Claritin clear.”

“Can you go along with it?” Drake asked.

“I…I don’t know.” Jack replied. 

“I’ll extend da agreement.” Twister said.  “If we find any information of Toulouse cheating on her, we’ll tell her and you immediately.”

“I can do that.” Drake agreed.  “Last time…that was our fuck up. We should have…”

“The past is the past.” Jack said.  “It was a situation in which is regretted, but is meaningless at the moment…I’ll agree to it, Drake. I’ll stand-by, but if that son-of-bitch hurts my sister again…”

“Pulverize that bastard!” Drake laughed.  “No, seriously, do it and I’ll work with all of my connections and get you out of jail scott free.”

“Drake…” Twister shook his head.  “I don’t dink dis is something Casey would help you with.”

“He might.” Drake smiled.  “Toulouse hates him for no good reason and after all the times Casey’s had to suffer him…Casey would do it.”

“I seriously doubt Casey would let murder…”

“I’m not going to murder anyone!” Jack shrieked.

“Sure…” Drake replied.  “If Toulouse did hurt your sister, would you be able to stop yourself? It would be temporary insanity. Any lawyer worth a damn could see that and a politician at the top of his game like Casey? I’m sure someone owes him a few favors.”

Twister shook his head.  “Casey is also  of Da Right, Drake. And it is not right to murder someone.”

“I’m not killing anyone.” Jack added.

“We’re talking about da possibility dat Toulouse will screw up.” Twister said.  “And dat is pretty much a for sure ding so you might want to consider dat you might kill him.”

“And since The Drake is one of your most best buddies, you might want to use my resources.” Drake smiled.  “I’ve got options for you.”

“Why I am the one who’s gonna kill?” Jack asked.  “This isn’t a thing about Androids snapping, is it?”

“Why no, never!” Twister gasped.  “How could you dink like dat?! We’re your friends!” 

“You’re talking about me killing someone!” Jack shrieked.  “Such good friends…”

“Not like it’s anyone important.” Drake smiled.

“I didn’t just hear that.” Toulouse said.  “I remind you roomies, I am a police officer and if I find out something suspicious I do have to report it.”

“Why are you here?” Twister asked.  “You’re not off yet.”

“No, but it is lunch time and I happened to be patrolling in this area.”

“Of course.” Drake rolled his eyes.

“So who are you planning to kill?” Toulouse asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Drake replied somewhat smug.

“It was a joke.” Twister added before Toulouse could argue further with Drake.  “We are not and would not be serious about killing someone, dat’s ridiculous.”

“I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous on the force, Twist.” Toulouse replied.

“Yeah, like your face.” Drake smiled.

“And here I was trying to be pleasant.” Toulouse growled.

“Again…like your face?” Drake laughed.

“Don’t make me handcuff you, Drake.”

“Firstly, geez man buy me a drink first.” Drake said.  “Secondly, I dare you because between Twister’s Wind Element, my Elvish magic, and Jack’s unruly hate for you, I don’t think you stand a chance.”

“There’s no reason for any of this.” Jack said.  “It’s a joke, let it go.”

“I find security and safety very serious business, Jack.” Toulouse replied.

“In that order, right?” Drake chuckled.  “Considering you were more concentrated on keeping your affair with Sasha a secret than using protection with Pmint.”

Toulouse shook his head.  “I got it the first time, Drake and fuck off!”

“Why don’t you?” Twister said.  “You’re intruding on our business.”

“Who pays the most rent on this place?” Toulouse asked. 

“My name’s on the lease.” Drake claimed.  “And I pay my share thank you very much and as far the landlords know, Twister doesn’t live here and he buys the food!”

“Yeah.” Twister added.

“That doesn’t jusitfy anything.” Toulouse rolled his eyes.  “You’re both slackers.”

“Certain people would disagree.” Drake said.  “Some of us have been there.”

Toulouse blinked at him.  “This has nothing to do with Pmint.” he said.

“Sure, believe that.” Drake replied.  “Believe that the world revolves around you and since you’re such a saint, it’ll all be ok.”

“I think I’m going to hit you.” Toulouse thought about it and nodded his head.  “Yeah, I think so.”

“Fucking try!” Jack shouted, making Toulouse take a couple of steps back.

“Stay out of this.” Toulouse managed to say.  “There’s no reason for you to be apart of it.”

“This is just silly, Toulouse.” Drake said.  “Why do you just want to fight with me? Is it because I’m better looking, , charismatic, red headed…been there to support your baby’s mother?”

“I remind you I have a gun.” Toulouse said.

“Yeah, your gun has already been shot.” Drake mumbled.

“Was that a fucking metophor for…”

“I’M OUT!” Jack waved his hand before Toulouse could finish his sentence.

“Geez man, he’s her brother. He doesn’t want to hear dat!” Twister added.


4 Responses to Chapter 50

  1. 4mamma says:

    Feeling so sorry for the guy for having such troubled time and for Pmint btw that isn’t feeling good either. A baby can be a pure joy for some and a living hell for some others..
    Kat and clay… hmmm….we’ll see what’s going to happend there

    I’ll just park my behind here and wait until the next chapter

    • 😀 Thanks so much for the comment!

      I do have the next chapter in WordPress, but it doesn’t have any captions typed out 😉

      There is a lot stress right now with Pmint and the guys, especially Drake and Toulouse. Jack didn’t want to give his opinion to Pmint in Chapter 49 because he didn’t want to add to that stress, but she pushed him into it.

  2. Zhippidy says:

    Kat awwww…. ^_^

    Wow the boys were really ticked off there. I thought Drake was a mild man, but he surely went a little wild in his comments back to Toulouse. Toulouse deserves that. He has lost all of his friends. I am really surprised that Jack didn’t go and punch him on the nose or something. I really really really hope that P’Mint sees Drake and tells Toulouse to find a noose because he’s already cooked his goose. I really do hope she sees Drake has always been there and Toulouse is a floozie.

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