Chapter 5

Writer Notes: Chapter 5 conversion repost.

Warnings: Soooo many Sims in one house.  I’m afraid I cannot introduce them all.  You can get a gist of some in the Character Spotlight on The Gang page.  Part 1 of 3 of the party.

Even the soft sounds of her shoes scuffing against the sidewalk did not soothe Sally Saither.  She did not know why her heart was pounding ever so loudly in her ears, but it was happening and she could not control it.

Tonight was the party, reintroducing Dewy Russell into their group.  He had been staying at a one Mr. Saiders’s house where the party was being held.  The neighborhood was nice, kind of fancy to Sally.  She wondered if she had underdressed.

Ahead Kassidy Lane was awaiting nervously. 

Why hadn’t she gone in? Sally wondered to herself.

“So this is the place?” Sally asked, giggling to herself about the barn look on a modern home.

“Yes,” KL sighed.  “Go on in—I’m just getting some air.”

Sally didn’t argue with her friend.  Kassidy and Dewy had gotten into some fight before he left.  It had torn a hole into KL’s conscious, in which Sally had heard about constantly for six months.

As she opened the door, Sally smiled at the couple waiting inside.  “Rez, Angel, you’re already here?”

“We’ve been here for a few hours.” Angel, Sally’s sister, replied.  “Dewy’s in there—he looks good.”

“He’s some’tin definitely.” Rez chuckled.  Sally had always liked Angel’s husband.  He and Sally shared a lot of similarities.  One, being androids.  Though the android war had not hit their town in such a dramatic, deadly way as other cities, it had opened their eyes to many challenges in society.

“Well, you look good.” Angel smiled.

“What a few curls and a good blouse can do—” her voice trailed off as she looked around the house.  “Wow, this is a nice place!”

“Should we tell her?” Angel whispered to Rez.

“Too late for that.” He answered.

Too late indeed.  Sally was frozen in place.  “Shane—”

“Come on, Rez!” the Mohawk man, Twister, shouted.  “The game’s on! Drake has it on screen!”

“All right, all right!” Rez laughed as he joined Twister.

Kassidy Lane had finally braved entering the place.  Of course, it had only taken a second for her to figure out why Sally was as stiff as a board.  “What is he doing here?”

“Dewy’s his friend too.” Sally exhaled.

“Come on, join the fun!” Toulouse Zane smiled as he emerged from the other room.

“Be right with you,” KL said.  “But where’s Dewy?”

“This way.” He motioned.

“Kassidy?” Toulouse looked at Sally then back to KL.  “Hey-O? Aren’t you coming?”

“—yeah.” She stammered.

“Hello?” Sally jumped. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!”

“It’s all right.”

“I’m Peppermint Saiders, Jack and I would like to welcome you to our home.”

“Sally Saither—so you’re the lady of the house?”

“Lady?” Pmint laughed. “No, no, no, I’m his sister.”

“He’s somewhere around here.” She said, her eyes searching the distant.  “Well, enjoy yourself. It’s an open bar, open kitchen thing.”

“Hey, remember your bets!” Twister shouted.  “No switching teams, Toulouse!”

“Yes, Twister, we understand.” Drake sighed. “Now, move so we can see the screen!”

Dorian giggled to himself.  “I do not know what’s going on, but ok!”

“Sally, you gonna get in here?” Rez asked.

“Any day now.” She said under her breath.

“She lives!”

“Not now, Toulouse!” Drake snapped.  “The Drake needs to concentrate!”

“Oh yeah, like you thinking is going to help our team.” Dorian mumbled.

Sally, for the second time that night, stopped in her tracks and could not believe her eyes.

“Hello, I’m Jack Saiders.”

He was exclusively, predominantly—without doubt the most beautiful person Sally had ever seen.  And his name was Jack…so—ordinary.

“Sally, we need to talk.” No, her ears were not wrong.



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