Chapter 48

Writer Notes: I think I was extremely tired when I took these pictures because they are not the best of angles…though Drake/Toulouse/Twister’s house is a pain in the butt to take pictures in…I don’t know why because it’s pretty spacious, maybe that’s why.  I’m use to cluttered tiny sets.

Warnings: lots of discussion, change in scenes

“Well, that was more complicated than I originally thought it was going to be.” Cassie admitted.  “So Toulouse was cheating on Peppermint with Sasha and vice versa and Peppermint is now having his child.  After four months Toulouse has been absent, but now he thinks he needs to be apart of it all and proposes to Peppermint?”

Clay just shook his head.  “Zaney Boy, where’s your head?”

“Glad to update you.” Drake smiled.  “It’s a mess.”

“What was her answer?” Cassie had to ask.

“She didn’t have an answer, which I think is worse.” Drake threw up his hands.  “It means he has a shot.”

“And you don’t want him to have a shot?” Cassie asked.

“Well, no…I mean, I’m all for him taking his responsiblities as a dad, but Pmint, he needs to leave her alone.”

“That’s not possible.” Clay then said.  “Even if he and Peppermint don’t get together, they will always be involved with each other through the child.”

“I know that.” Drake sheepishly replied.

“Drake has been taking care of everything for Pmint so it is difficult for him to just let Toulouse slide in and play the role.” Cassie muttered to her brother.  “I understand.” she said to Drake.  “And it is hurtful to you that Peppermint did not just tell him no or even, hell no, but give him a maybe. I understand, but as Clay said, they will always be involved with each other. Toulouse isn’t going anywhere.”

“I wish he’d crawl back into his hole.” Twister laughed.

“Aww, that’s mean.” Clay smiled.  “But it seems Toulouse has been doing some thinking in his hole, maybe him going back into it isn’t the best idea.”

“You maybe right on dat.” Twister thought about it.  “Maybe, but I have to interrupt dis talk because I must be going to work.”

“Well, have a good time.” Cassie said, standing. 

“Oh, yes,” Twister smiled.  “Tonight is ladies night.”

“In that case, don’t have too much fun.” Cassie laughed.

“Nonsense.” Twister smiled.

They waited until Twister shut the door behind him to resume “the talk.”

“What do you think I need to do?” Drake then asked.  “I mean, I want to do the right thing, but…I just can’t…not with Toulouse there.”

“It’s always going to be a struggle.” Cassie answered.

Clay nodded in agreement.  “And you have to let them battle their own battles, you can’t get involved in their disagreements. They are the parents and that’s going to be the hardest part for you since you’ve been there since the beginning.”

“Yeah, I‘ve been there.” Drake sighed.  “This is just…total bullshit.”

Cassie laughed.  “It’s always going to be.”

“Diapers and all.” Clay added.


“So the date was amazing.” Sally smiled.  “It just seems too easy when I’m with Jack.”

“It’s too easy or he makes it too easy?” Angel asked.

“Both.” Sally giggled.  “It’s just so completely different when I was with Shane.”

“That’s a good thing.” Angel smiled.  “You were always uncomfortable with Shane.”

“I think there was just way too much pressure from the gang.” Sally said.

“Well, neither of you had dated anyone in the gang.” Angel replied.  “We may have added some of the pressure between the two of you.”

Sally sighed. “Well, and his drinking, smoking…gang stuff…getting shot didn’t help either.”

“You two went through a lot in a small amount of time.” Angel nodded.

“Has Jack asked about your relationship with Shane?” Angel had to ask.

“No, not really.” Sally then thought about it.  “Well, once before we were together. He wanted to know why we split.”

Angel nodded.  “And what did he think about that?”

“He seemed concerned then…switched subjects.” Sally replied.

“Hmm, seems he’s a little uncomfortable with it.” Angel said.

“Who isn’t?” Sally asked.  “I’m not.”

Sally exhaled loudly.  “It was a total disaster of a relationship. Shane and me…we’re just not compatable.”

Angel nodded in agreement.  “Well, at least you know that.”

“Shane thinks any different?” Sally had to ask.

“You know no one knows what he thinks.” Angel answered.  “Even Rez can’t figure out what goes on in Shane’s head and them two have been best friends since grade school.”

“I guess.” Sally said.  “I’m just glad I can just relax with Jack. I think that’s the biggest thing right now. There’s no pressure.”

“No pressure?” Angel raised an eyebrow to that.  “Boys will always be boys, Sally. Have you two discussed matters of the bedroom yet?”


2 Responses to Chapter 48

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Sally – ^_^ the blush… how cute….
    Maybe Drake should be talking to Peppermint about everything. I really hope she responds a big fat “no” to Toulouse.

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