Chapter 46

Writer Notes:  This is the last part of this party.  It’s a pretty short chapter (sorry 4mamma), but maybe you’ll find it interesting. 😉

Warnings: calming down, lots of Sims gone, talk of alikeness of relationships, shyness, awkwardness, Toulouse trouble, and awwww

Many of the guests had left and Sasha was feeling very tense about the whole situation.  She had invited Kassidy Lane, hoping that after a few drinks her bitchiness would die down, but instead the opposite had happened.  It had been esculated.

Dr. Cassie Ask had been more than happy to stop KL’s wrath of self-destruction, but she moved on instead of lingering over the whole problem.  Kassidy was gone and the party continued.

“So Toulouse did to you that he did to me.” Jade laughed.  “Except we didn’t have a baby involved and Sasha was very young and niave.”

“That’s pretty sad that he would go between sisters.” Whitney said.

“Oh, Sasha and I will always have our differences even without the drama of boys.”


Kassidy Lane may have been gone, but her words stuck here and there in Kat’s mind.  She could not believe what her “supposable” friend had said, but at the same time Kat dug deep into those words.  Was KL right?  If they just kept “babying” Kat would she continue to be this way?

She hated the way she was.  Scared and paranoid about just going from her apartment to the grocery store.  She hated it every time a strange said “good-morning” that she’d freak out and run away.  She hated it, but she didn’t know what to do about it and how to get better.

“Hi.” The guy named Clay waved.

“Hello.” Kat tried to smile, but it was an effort short lived. 

“You looked in pretty deep thought and that’s a bad thing.” he said.  “I just wanted to check on you.”

“Thank you…that’s very nice.” Kat looked away.  “But I’m fine.”

“And I’m a monkey’s uncle.” he smirked.  “You know, the best way to get it all out is to talk to someone.”

Kat just blushed.  She didn’t have the words for this guy in front of her.


“Hello there.” Cassie said.

“Well, hi yourself.” Shane chuckled.

“Haven’t seen you in awhile, staying out of trouble?” she asked.

Shane tsked. “Oh, ya know me, only gettin’ shot at every other week.”

“You should really do something about that.” Cassie laughed.

“So, umm…” Shane shifted his weight to one side, not sure what to do with himself, especially his hands.  “How’s ya doin’?”

Cassie just smiled at his cute nervousness.  “Oh, you know, the usual, getting kidnapped every other week.”



“Wow, looking nice there in your little tutu, Whits.” Toulouse made a low whistle.  “Still working over on Side Street?”

Whitney nodded.  “Ya know, I haven’t seen you there in awhile. Havin’ doubles at work again?”

“I’m trying to straighten that schedule out.” he smiled.  “This is my first day off in like three weeks.”

“Well, on your next one you should really come down. Candy would really like to see you.”

“I always miss you pretty gals.”

“Toulouse, keep your eyes head level.” Twister interrupted.  He really didn’t like how Toulouse was looking at Whitney.  There was something very…animalistic in those eyes.

“It’s all right, Twist.” Whitney said.

“Yeah, I’m not hittin’ on your girl, dude.” Toulouse claimed.  “Just talkin’ like friends, geez man.”

Sasha had little time to decide if she needed to get in-between Twister and Toulouse before something more serious broke out.  She was glad that Twister had finally found someone to bond with, but that meant his protective streak would be coming out.  However, that didn’t matter at the moment as she watched Clay and Kat talking.  Now that was just…great.  Maybe Kat would make a new friend.  And Clay was the man.

“You’re an artist? That’s so cool!”

Clay just shrugged.  “It’s all right. It’s not like I don’t get to travel all across the globe painting exotic cultures or anything.”

Kat giggled.  She hadn’t been so comfortable with an almost stranger in years.  Clay seemed so nice.  She wanted to give him a chance.  She wanted to prove Kassidy Lane wrong.  She could spread her wings out and meet new people…new guys.

“You should really come down to my gallery on Main Lane.” He said.

“I would love to.” Kat smiled. 

Yeah, she would prove KL wrong.


7 Responses to Chapter 46

  1. 4mamma says:

    OMG I can’t wait until the next chapter. I love yous sims and the way you’re handle them.. and you keep making the story intersting and you do have drama, romance, happy and sad… you’ve got it all…. Keep it up sweetie
    I’m sorry that I have got a new story of my own… I’m stuck…

  2. 4mamma says:

    well….. I’m sorry to break the news…. Lacy died the my family wouldn’t show up when I moved them from my PC to my laptop…. I hade the same folder and everything and still everyone were gone…. I loved that story and I had so many plans made for her. But I have started to build a new town and I have a girl that I might go a head with… but…. how do I start….???
    She loves her grandma but she’s old and sick…. but maybe I can have something lurking there

    • That’s so sad that Lacy’s gone 😦 I’ve had to remake The Gang’s sims over many times. I believe it’s 14 times for Jack, but that’s spread over several computers and many years.
      I’ve had a few other sim stories that I made before posting them on the internet. I lost them and their sims in game crashes and didn’t remake them so I know what you’re going through.
      Hopefully you love this new story as much as Lacy’s. Starting fresh is sometimes helpful.

      • 4mamma says:

        Thanks….. I hope so to… but I’ve to get started…. It’s the begining that’s hard the rest just pops up along the way…. LOL

  3. Zhippidy says:

    Toulouse has some nerve, he should be hiding in shame still. But then again, he’s being himself not even realising his own mess-ups. I hope Kat does come out of her shell. Shane and Cassie are so cute. ^_^ Loved it.

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