Chapter 45

Writer Notes: Part 2 of the party 😀  After taking all of these pictures from the previous chapter and this one, I’ll just let you know my game crashed, but at least I got all the pictures saved.  So…the next time I load the game I’ll have to adjust everyone’s relationships…again.  Oye.

Warnings: why plumbbob? Why did you have to be in the freaking picture?!? language, arguing, expressions, lots of Sims in one tiny house, rent girl=street walker/whore/stripper, and oh yeah, finally justice has been served! With a quote from The New Guy.

Sally has so happy.  She couldn’t contain herself.  Not only had she chosen Jack, but he had accepted her right back.  He was a beautiful man.  Inside out, Sally knew.  She couldn’t be happier.

“Well, it just had to rain on a pool day!” said the lady in the blue swimsuit as she entered the house.  Sally instantly recognized her.  Jade, Sasha’s older sister.

But it wasn’t her that Sally became increasingly nervous about.  “…Toulouse?”

“Hiya.” he smiled.  “What’s been goin’ on here?”

Sally just shrugged and not-so-obviously side glanced at Jack.  He didn’t seem very upset as there was a small smile on his lips.  But his eyes…they were filled with such anger.

“This is what we get for always being late.” Doctor Cassie Ask laughed.  “Rain.”

Sally thought Cassie was admirable.  OF COURSE SHE WAS!  Had she not saved Shane’s life?  Such beauty and success.  She was a total package.

But Sally didn’t know the guy who entered last, but he looked vaguely familiar as if she had seen him in a picture before…

Jack remained silent.  His eyes focused on jabbing daggers into Toulouse.  Sally was definitely going to have to get use to his mean streak.  At least it wasn’t a mean streak like Shane’s.  That she couldn’t go through again, not again.

“So where’s my sister?” Jade asked.  “She hiding in the bathroom?”

“Something like that.” Sally smiled uneasily.

The rain had everyone inside of Sasha’s little house.  This many people in such a small space could mean lots of laughter or moody outrage.

So far lots of laughs.

“So everyone’s here?” Toulouse asked.  Sally just nodded, knowing very well he was actually just asking if Peppermint was there.

“Bully for you.” the other guy said.  “Doesn’t mean you have to start something.”

“Shut up Clay!”

“Son-of-bitch, Twister!” Shane shouted.  “Ya could of warned us it was gonna storm like dis!”

Twister just shook his head.  “I don’t know everything about da weather. Sometimes it does what it wants!”

“Aw, Dr. Ask, how are you? We haven’t seen you in awhile!” Angel smiled.

“That’s probably a good thing.” Cassie laughed.

“Everything’s been just fine.” Cassie then replied to Angel’s original question.

Then the bathroom door opened.

“Well, finally coming out!” Jade sneered.

“What-the-hell are you doing here?!” Sasha shouted.  “I specifically told you not to come!” Then she side glanced to her right.  “…or Toulouse!”‘

Jade shrugged.  “What? Can I not visit my younger sister? Pish, posh, Sasha.”

“I didn’t want you to come for a reason, Jade!” Sasha huffed.  “Can you not respect my wishes?”

“You didn’t want me here because I’d make a scene about you NOT DOING YOUR DUTY!” Jade shouted.  “Because you just don’t want to be responsible anymore and IGNORE YOUR JOB!”

“I’m done with it all!” Sasha shouted, but it was like humming to Jack and Sally.  They were much too preoccupied with each other.

“Look at my hair Twister!” Kassidy Lane squealed.  “Look what you did!”

“Easy there, girlly.” Rez said.  “It’ll dry. Twister can’t control the weather, just the wind.”

“Well, air…atmosphere…weather itself is all dese dings forced by fronts of highs and lows, wind, and pressure. I can…how would you say…adjust it?” Twister chuckled.  “But ultimately Mother Nature has da last laugh…at your hair.”

“Twister, a girl’s hair is a serious thing.” Whitney said.

“Well it’s somewhat natural for sudden thunderstorms to randomly strike during the summer.” Cassie said.  “But this was very sudden.”

“Hopefully it goes away soon.” the guy named Clay said.

“Well, it’s already ruined my day.” Kassidy Lane huffed.  “Thanks alot, Twister.”

“I fail to see how dis is my fault.” Twister replied.

“You know damn well that it is!” KL said.  “You are a Wind Element. I wouldn’t be surprised if you made the storm on purpose!”

“The rain ruined my hamburger!” Twister claimed.  “Why would I have ruined such a lovely feast? Shane worked so hard…”

“Dat’s right!” Shane added.  “I did!”

“Oh, stop it.” Whitney shook her head.  “And you too, Kassidy. Twister didn’t make the storm.”

“What would you know?” KL asked.  “You’re just a rent girl.”

“What-the-hell did she just say about my friend?” Sasha asked, ignoring Jade’s glare.

“Oh, this is about to get out of hand.” Jack muttered.  Sally just nodded in agreement.

“Why?” Twister asked.  “Why would you say such a horrible thing?”

“Cuz da girl is just one thang.” Shane answered.  “Rude.”

“And you’re nothing, but a little boy who still thinks he’s big and bad!” KL said.  “When will you grow up and drop the ego act, Shane?”

“That’s enough!” Rez ordered.  “This is ridiculous.”

“Oh, like you don’t agree with me, Rez.” KL began.  “You’ve been trying to get him off the gangster crap for years.”

“So what’s your problem?” Sasha asked, sliding by her sister’s rage-filled eyes.

“I’m tired of this bullshit!” KL shouted.  “Wake up everyone!”

“You’re just a bunch of pretenders!”

“What’s going on?” Dewy asked.

“Oh, KL’s having another one of her episodes, which is probably going to back fire on her sooner than later.” Toulouse replied then he had a thought.  “Where have you been hiding?”

“Please stop, Kassidy.” Angel said.  “You just need to calm down.”

“No, what she needs is a freakin’ ass whoopin’.” Rez claimed.

“Oh, and you think you’re big enough to give me one!” KL snapped.  “In the end, you’re nothing, but a big push-over controlled by women and Shane!”

“Dat’s it!” Shane spat.  “Ya can insult me all ya want, but ya ain’t  insultin’ Rez! Somebody get me a paddle!”

“You really think your balls are that big?” KL laughed.

Oh, I don’t dink,” Shane’s voice was lined with such heat.  “I know.”

“You’ll need a whole army to hold her down.” Dewy managed to say.

That made Jack smile.  Shane did have one.  Everyone in the house had KL surrounded and it was expected, even if it sounded bizarre, that they were on Shane’s side and not hers.  There had to be a paddle somewhere in this house.  It was Sasha’s after all.

“What’s that smile for?” Kassidy asked.  “You got something to say, Jack?” 

He just shook his head.  There was no need for any words.  She was making a fool of herself without his help.

“You people are so ignorant. I can’t believe I put up with all this nonsense.” Kassidy continued and no one was going to stop her.  “I can’t believe you all are so blind. Like, you let yourself hang with murders, bang rent girls, become fuckin’ pansies, sit in your own misery from bottle to bottle, oh and oh, maybe the worst of all of your crimes, baby the fuckin’ raped girl so she doesn’t ever get out of bed!”

Jack wasn’t surprised.  Not one tiny bit.

Kat had gotten up to stop Kassidy Lane’s rant, but by the end…her heart was broken into tiny pieces.  The others were traumatized.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” Sasha shouted.

“The only thing wrong with me is not keeping to your little mundane exercise of being submissive and letting every guy walk all over you!” KL said.  “No wonder she got what she got.”

Twister kept gesturing to the area beside KL, but she just kept rambling on without as even much of a glance as to what Twister could be warning her of.

“Is that what you really think?” Kat finally interrupted her.  “You think that I got…because…”

“You’re disgusting.” Peppermint spat.

Kat? I know her from somewhere.

“It’s time to stop this.” Cassie said.  “You have the option here, Kassidy.  Get out or think about seriously kissing these people’s asses.”

KL snarled.  “Don’t tell me what to do, bitch!”

“Who’s the bitch now?”

“Damn. We didn’t need dat paddle afta all.”


5 Responses to Chapter 45

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Oh my what a crazy, outrageous, surprising shouting match of a party that was. Wow. I loved every bit. Jack on Toulouse. Jack smirking at KL. Everyone on KL. Cassie decking her! Shane is so right. Oh, and his outburst on the hamburgers, it tickled me so much. Love this story 🙂 Can’t wait for the next where I hope everyone pummels Toulouse! *LOL* A little 🙂 Dewy maybe will wake up now.

  2. 4mamma says:

    WOW…… that’s a catfight !!!

  3. Thank you lots for the comments 😛

  4. Freaking Yes! Someone finally put Kassidy Lane in her place *applause*.. Way to go Cassie! It was a long time coming. I enjoyed this so much I’ll have to scroll up to read it again:)

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