Chapter 43

Writer Notes: So hello and enjoy!

Warnings: sweet smells, embarrassed/afraid Sim, Sim on therapy, eavesdropping, introductions, and running away

“You’re just being silly.” Kat said.  “I can’t move in with you…Kassidy’s doing better…she just needs…”

“She just needs to wake up and look in the mirror at what a horrible bitch she is.” Sally then smiled.  “Kat, don’t you think that it’s time you get away from her negativity?”

“If we abandon her, what do you think will happen?” Kat asked.  “Do you think she’ll get better or worse?”

“That all depends on her.” Sally said.  “She needs to decide who’s the best person for her.”


“We should go say hi.” Kat said then she noticed the embarrassment on Sally’s face.  “You haven’t seen him in awhile, have you?”

“I love the town.” Veronica said.  “I think this can work.”

“Well, it better because Sebastian mentioned something about possibly setting up shop and putting out his resume to the hospital here.”

“He’s always planning ahead.” Veronica smiled.  “That’s why I love him.”

“Oh, I thought it was because of his muscles.”

“Come on, Sally! It’s Jack!”

“Yeah…I just…I don’t know.”

“He’s single. You’re single.” Kat smiled.  “You like him, right? How could you not?! He’s wonderful!”

“It’s complicated.”

“What’s complicated about it?” Kat asked.  “Or are you making it complicated so you don’t have to make a decision?”

“Sounds like your therapy is going well.” Sally muttered.

“…that guy’s single? Well, how do you do?”

“Hiya, stud.” the lady smiled. “Is this seat taken?”

“Ummmm, no…”

“Can you excuse me for one moment?” Jack asked.

The lady smiled. “Sure, but hurry back.”

“Sally!” he quickly rushed up to the front.  “I just wanted to apologize about not being able to bring you to work.”

“It’s fine.” she uneasily smiled.  “Luckily, Kat’s come to the rescue.”

“Veronica!” Kat squealed.  “How have you been?!”

“Great!” Veronica replied.  “I think we’re going to be moving here.”

Veronica had felt she was missing out on a lot of things.  And one of those things just happened to be what was going on with Jack.  It was amazing to see him glowing with such happiness.  Veronica believed it was no coincidence that he was talking to this girl.

But after sometime, she had to interrupt their conversation so she could introduce herself.

“It is so nice to meet you Sally!” Veornica smiled.

“You too! Jack has told me soooo much about you!”

“I’m sorry, but we have to go.” Sally said.  “I hope we can get together again soon.”

Jack glanced at the table where that strange lady was still waiting his return.  “That’s fine. We were just leaving too.”

“Yeah,” Veronica breathed in the smells of the bistro.  “If I stay here any longer, I might just eat the place!”


4 Responses to Chapter 43

  1. 4mamma says:

    The Strange lady-ish one is gonna start trouble isn’t she…….?????
    Oh Why!! Did you have to stop at that point…. haven’t I told you that you can’t do that to me……. lmao….
    New-ish girls,,, feelings on high…looking so forward to the next chapter

  2. Zhippidy says:

    I wonder if Veronica is going to start to play matchmaker. ^_^

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