Chapter 42

Writer Notes:  Ok, if you don’t read this part then you’re going to be all sorts of confused.  So, are you reading?  It’s been quite a few months later in the story.  We’ll say four and half months.  I decided progression needed to happen a little quicker in timeline for this part of the story.  So new(ish) characters will be introduced here and later.  Still gots a lot to cover in this story yet with problems arising, confrontations a blazing, and hugs to embrace, but as for this particular chapter.  Let’s keep it light and fun.

Warnings: somewhat familiar looking Sims, right?

“WOW!” Jack shrieked in Veronica’s embrace.  “You’re here early!”

“We decided that we couldn’t wait until later to make this trip.” Sebastian said entering the house.  “Trinity’s been annoying us all week with wanting to see everyone.”

“I hope we didn’t come too early.” Veronica said, but it sounded more like a question.

Jack just shook his head.  “God, it’s nice to see you…all.”

“Visitors are here.” Drake tried to sound enthused.

“Yeah, I saw them.” Peppermint managed still reading her book.

“I like clouds.” Trinity said.

They were all interrupted by Drake coming out of Pmint’s room.  At first he had wide eyes then he smoothly turned into his usual outgoing self.

“Hiya.” he smiled.  “Miss Prego is not getting out of bed today…And who do we have here?”

“Everyone this is Drake Roland.” Jack said.

The Drake, preferably.” he laughed.

“I’ve heard so much about you.” Veronica said, shaking his hand.  “It’s great to have a face with all of the nice things Pmint’s said about you.”

“She says nice things…about me?” Drake laughed.  “Well, not of lately the poor hormonal thing.”

“SEBASTIAN!” Jack shouted.

“What she having problems singing?” Trinity asked.

Hormons not harmony.” Kevin said.

“So she’s having problems sleeping?”

“Jack!” Sebastian laughed.  “I have definitely had a hard time without you, man. We’re going crazy without someone to help clean up the house. OCD!”

Jack just laughed.  “…OCD.”

“It’s great to really see you.” Sebastian glanced behind Jack to see Veronica hitting up a conversation with Drake.  “She misses you all something bad.”

Jack nodded.  “I feel the same.”

Some how as Kevin introduced himself to Drake, saying something about another handsome carrot-top joining the group, the girls slipped away from the guy chatter and made their way to Peppermint’s room.

“So she’s having problems eating?” Trinity asked.

Veronica just shook her head.

“Well, look who dropped in?” Pmint smiled, though it didn’t reach her eyes.  She looked very tired and stressed.

“How you holding up?” Veronica had to ask.

“Like I’m almost 5 months pregnant.” Pmint replied.

“So have you found out what you’re having?” Veronica asked.

“No, that’s coming soon though.” Pmint replied.  “I’m still not sure if I want to know or not. Drake does…Jack’s torn about it. Ya know, he likes surprises. And I don’t know if Toulouse even knows.”

“Is this the guy?” Trinity then asked.

“Yeah…” Pmint somewhat solemnly answered.  “That’s Toulouse.”

Veronica narrowed her eyes at Trinity, but it proved ill-effective as Trinity motioned to one of the pictures.

“I like that one.”

“Just think…” Trinity sighed.  “You’re having a baby…Veronica and me are getting married then we’ll have kids and they’ll grow up together and get married.”

Veronica and Peppermint just blinked at her.

After the uncomfortable silence, Trinity decided to switch subjects.  “The Drake seems nice.”

“He is very nice and really good to me.”

“Are you and him going to get together?” Trinity asked.

Pmint hesitated, maybe too long.  “Things are complicated.” she managed.

“Oh, for a nice guy like him?” Veronica smiled.  “I think it might be worth it.”


“It’s all blown out of proportion right now!” Jack announced. 

“How are you going to fix it?” Kevin asked.  Jack just shrugged.

“I haven’t even thought about it yet.”

Sebastian tried to smile reassuringly.  “How is Dewy?”

Drake shrugged.  “He’s been staying really far away.”

“It’s like, he’s living in a separate world where…” Jack stopped himself.  “No,no, I’m not going to get into it.”

Kevin and Sebastian exchanged glances.  The Jack they knew would have already fixed this problem with Dewy.  Everything would have been OK the next day, but it wasn’t.  Almost five months later and it still wasn’t right. 

“So what do you do, Drake?” Kevin asked.  “Another zealous millionaire?”

Drake smiled.  “Oh no, I’m King of the Elves. Society can’t touch me.” the guys laughed.  “I help out people here and there. Got my connections all over the place.”

“Sounds interesting…” Sebastian replied, but somewhat suspicious.

“Sure if you like dealing with politicans, but as for now, I’m just helping Pmint out here and trying to keep up with all my other girls. It’s a rough world, but Jack’s helping out with the Sally part.”

“Sally?” Kevin questioned.  “How come I haven’t heard about this Sally?”

Jack smiled, but he didn’t give anything away.  Though Drake had purposely brought her up, Jack had seen less of her these last few months.  Sure, he brought her to work every now and then, but it seemed as if they were breaking away from each other.

“So which one of these girls is she?” Kevin asked.

“Oh the cuuuuuuuuuuuute carrot-top.” The Drake replied. 

Jack sheepishly smiled under the guys’ stares.

“Come on, Jack!” Drake chuckled.  “When are you going to make that leap of faith? You only live once.”

“Yeah…” he sighed.   “I know.”


Drake had made that type of leap of faith once and it had broken him in tiny pieces.

He was just hoping…that maybe…just maybe…

It wouldn’t happen again.


What Jack knew about risks was that once you were ankle deep, you would fall in.  He always liked to be sure, but as of lately, he was just confused.  Part of him wanted nothing better than to have someone special in his life.  The other warned him about giving his heart to someone again.  He gave it away too easily and he needed to protect himself.

Jack sighed in the silence.  He definitely had feelings for Sally, but she had seemed to be ignoring him as of lately.  He didn’t know why and it bothered him.  Maybe she didn’t feel the same way about him?  Maybe she was still dealing with problems about Shane?  It was all very confusing, but he would never know the facts until he asked.

“Good, you’re still up.” Veronica entered with a smile.

“Unfortunately.” Jack replied.  “What are you doing up? It’s so passed your bedtime, missy.”

Veronica just giggled.

“Pmint seems really stressed.” she said joining him on the bed.  “I’m worried for her.”

“I know. I know.” he replied.  “Drake and I have been really trying to get her more positive, but…”

“What she needs to do is take down those pictures and stop hoping that Toulouse will show up.”

Jack just sighed.  “She’s definitely having a hard time letting go.”

“I’m sorry, Jack.” Veronica said.  “I’m stressing you out too.”

Jack just shook his head.  “Oh, I’ve already been there and back.” he said.  “I don’t know how many discussions Drake and me have hard with her. Kat too. We just can’t get her to understand. Hell, Toulouse hasn’t called or seen her in months. You think she’d get the clue.”

“She just hoping.” Veronica said.  “She doesn’t understand that Toulouse lives a different world than we do. He doesn’t want to take responsiblity for his actions. He just wants to slide by.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“You know what I know?” Veronica asked.  “Drake is really in love with her and she doesn’t seem to notice.” Jack just tsked.  “You know what else I know?”


“I’ve missed you and I’m glad I’m here.” she replied.  “Because this is the best, just being here with you.”

Jack smiled.  “I love you too, my star.”


6 Responses to Chapter 42

  1. 4mamma says:

    Even if you have jumped 4 month I can still follow…. LOL
    I just love the flow and the pics are great as usual…..

  2. Zhippidy says:

    Oh wow, Sebastian! (He’s cute ^_^) I will have to reread that, I don’t remember how they all know each other. Trinity is such a blonde. hair dye won’t change that. haha….. I am glad to know Jack does have some not-just-friends feelings for Sally. I sort of thought so, but he is so close mouthed…. Can’t wait for more. 🙂

  3. Zhippidy says:

    I’ve read Sugar Coated and that was the link I was looking for. I thought somehow their worlds intertwine. 🙂

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