Chapter 40

Writer Notes:  Happy 40th chapter!!!  Man…this is one LONG story. 😉  Not just because of how many chapters it has, considering Alternate Universe Book 1 had 50…because of how long in time this story has been going on.  In August it’ll be three years in the making.  Yeesh.

Warnings: some heart breaking/what-the-hell news, LOTS of arguing, language, floating bottle of booze, and walking out

Kat wasn’t going to say anything about her recent interview, but then Jack asked.  He never forgot important things like that, but for once she didn’t want him to remember.  She didn’t want to say why they didn’t accept her.  And she couldn’t lie either.  Drake would know if she did.  He could always tell.

“Why would they say no?” Jack then asked.  “You’re a wonderful photographer!”

Kat just shrugged, wondering if that would help them get on a different subject.  Usually Sally was a great subject changer, but she was quiet.  She must have been listening too.

Then Drake saw the hesitation all over Kat’s face.  “Why did they say no, Kat?” he asked in a serious tone.

She took a breath and tried to steady herself.  “They said I didn’t…’fit’ the image of their magazine. So they couldn’t hire me.”

“What kind of bullshit is that?” Jack shook his head.  “What does that mean? You’re not tan enough, vegetarian enough…”

“Thin enough.” Kat barely said, but in the quiet house she might as well have yelled it.

“That’s stupid.” Peppermint announced.  “Who cares as long as you get them great pictures, right?”

Sally just shook her head.  People of the world, definitely people of power, were always cruel.  Sally understood what Kat was feeling.  During high school Sally was never skinny enough, athletic enough for the health director.  After a certain argument about possibly failing her for not being “it” enough, she kicked him in the balls and ran.  Funny enough when she got her report card, she passed the class.

Kat was starting to feel better about the job interview, starting to feel that it wasn’t her that was the problem, but the magazine and discrimination.  That’s when Kassidy Lane opened up her mouth and Kat’s heart fell to the floor.

“If the magazine requires you to be healthy like their ‘image’ then you have to do it.” she said.  “And since health magazines are the number one magazines in this region, you’re going to be turned down a lot unless you do something about it.”

Drake knew only something negative could come out of that bitch’s mouth.  “What the f–!”

“How could you say something like that?” Jack asked.  “She’s your friend and the magazines are wrong.”

“I’m just being realistic.” KL replied, which Dewy wished she hadn’t.  “If she wants to get hired onto that type of magazine then she needs to reflect a healthy person.”

“You’re not a healthy person!” Drake then shouted.  “What the fuck is wrong with you?! How can you be so inconsiderate of Kat’s feelings?! Why does she have to be anything or anyone else, but herself! Who she is, how she is, everything about her is fine!”

Kat couldn’t disagree with him more.  She didn’t feel fine, not all the time at least.  She felt trapped and afraid.  She wish she was someone different.  Someone strong and brave, but she wasn’t.

“She’s not ‘fine.'” Kassidy protested.  “You wouldn’t know Drake! You don’t live with her! You don’t hear her cry every god forsaken night about the same damn things over and over again!”

“KL…” Dewy muttered.  “You need to stop this.”

“I’m tired of it!” Kassidy shouted.  “I’m tired of her pouting and all of you always petting her! She’s not going to get better if you’re always babying her!”

That was it.  Now Drake was livid and he wasn’t the only one.

“Oh and completely destroying her self-esteem every time she gets back up is going to make her better?! I’m sorry that other people have feelings, Kassidy. I’m sorry that being a good friend is too much damn hard work for you!”

Jack was shaking with rage.  Not only was this argument completely horrendous, but this bitch that walks the planet was suppose to be Kat’s best friend?  How could she say such horrible things?

“Fuck you, Jack!” KL snapped.

“I think that’s enough.” Peppermint said standing.  “Kassidy, if you can’t apologize to Kat then get out.”

“Oh that’s going to make it much better. Baby her some more, you whore.”

Before Peppermint could even react, Sally was ontop of it.  “Get out you fucking stupid bitch!” she shouted.

KL threw up her hands, obviously not getting to these people and walked out.

“I hope you fucking trip and die!” Jack shouted as she left.

“He didn’t mean that.” Sally assured Kat.  “He’s just upset.”

“Where does she get off calling me a whore?” Pmint then asked.

But she would get no reply.  Others were busy.

“So this is how it’s going to be?” Dewy questioned.  “Someone says something honest and you stomp all over her?”

“You better not be defending her.” Jack said.

“I’m just saying, Jack. You talk about being considerate of others. You say that others have feelings and then you stomp them out when they don’t believe the same thing you do.”

“What the hell is that?” Jack asked.  “I’ve never said that if you don’t agree with me, get the fuck out. Hell, no, Dewy. Have your opinion. Do what you want with it, but you’re not going to bring down others with you. This wasn’t about my opinions. This was about Kat.”

Dewy stomped his foot and shook his head.  “No, Jack!” he shouted.  “This is ridiculous! You can’t say that.  Y-y-you can’t just….ARRGH!”

“What the hell is your problem?” Drake then asked.  “What don’t you get? Kassidy Lane thinks that if Kat doesn’t live up to certain standards then she isn’t good enough. She isn’t right.  She’s a fucking walking skeleton who thinks everyone should be as bony as her.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Dewy shouted.  “When the fuck did she say anything about…”

“You can be deaf and blind when you want, Dewy.” Drake then said and his tone was solid.  “Kat needs friends who are willing to do what they can for her and not expect her to change. If you don’t want to be apart of that then get out.”

“What are you talking about?” Dewy shook his head.  “How did all of this go from being about a magazine to…this!”

“It’s always been about this.” Drake said.  “You were gone for a long time Dewy and a lot of things changed, but KL never changed. She stayed the same miserable person she’s always been and she’s still trying to bring down the rest of us.  So if you don’t want to be apart of her little Hell then stay.  But Dewy if you think for a second that I’m going to let you or KL or anyone else hurt Kat,” Drake shook his head.  “Then you better get out.”

“And NEVER bring that bitch here again.” Jack said.

Jack expected a lot of things.  He expected Dewy to get red hot with rage.  He expected that he’d have to step between him and Drake or worse.  He expected cussing, spitting, and a black eye, but he didn’t expect the hopelessness all over Dewy’s face.  And it crushed him.


6 Responses to Chapter 40

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Leave it to KL to cause all this hostility! What a BITCH!
    Kat…never change!

  2. Zhippidy says:

    Wow Jack can rage! Holy mossroses. KL chooses the poorest way to say things that are rather truth, but she opens her mouth and gushes the bitterest ways to say everything. I thought Sally was going to hit her, calling P’Mint that horrible word. I rather feel sorry for Dewy, but then, I can’t believe he didn’t realise how bad KL really was. It is going to be hard waiting for the next update! great stuff 🙂

    • What another great comment! Kassidy, in her way, thinks that she’s helping Kat by telling her the hard truth. She just doesn’t realize what it’s really doing to Kat (destroying her self-esteem) and to what it’s doing to KL’s reputation amongst the friends. She definitely got a taste of what Jack and the Drake thought of her and her ways. Dewy has problems, for sure. He, for some odd reason, does love KL. He just doesn’t and can’t see the horrible person she is. Yes, poor Pmint. She didn’t even get any defense on her part. 😦 But that’s ok. She knows she’s not a whore so she’ll be ok. 😉

  3. 4mamma says:

    OMG I felt so sorry for Pmint… The last thing she is a ***** and Kat is so cruel…… Maybe they alla are babying Pmint but at the same time they are protecting her and her feelings.
    I hope Pmint can get the job she wants……

    • I think you’re getting confused on who is who in the story. I’m wondering do you use a translator? It might not read the same way in your native language as it does in English. Kassidy Lane is the bitch. Peppermint is the bright red head who got called a whore. Kat is the blonde who’s trying to get a career in photography. Sally is the orange head.

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