Chapter 4

Writer Notes: Chapter 4 remastered from TS3 to TS2.  I took the pictures for this chapter by memory so that’s why some angles and such are different.

Warnings: flashback, snootiness, talk of adultery, and arguing

Kassidy Lane stood in front of her mirror admiring the smoothness of her latest facial. 

As soon as she brushed a bang out of her eyes, she got a sudden wave of nervousness shivering through her body.  Tonight, she would reunite with Dewy Russell, who she hadn’t seen over a year.  She was worried if he wanted to see her or not.

Last time they had been together, Dewy had saved her from the rage of a wife, whose husband KL had been seeing, not that she had known he was married.

Dewy had been quiet the whole way back to Kassidy Lane’s apartment.  Quiet, she knew, but not without notice of what had just happened.

Once they stood in front of the complex’s doors, KL began to say good night, Dewy interrupted her.
“What were you thinkin?” he asked aggravation apparent in his voice.  “He was a married man.”

“I didn’t know that until tonight!” KL shot back.

Dewy shook his head.  “How can you not know of somet’in like that, Kass? Shouldn’t of all the signs been right in your face?!”

Kassidy Lane stared at him angrily, her cheeks hot, her eyes burning, holding back tears.  “You’re not my father, Dewy, don’t lecture me!”

“Well, ya need a wake up call one way or another!” he shoved his finger at her.  “I can’t keep sayin ya all the time, KL! One day, this is gonna get outta hand and your gonna get hurt!”

Kassidy waved her hands in the air.  “Fine, I give up. I’ll be careful. Is that what you want to hear?”

“No!” his voice was as cold as ice.

“Then what, Dewy?”

He bowed his head.  “I just—I want you to be safe, Kassidy.” His voice was almost a whisper.  “I can’t any more.  I love you too much to watch you stoop to this level.” He sighed.  “Good-bye, KL.”

“What?” she called as he marched away.  “Dewy come back!”

But he didn’t.  The next day and proceeding week, she called him about forty times a day, but no answer.  Then she searched through the chat rooms to find him, but he was nowhere to be found. 

And now Dewy Russell was back.  KL stared at her reflection.  He was her greatest of all friends.  He was never afraid to tell her the harsh truth, but was always there if she needed some comfort.  And, most of all she had abused his trust over and over again.

Would he forgive her, if she said she would do better?  Would she try and not fall back into old habits?

Kassidy Lane Staddler-Holts was not a woman who gave up easily.  If she wanted it, she went out and got it.  And, if there was a need of regaining the trust of a very special friend, she was most definitely up for the challenge.

She just wished, hoped, and prayed that Dewy wanted to rekindle their relationship as well.


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