Chapter 39

Writer Notes:  It’s been awhile.  I’ve been busy.  (yeah that speech again, right?)  Well, yes I have in the many different worlds of MDP.  One being work.  Work, ick.  One being home life of the family.  Another the writing world, which has been sluggish, but doing a lot better of recent.  One being of “the artwork,” which is nada.  Nothing.  And that of the Sims worlds of forums and stories.  I’ve been building a medieval city in a sub-neighborhood of my town “Fantasy Land.”  It’s going good, but is taking away from time of the other bazillion projects I have.  Anyhow enjoy this chapter.

Warnings: distracting phone, change in scenes twice (sorta three times actually), language,

Kassidy Lane had been texting on her phone all morning.  She was talking to that guy…Kenneth…again.  Kat couldn’t understand why KL was so obsessed with this guy.  He had slept with KL when he was married until she had found out.  He then left his wife and wanted Kassidy back.  Kat understand why he wanted her.  Not only was KL very beautiful, but she had loads of money from her parents. 

 But Dewy was back…and Kat thought things would change.  She thought that KL would clean up her act and be worthy for Dewy’s friendship, but no, nothing had changed.  If anything, it had gotten worse.

But life goes on, right?  Kat had plenty of other friends to tend to if Kassidy Lane didn’t want any of her attention.

Ezzy was another beauty she knew.  She was powerful like a goddess, but wise.

After all she had Zane Walters…cute, but very shy.  He was everything to her as she was everything to him.

Kat could only wish for a relationship like that, but she had to find the courage to get back out in the world of dating first.

Dorian Kace was sporting his/hers new wig, accessories, and outfit.  Kat like him/her alot.  He/she definitely had a lot of style.

Maybe she could learn from these other friends of hers.  Maybe she could grow a little and be more outgoing.  It would be very hard, but if Kat ever wanted to get out of her slump, she needed courage and a person who was kind and patient to guide her along the way.

“What are you thinking?” Kassidy Lane then asked.  “You’re all spaced out, staring at Dorian.”

“Umm…just thinking that I love his new wig.” Kat replied.

KL stretched and looked over at Dorian’s table.  “Yeah,” she said.  “It looks nice, but his outfit is a little…” she made a face of disapproval.

Zane then came to their table, flushed red and hands trembling.  “There’s a phone call for you Kat.” he said.  “The guy told me to tell you specifically that it’s ‘The Drake.'”

Kat giggled.  “I think I’ll take that call.”


Maybe it’s because of recent events…maybe it was because of before those events, but Shane felt a rift being made between him and Sasha.  It was time to build a bridge and cross that rift.  A friendship depended on it.

“Hey, Sasha, Iz got some info ya might be interest in.”

“Oh, umm,” Sasha quickly tried to compose herself.

“Shane,” she hissed. 

“Looks like someone just got outta bed.” he smiled and tried to seem pleasant.  It was a lot of effort on his part.

But Sasha didn’t turn to him.  She just shook her head.  Had he hurt her this bad?  Had he made her hate him that much?  He thought that things had gotten a little better as she had visited him in the hospital, but was that just out of general concern or curiosity?  Shane didn’t know.

“Sasha,” he began.  “Iz got some things ta say ta you…”

“Ok,” she replied somewhat aggravated.

“Can we not do this?” he asked.  “Can…Can ya look at me?!”

There was quite a bit of hesitation on her part.  An uncertainity he had seen before.  After the reluctance, she did turn with her head down.  Shane then knew.

“Where da fuck is he?!” he snapped.

“…gone.” she was able to say.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ kill dat bastard!”

“Whoa, whoa, buddy.” Sasha tried to laugh.  “It’s over. He’s gone.”

“Someone needs ta teach that son-of-bitch dat he can’t do dat ta ya, Sasha!”

“Oh, you’re one to talk.” Sasha snapped.

As the fire grew in her eyes, Shane knew this was more serious than he had thought.  He took a breathe.

“Fine.” he said.  “Iz sorry for everything Iz done ta ya, Sasha, but ya know Iz neva lay hands on you. Never.”

She shook her head, mumbling she knew that, but turned away from him.  Shane felt the anger rising in him.  Branden couldn’t just come and take Sasha when he pleased.  He couldn’t hurt her like that.  No more!  Shane wouldn’t let it happen again.

“Let me protect ya, Sasha.” he whispered.  “Let me take care of you.”



There were many things in this world Kat understood.

One of those things was that relationships of any kind had to be true.  You had to trust the person you were with.  If you couldn’t, it didn’t matter if you loved them.  It didn’t matter if you had children with them.  If you couldn’t trust them, you couldn’t possibly be with them.

And no one in this world did she trust more than Drake.

And the one person she trusted least in this world was Toulouse.  So to Kat, and maybe Kat alone, this whole thing with Toulouse wasn’t surprising.  Peppermint needed to realize that it could never work with Toulouse.  He would continue to disappoint her for the rest of their lives.  He would continue to make her a  jealous, delusional, paranoid bitch all the times he wasn’t with her.  And even when he was with her, could she believe the words he spoke?

She understood why Peppermint had not gotten with Dewy.  He and Jack had become friends at a rapid pace and she couldn’t afford to get in-between them.  That was fine, but even Dewy was more dependable than Toulouse and everyone knew that.

Especially Kassidy Lane, who had used that dependency like the rope to saving her life…thousands of times.  Enough times that Dewy ran away from her.  But somehow he had come back and Kat knew that was all Jack’s doing.  He wanted Dewy to better himself and face all the obstacles of his life.  His biggest one being KL.

But Drake?  That seemed like an easy choice to Kat.  Why hadn’t Pmint chosen him?  Out of everyone, he should have been the one.  But then again, Kat couldn’t be with Drake.  Not because of him, but of her own problems.  He definitely deserved someone who was just as great and beautiful as him and to Kat that wasn’t her.


Sally didn’t know a lot in this world, but she was warming up to the thought that she liked Jack and not because of his awesome car or his fantastic hair, but because he was a real person, who enjoyed simple things.  He seemed very interested in her too, but he didn’t want anything from her, except her friendship.  She was willing for something a little more though and recently she was becoming comfortable with that fact.

But she didn’t know what Jack wanted and that scared her a whole lot.  What if she ruined their friendship by wanting more?  She couldn’t deal with the awkwardness to follow like it had with Shane.  No…not like with Shane, this would be totally different she knew.  She had been sort of forced by the peers to be with Shane.  To be with Jack was her own doing.  So it would be a rejection of terrible proportions.  She didn’t know if she could handle that.

But Jack always thought on the positive side, not on the side that “may” happen.  Maybe it would.  Maybe it wouldn’t.  Maybe Jack was desperately in love with her too and just hid it like a pro.  Yeah, she was hoping for that, but that scared her too.  Officially “being” with someone was awkward as well.

But she’d learn. Wouldn’t she?  Things couldn’t always be this difficult and uncertain.  Could they?

“This is so de’ja’vu.” Sally muttered as Jack asked:

“What’s going on?”

Peppermint hadn’t thought Jack and Sally’s little shopping trip would be this short.  She knew that Jack and Dewy were stormy seas and weren’t seeing eye-to-eye lately.  So some limits were silently made.  When they were ready to see and speak to each other, they would.  But here Pmint had invited Dewy over (not knowing KL was with him).

Jack wouldn’t say anything of course.  Definitely not with company around.  It wasn’t really that Dewy was here, but that Kassidy Lane was.  Jack and Pmint both didn’t particularly like the girl, especially considering her past with Dewy, but they would tolerate her for Dewy’s sake.  Well, at least Pmint would.  She could speak for her brother.

“Hey,” Dewy smiled.  “What’s going on?”

Casual.  Just be casual.  Dewy kept telling himself.  The longer you act like nothing’s the matter.  The more Jack will believe nothing had happened between us.

“Oh, it’s good to sit down!” Sally exhaled.  “That was one long day!”

Drake smiled at his friend.  He had noticed a change in Sally lately.  The more she was with Jack, the more happy she seemed.  He was glad.  Sally deserved happiness.  Now only if Kat would reach out…Drake’s plan was to get all of his girls happy.  If it be with him or some other guy (that he approved of course).

“I tell you what, you missed some amazing sales, KL.” Sally smiled.  “Jack found this amazing thrift store!”

“Ick.” Kassidy made a face.  “Thrift stores…”

Kat shook her head, muttering: “Richy rich.”

“So…” Jack faced Dewy.  He wanted to talk to Dewy, on his own terms and without the bitch with him, but he supposed that it wouldn’t happen in the real world.  In this world Dewy would always have that harlot attached to him.  It made Jack sad.

“Whatcha doin’ here?” he asked a small smile on his lips.

Dewy shrugged.  “Hangin’ out. I was just about to ask Pmint where you were actually, but then here ya are!”

Good.  Dewy was in a good mood.  Maybe things would work out.  Maybe.

“So Jack,” KL began.  “Tell me about this ‘thrift store,’ anything exciting?”

“Not for the life of you.”


2 Responses to Chapter 39

  1. Zhippidy says:

    I hope KL sticks with her Kenneth and leaves Dewy alone. She’s nasty. A bus in the road might help. heh… Drake and his girls ^_^ he has a lot of work to do if he wants everyone happy. Jack and Sally are that frustrating twosome who seem to want to be together but never make the moves. Maybe it is all on Sally though. I can’t remember Jack having other thoughts about her. He’s a great character. Very happy to see this 🙂

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