Chapter 38

Writer Notes: All righty…it seems I’ve been away for awhile.  But The Gang has returned.  For those who didn’t know, Alternate Universe Interlude IV was posted so I hope you go to Thoughts of Hell and give it a view after you’re done with The Gang that is. 😉

Warnings: girly-guy feelings, inside Jack’s head, lots of dialogue, some language, trying to hide from friends, mild violence, and bruised/battered female

“Well, here it is!” Sally exclaimed.  “What do you think?”

What did Jack think?  It was awkward really.  He hadn’t wanted Sally to move out.  And when she did, he couldn’t keep his mood light.  He had been distracted, aggravated, and just emotionally drained.  It didn’t help with social problems afloat with Dewy and Pmint’s morning sickness.  But Jack would keep this to himself.  It was his issues after all.

“It’s really nice.” he replied.

They didn’t leave right away.  Jack had made sure he was early to pick Sally up to go to work.  He wanted to hang out with her for a moment: catching up, smiling, and laughing.  Jack always had a great time when Sally was around.

Sally seemed to be having a great time too.

But everything winds down when she glances at the clock and notices it’s time to go.



“Drake, don’t cha dink you should have my plate and I yours?” Twister asked.  “You are an Elf after all.”

Drake shook his head.  “I’ll eat leafy foods when I’m up there in the sticks with no choice, but I’m not there. Am I?”

It wasn’t an argument Twister could win so he dropped it.  “How is everything going with Peppermint and Toulouse? I haven’t seen either of dem since…ya know…since the other day.”

Drake sighed.  “Toulouse has been working double shifts. He says its the captain’s orders, but some way I think he volunteered.”

“So he doesn’t have to see Pmint?” Twister asked.  “That’s crazy!”

“Yep, that’s what I thought.”

Twister muttered something in his native tongue, which Drake thought could possibly mean idiot.  Toulouse was definitely one of those.

“What about that date you had?” Drake then asked, switching the subject.  Though he liked to sucker punch Toulouse as much as possible, Drake was quite tired of the whole predicament.  Toulouse wasn’t going to grow up.  Everyone needed to come to terms about that.  Peppermint needed someone who would always be there for her and keep the support line tied down tight.  That was Drake and everyone knew it.

“With Whitney?” Twister tried to hide a smile.  “It’s soon.”

“Big guy’s excited, hey?” Drake teased.

“Shut it.” Twister answered.

“Ooooooh!” a smile widened across Drake’s face.  He had Twister now.  “You like this girl?”

“Oh no…” Twister put his head down.

“Come on tell me all about your girly girl feelings!”

“No, Drake,” Twister shook his head.  “KL and Dewy are here.”

“What!? Hide!”

“There’s no time.” Twister said between barred teeth and the couple approached the table.


“What’s goin’ on?” Dewy asked.

“Oh, you know,” Drake said.  “Bullshittin’.”

“Umm, yeah, go ahead and join us, why don’t you?!” Drake laughed.

“We will.” Dewy said.

“So what is dis problem you and Jack are having?” Twister then asked.  “It seems pretty serious.”

Dewy sighed, but smiled.  A lot of the gang were asking that question.  “It’s…personal.” he replied.

“Personable.” Kassidy Lane smiled.  “Jack just has a stick up his ass about it though.”

“KL…” Dewy shook his head.  “We’re just gonna have to give him some space.”

“What a girly thing to do.” KL laughed.

“You need to find away to make it up to him.” Twister said.  “Have you tried flowers and candy? Maybe a teddy bear?”


“Hey-O, to my sexy lady!” said the obviously drunk boy.  “Won’t ya let me in?”

“Not on your life, Branden!” Sasha spat.  “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Give me some sugar, baby.”

“Get off me!”

“Leave me alone!”

Branden stepped back, but was not happy.  He had gotten into the house though.

“Get out!” Sasha barked.  “I know what you want and you’re not getting any! Now get out before I light your ass on fire!”

Violence, something Branden liked.  Confrontation, arguments, the whole nine yards, it turned him on.  He dropped the beer and grew very serious like a switch in his head.  He pushed Sasha to the wall.  She knew he was stronger than her.  There was no fighting him.

“Give me what I want.” his tone was low and threatening.  “Or I’ll hurt you.”

He’d hurt her anyways.



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