Chapter 37

Writer Notes: This isn’t a very long chapter, content-wise, but I think you’ll like it anyways 😉

Warnings: guy talk, girl talk, dinner talk, awkwardness of the right amount, dirty look, and surprise hug!

“She seemed like a nice lady.” Sally said.  “But geez that’s a lot of trouble for one blonde girl.”

Shane nodded.  “Well…Iz just glad she’s…safe.”

“And how are you feeling?” Sally asked.  “You took three bullets this time.”

Shane shrugged.  “Iz be ok.”


“Ohhhh, so he’s stalling.” Angel shook head.  “Men, they are just big babies sometimes.”

Peppermint agreed.  “I just wished they would grow up.”

“Oh, don’t worry, honey.” Angel said.  “Toulouse will turn around. He was an orphan. He knows what it feels like to be abandoned and I’m sure he’ll step up when he figures out that he needs to be responsible and a good father.”


“The place looks nice, Rez.” Jack said.  “I’m glad that my guy could help you out.”

“Well, you were really generous to help us get started.” Rez replied.  “But, what’s up with Dewy lately? I notice that you two are really at edge.”

“Heh.” Jack shook his head.  “He thinks that he’s recovered from everything and can take on the big ol’ world by himself now.” Jack said. 

“He isn’t…is he?” Rez asked.

“No, because if he was he wouldn’t be so defensive about it.” Jack sighed.  “Hopefully, he’ll smarten up, but with Kassidy Lane around? He doesn’t think.”

Rez laughed. “He never does.”


“Ok, now that all prank doorbells have been answered.” Angel said.  “How’s the food?”

“You didn’t have to get that, babe.” Rez said.  “I could have.”

“No, no, it’s fine.” Angel smiled.

“Food’s good, Angel.” Shane replied.

“Why, thank you.” Angel narrowed her eyes at her husband.

“Yeah, really good, honey!” he quickly replied.

“Weird that you didn’t cook, Shane…” Sally said.

“I didn’t let him.” Angel replied.  “He needs to rest.”

“Iz fine, lady.” Shane shook his head.

Jack and Pmint side glanced at each other.  Yeah, they felt left out.

“He’s being egoistic again.” Rez smiled.

“Shane, you will rest as you are in my care.” she said.  “Even if it kills you.”

Shane sighed.  “Yes, maim.”

Sally smirked as she watched Jack hide a smile.  Angel was funny when she was being “mother.”  But, as a person who had gone through that hell, Sally had mixed-feelings.

Rez finally tried to change the subject before Shane blew up.  “So how’d it go with Toulouse the other day?” he asked.

Peppermint shrugged.  “It didn’t. He just rushed out of there to go to work so he didn’t have to make a decision.”

Rez frowned.  “That sounds like him.”

“She wouldn’t let me go.” Jack then said.  “If I was there…”

“If you were there, Toulouse would be in pieces!” Pmint cried.  “It would have went south really fast!”

The others giggled.  It was still hard for them to picture Jack as a badass.  But, Sally had witnessed a little bit of it and again she had mixed-feelings.

“Besides, I’m a big girl and I can handle it.” Peppermint claimed. 

“Well, you let Drake help.” Jack muttered.

“That’s because…” Pmint sighed.  “Just get over it.”

“Iz would have taken him out too if he double crossed my sista.” Shane said.

Jack nodded.  He really didn’t know how to approach Shane yet.

“You didn’t overreact at all.” Sally assured.

“No, I underreacted.” Jack smiled to himself.

It was Sally’s turn to switch the subject.  “Oh, Jack, you still haven’t seen my apartment!” she said.  “You’ve gotta come over…tomorrow…you gotta take me to work anyways!”

Jack smiled.  “I’ll be there.”


Dinner had gone great and now it was time to unwind.

Jack had offered to do the dishes, but Sally hadn’t let him.  She did, however, appreciate that he stayed in the kitchen with her.  It always made chores go faster with someone to talk to.

“It came partially furnished…so really all I needed as some spicing up and knit-knacks then it looked like an apartment.” Small talk, Sally was usually wary of this, but with Jack it was like stepping stones.  He could take a small conversation and blow it up into hours of talking.

“Sounds awesome.” But Jack didn’t seem to be into small talk this night.  He seemed distracted.  Sally was worried that something had gone wrong somewhere.  During dinner, Jack had been very tense about the Toulouse thing, but he had also been very unvocal about anything relating with Shane.  She hoped that she hadn’t misguided him into thinking that she was hooking back up with Shane.  That wasn’t going to happen.

“All done.” she then announced.  “Are they prunny?”

Jack studied the fingers.  “Just a tad.” he replied.

“They need a dishwasher.” Sally said.  “Especially considering they want to have little munchkins around here soon. There won’t be time for serious handwashing.”

“Less time for everything.” Jack chuckled to himself, but then a realization hit him.  It would that way at his house soon enough.  Dishwasher noted.  He didn’t have one either.

They were having a good little laugh about diaper changing when Sally spotted Shane in the door frame watching them.  Her smile slipped just a little bit. 

“But they can handle it.” she then added.

“I’m sure.” Jack smiled. 

“We’ll take lessons together.” Jack then added.  “I don’t know how I feel about all this…diaper changing stuff.”

“Aw, you’re going to be a great uncle.”

“Yeah, great uncle…” Peppermint emerged from the living room.  “It’s about time we headed home.”

“See ya!” Rez and Angel called from afar.  “Thanks for coming!”

Shane just looked down and observed Pmint’s very long legs.

Jack was about to just say good-bye to Sally when she leaped into an embrace.

Jack laughed.

“See ya tomorrow.” she smiled.



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