Chapter 35

Writer Notes:  Hello everyone! It is that time again, UPdate on The Gang. 🙂  I love that picture of Twister above.

Warnings: LANGUAGE, maybe some typeOs as I didn’t go back and edit what I’ve already edited, switch of scene then back to scene, and just maybe some choices that people may or may not agree with (I’m not looking for a debate though, the views of which have been described in this chapter are not necessarily my personal views, but are the character’s and the character’s alone)

“I was handling it and you fucking screwed it up!” Toulouse shouted.  “This is all of your fault!”

“Handling it?” Drake growled.  “You were two timing one of my best friends!” he shouted.  “Hell, no! This is your fault!”


“STOP IT!” Peppermint cried.

“You touch him again, Toulouse, I make you regret it.” Twister said very calmly.

“That’s not helping, Twist.” Pmint muttered.  “This fighting is nonsense. We need to talk, Toulouse.”

“Yeah, talking to him is like talking to a broken record.” Drake laughed.

Peppermint shook her head.  “It doesn’t matter. We need to talk. I’d prefer we do this alone.”

Twister nodded.

“No!” Drake snapped.  “I can’t leave you with this SOB.”

Toulouse was red with anger “What did you–!”

“Fine.” Pmint interrupted.  “I guess we could use a mediator.”

“But we’re going to do this like adults.” Pmint warned.


It had taken a few realizations, but Shane had finally noticed that his doctor was Cassie.  How had that happened?  And, how weird.  She was a doctor?  So when he heard her say “patience,” she had actually been saying “patients.”  A doctor caught up in his world.

But Shane had many questions and he had been thinking of them all night.  Maybe now was the time to ask?

Cassie looked over her chart and seemed pleased with whatever the coding said.  She had been quiet through all of the tests.

“What’s it say?” Shane then asked, tired of all of the silence.

“You’re recovery is going great.” She replied.

He nodded.

“Cassie,” he began.  “Iz need ta ask ya bout something…”

“Yes, I’m a real doctor with a real medical license.”

“Dat wasn’t it.” he replied.

Cassie sighed and sat on the bed next to him, waiting to find out what it was that he wanted.  Shane tried to get comfortable as well.

“How am I recovering so fast?” he asked.  “Iz been shot before and it took a lot longer to…”

“You’ve never had me as a doctor.” she answered.  “I know about treatments that a lot of people do not.”


“Well,” she began.  “I’m not from here. I…in my travels I’ve found out different forms of medical attention and…” she seemed to think of the right word.  “Shane, do not worry. Your tests are clean. You’ll be discharged soon and you can go back to…your life.”

“What about you?”

She smiled.  He had been wondering what would happen to her.  How sweet.  “I’ll be around. I’ve spoken to Drake and we have a plan. You don’t need to worry about it.”

“Drake?” Shane shook his head.  The Elf did have lots of connections.  He should have been the one to put Cassie in protection in the beginning.  Why hadn’t Shane thought of him?

“But,” Cassie said.  “I do thank you for…doing all that you have for me.”

“My pleasure.” he replied.


It had taken a moment, but Peppermint was able to get Twister to leave and Toulouse settled down.  Drake helped on the Twister part, but was very reluctant to have anything to do with Toulouse.  He knew Toulouse had a temper and it was tempting to set him off more.  Pmint didn’t let that happen.  They needed to be rational for this conversation after all.

She took a deep breath.  Rational?  Toulouse and Drake?

“Ok, I know this is not the best possible situation to be in.” she began.  “But we have to deal with it. We have really important decisions to make.”

Toulouse shook his head.  “Well, it’s still early…we have time, right?”

Peppermint sighed.  “We can’t be procrastinators on this Toulouse.”

“The sooner you set up a plan, the better.” Drake added.  He was very against Toulouse right now, but for Pmint’s sake he had to be supportive.  Toulouse was usually responsible when it came to the “big” things, but time would tell.

Toulouse put up his hands in pity.  “I’m sorry.” he said.  “I should have never…I’m sorry.”

Peppermint took another breath.  She knew somewhere in this conversation Toulouse would plead to her.  But she had bigger things to talk about than about him and her.

“We’re having a baby, Toulouse.” she said.  “We can freeze all other relationship problems until we settle this.”

“Settle what?” he asked.

“Do you want to be apart of this baby’s life?”

“So…we are skipping the conversation if you should keep it?”

“I can’t have an abortion.” Peppermint said.  “I just can’t.”

“It would seem like the best decision.”

“It’s not.” she snapped.

It was Drake’s turn to sigh.  Life was too important to Peppermint.  She couldn’t kill something as precious as a baby.  He wouldn’t let her any ways.  Life was important to him too.

“Ok…” Toulouse shook his head again.  “Well, then this is just going to be crazy.”

“It all starts that way.” Peppermint replied.

“Let’s think about the future here.” Drake said.  “In 9 months we’re going to have a little one with us so we need to make a plan.” Yes, playing mediator, keeping them focused.

“We’re.” Toulouse pointed in-between him and Pmint, disincluding Drake.  Drake just shook his head.

“I need help.” Peppermint said.  “I don’t know how to do this without someone’s help, so if you’re not going to help me then Drake will.”

She hadn’t asked Drake if he would help her out, but she knew he would.  He was always the one to help out.

“Peppermint,” Toulouse began.  “I-I don’t know.” he said honestly.  “I just don’t.”

Peppermint knew that would be his answer.  Uncertainity, procasinating.  She didn’t blame him.  It was a difficult decision, but it was a decision that needed to be made immediately.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go to work.” he said, standing.  “I’ll call you tonight and…we’ll talk some more.”

Peppermint sighed.  “Ok.”

Drake frowned.  If there was ever a time that Toulouse didn’t need to act like an immature bastard it was now.  Toulouse didn’t understand that whatever decision he made, Deergria would still be stuck.  She was the one who all the hardship would be landing on.  She would be carrying the baby and after the baby was born?  All she was asking for was a little support, not in money (Jack had plenty of that), but with the emotional bullshit, hospital visits.  Stuff that Drake knew Toulouse would be no good at.

And Toulouse knew that Drake would try to be there in his place.  He knew that Drake would try to erase him from existence if he got his way.  Toulouse knew this.  And although he hated the thought of Drake getting what he wanted, Toulouse was a little open to that plan.

“Well,” Pmint began once Toulouse’s car was out of the driveway.  “That didn’t go anywhere it needed to.”

“Give it some time.” Drake said.  “Toulouse is right. It’s still early and it’s a big decision to make without some good thinking.”

“But I’m here for you matter what.”

“I know, Drake.” she said.  “But you shouldn’t have to.”


4 Responses to Chapter 35

  1. 4mamma says:

    What an Ass..!!!!
    I’m sorry…. =)
    You have really outdone your self once more and
    your story still make me waht to know more.. all the time…

    Hey… don’t take to long…. I want to know what’s happening =))

  2. 13pumpkin says:

    Good ol’ Drake! To bad nice guys usually finish last!

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