Chapter 33

Writer Notes: I apologize for the plumbbob above.  Every time I take pictures now I have to remember to angle downwards because the taken picture will actually be bigger than what it shows on my screen at the time.  I also apologize for the text in the above picture.  The colors in the picture didn’t help when choosing text font or colors/styles.  If anyone has a hard time reading it, let me know.

Warnings: pic spam, awkward situations, tears, upsetnessesssess, and holy crap the explosion of “wow, your friends?”

One thing about Toulouse Zane that was true, he hated losing.  And at the moment, he was losing more than just holding her hand.

He was losing her altogether.

“Hey, welcome to the shannigans.” Sasha Fire said.

Twister tsked behind her.  He didn’t always agree with her jokes.

Sally was still panicking.  She didn’t know everything that had happened or what condition Shane was in, but she was scared.

And Jack would stay by her side as long as she needed.

“Evidently there were two shooters beside Shane.” Sasha Fire said.  “One escaped, but the other is in the morgue.”

“Are they going to be putting Shane up on charges?” Sally asked.

Twister shook his head.  “Da police said it looked like self defense on Shane’s part.”

Sally took a breath.  “Good.”

But was it self defense?  Sally couldn’t help, but roll it over in her mind.  Shane often looked for trouble and this time, he had found it.

Twister knew this too, but he knew that Shane was looking for particular trouble, the person who burnt down Rez and Angel’s house.  Had the shooters been the culprits?  Twister hoped so, but at the same time knew that one of them had survived.  There was going to be revenge.

“He’s going to be all right?” Sally asked.

Twister nodded.  “He always pulls through.”

“Toulouse, this is not the time or place.” Peppermint announced.

Jack turned immediately around for his sister’s rescue.  “Don’t make me come back there.”

Toulouse sighed.  “Ok, ok.”

“Well, hello there stranger!” Drake laughed.  “What’s going on?”

Cassie’s smile was wide and filled with relief.  “Drake!”

Yes, it was Drake, the man of many connections.  But Sasha and Twister knew Miss Cassie as well and it had been an inconvienent reunion.

Cassie was glad to be surrounded by familiars.

“We were just as surprised to see her too.” Twister said.

“How do you know her?” Sally asked.

“Her brother is…” Twister thought about it for a moment. He saw Sasha make a warning face, but he knew to be careful anyways.  “A very good friend.”

“And pretty petty.” Toulouse said from afar.

“Hello, Toulouse.” Cassie’s smile dimmed.  “How are you?”

“He’s been better.” Drake replied for him.

“More relationship problems?” Cassie asked.

“You have no idea.” Drake smiled.

“Oh, it’s over.” Sasha said. 

“For sure this time?” Sally asked.  She knew the whole story now, but Sasha didn’t know that.

Sasha just nodded with a serious face.  Sally had always been close to Sasha so she knew that her word was true this time.  Toulouse would never get her back.

“Well, as long as it is the best…for the both of you.” Cassie said.  “But my door is always opened for consultation.”

Sasha smiled devilishly.  “Yeah, Toulouse, do you want to have a therapy session? I’m sure Cassie would love to know what happened this time around.”

Toulouse said nothing, but his eyes were filled with anger.

Drake looked back at Jack and Peppermint.  Yeah, Toulouse was out of the picture slightly.  He knew that Pmint would want Toulouse in the baby’s life even though Drake thought that was a terrible idea.

“You gonna be the baby’s daddy?” Sally asked.  “Because we all know that Toulouse isn’t cut out for it.”

“Yeah…” Drake sighed.  “Yeah.”

“So what brings you into town?” Sasha asked Cassie.

“Business as usual.” she replied.

“Oh, come on!” Drake shouted.  “I wanna hear about some lace, leather, and fuzzy handcuffs!”

Cassie shook her head.  Drake, always the comic relief to any tension in the area.


4 Responses to Chapter 33

  1. 4mamma says:

    I hope you have more to come…..
    I want more to read….
    Your story is Fantastic… and everyone can see how much time and effort you have put into this….

    Keep it up =)

  2. 13pumpkin says:

    I am so glad that they know Shane was defending himself!

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