Chapter 32

Writer Notes: Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and if you’re not from the states, just hope that you had a very awesome week and weekend. 😀

Warnings: upsetnessessess, several changes in scenes, some language, secret meetings, and HOLY CRAP!!!

Sally liked how Jack held her hand loosely to drag her into the living room.  His hands were soft and fit perfectly with hers…well, at least that’s what she kept telling herself.

“Worst day ever!” Jack said.  “Hey Pmint, I was dragged all the way down to storage to scout out a new book forshorty here and guess what the little hussy did?  She left it!”

“What’s going on?” Jack questioned.

“Are you hurt?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Drake sighed.  “Yeah.”

Drake began to tell them the news.  Peppermint did her share too.  Jack hadn’t known about the pregnancy yet.  He got confused of why she was sad about that until Drake’s news about Toulouse.

Sally thought it was disgusting.

“Oh boy.”


“Hiya!” Shane smiled.

“Can I see some ID?” the bartender asked.  She was new, Shane noted.  She didn’t quite know that she was talking to who many around the Red Gem would consider their number one customer.

He didn’t argue with the lady.  She was just doing her job.  Eventually he got his drink, which he’d pretend to drink while listening in on the rumors around the bar.

He was lucky.  A couple of big shots were having a meeting.

“I can’t believe she escaped.” the guy in the beany said.

“Well, she wouldn’t have if that rat bastard didn’t come and save her ass.” said beard guy.

Information was hot and it wasn’t even 11 am yet.

But something about beardface’s comment kept Shane listening in.  It sounded too familiar…way too familiar.

“Yep, didn’t get a good look at the guy, but man was that blonde smoken.” said beardface.  “I was hoping to get some ‘alone’ time with her.”

The men laughed.  Shane locked his jaw.  He knew what they were talking about.

“And you?” beardface asked.  “How was your mission?”

“Almost completed.” said beany guy. 

“But no one died in the fire.” beardface replied.  “How can the boss be happy with that?”

“He’s not.” said beany guy.  “We’re about to meet with his contact around back.”

“Oh really?” beardface said outloud and Shane said in his mind.  “Perfect.”

“Dammit.” Shane muttered.  He couldn’t get a good look at the contact, but he was sure that beardface was the guy who attacked Cassie and beany dude could quite possibly have been the guy who burnt down Rez and Angel’s house.  Both were deserving of a horrible fate.

“He wants what?” beany guy questioned.  “You’re sure.”

“Absolutely.” said the contact.  “There is never any doubt to his plans.”

“Well, damn.” said beardface. 

“If that’s what he wants though.” beardface continued.  “Then we’ve got no choice.”

“Glad you caught onto that.” said the contact.  “He expects this to be done by the end of the week.”

“If that’s possible.” said beany guy.  “I’ll stretch the extra mile, but I don’t know…”

“Just do it.” pressed the contact.  “You’ll be richly awarded.”

A plan too loudly spoken. Shane thought.  They really didn’t know how to construct secret meetings.  Or maybe they just believed no one would eavesdrop on those two big bruts.

Of course they had a lookout.

“Take him out.” said the contact.  “We need no loose ends.”

“Well, datz skipin’ some steps don’t cha think?” Shane asked.  “What makes ya think Iz talk?”

The contact chuckled.  “Who cares if you do or not?”

“All righty,” Shane said.

“You’re a little calm for a dead man.” said the beany guy.

Shane chuckled.  “Same ’bout ya cuz ya have no idea who ya fuckin’ with.”

The contact was running before Shane could get a good look at him.  Dammit.  The guy’s pulled out their pistols ready to shoot.  Shane had his ready too.


“Lookin’ a little gloomy there.” said Barb, E.J.’s wife and daytime barmaid.  “Is there something bothering ya, sugah?”

“Yeah, maybe, I don’t know.” Cassie replied.  “Everything just seems so damn complicated right now.”

“Shane’s a complicated guy.” Barb smiled.

“What makes you think I was talking about him?”

The barmaid continued to smile.  “Oh, I just know.” she said.  “Shane’s always got ya girls with your ruffles all in a twine.”

“But don’t worry, sugah,” she continued.  “Shane’s a good guy under all of his flashy gangsta stuff.”

“He’s definitely…something.”

The door suddenly burst open with Shane hanging onto it.

Barb jumped.  “Well, honey, we were just talkin’ bout ya. Shane?”

“Call an ambulance!”


“Calm down, Jack.” Drake stressed.

“Hell no!” Jack shouted.

“Just…take a breath man.”

“Drake, you were apart of this whole charade.  Are you sure you want to piss me off more?”

There was some wisdom to Jack’s warning.  Drake just nodded.  Peppermint might not knock his lights out, but he had a real clear feeling that Jack would, which was odd, considering he thought Jack was just the nicer person he’d ever met.

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Toulouse questioned.  He was being smart by staying a good distance away from Jack, but Pmint had warned him before hand that Jack was extremely protective of his sister.  Toulouse was in for a rough day.

“No, Jack, I don’t want the tables turned, believe me.” Drake said.  “But ya gotta calm down.”

“You told them, didn’t you?”  Toulouse then began.  “Oh, you sly dog.  Break our friendship why don’t ya, you bastard!”

“What the f…” Drake began, but he was shockingly interrupted by Sally.

“You’re the one in the wrong here, Toulouse, not Drake!”

“Whatever, Sally, stay out of it.”

She wanted to add in more of her two cents, but Drake cut back in.

I didn’t want it to go down like this, Toulouse, but it is so deal with it!”

“And get the fuck away from Sally!” Jack added.

Toulouse took a couple of steps away.  He didn’t want Jack to get even more mad than he was, which he was all too surprised about in the first place.

“So what?” Toulouse asked.  “What now?”

“Why don’t you start pleading your case?” Drake started.  “Even though I doubt it’ll help.”

Sally was distracted for a moment by her phone buzzing in her pocket.  At first she was just going to ignore it, but everyone kept staring at her.

“Angel, this is not a good time.”

Toulouse was about to start talking about his side of the case, but Jack cut in.

“What, you couldn’t help it?! You couldn’t battle her needs? It was an accident that just kept happening?!” Jack was shaking in rage.  “Did you just think that all would be forgiven and you could just walk in here and make a happy little family?!?”

Drake started to wave his hands frantically, but Jack ignored him.

“What the hell are you talking about and what the fuck is your problem?!?” Toulouse finally shouted back.

“What the fuck is my problem?! You son-of-a-bitch! How dare you knock up my little sister while cheating on her with another woman and come to my house thinking I’m going to be ok with it”

Drake then gave up waving his hands.

“You’re pregnant?!?”

“He didn’t know?”

“Yeah,” Pmint began.  “He does now.”

“OH MY GOD!!!” Sally shouted into the phone. 

Everyone turned to her like they just remembered she was there.

“Shane’s being taken to the emergency room!” she shouted.  “He’s been shot!”


4 Responses to Chapter 32

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Very excellent update. I could ;hear; them all shouting. I would not want Jack angry with me. And a huge Oh no for Shane.

  2. 13pumpkin says:

    Well…don’t mess with Jack’s family…he will kill you!
    OMG Shane!

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