Chapter 31

Writer Notes:  Soooooooooooooooooo, things are going to start “a rolling” along with The Gang.  I’ve got some twists and turns for you in the future.  This chapter basically sets up a collision course.

Warnings: talks of feelings, awkwardnessessss, battling for defeat, tears, and oh no, she didn’t know.

“Can you feel it?” Angel asked.  “It feels like home.”

“Yeah…” Rez nodded, taking in the moment.  “It does.”

“Three bedrooms, including Master wing, beautiful walls, nice kitchen, family room…” Angel sighed.  “This place is perfect.”

Rez just agreed.

“Sally will be excited about this place.” Angel smiled.  “Her room would be away from everyone else’s.”

Rez shook his head.  “Sally’s not moving in with us.” he said.  “Didn’t she tell you?”

Angel blinked for a moment. 

“Well, I guess just more room for us.” he smiled.

“Why didn’t she tell me?”


“Ok,” Shane began.  It was silly that they were being so embarrassed.  Hell, this wasn’t the first time something like this happened for Shane and he hoped not for Cassie.

“Iz would like ta stay and talk bout it, but Iz got really important errands ta run.” Shane said.

“Sure.” Cassie replied.  “Get out.”


“Oh, you will be mine!” Sally shouted.  “It doesn’t matter what you think!”

“Oh, I see!” Sally said.  “Pickin’ on the short girl, huh?”

Jack couldn’t help but laugh.  Vertically challenged people were always sensitive about their heights.

“I could give it a try if that’s ok?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Sally said.  “Watch out, it’s a devilish shelf.”

“Now, which one are we getting?”

“Well, I’m feeling dangerous so how about Sweet Blood.”

Jack nodded.  “Nice pick for a girl wanting lots of attitude.”

“Here ya go.” he smiled.

“That’s almost not cool.” she replied.  “Almost.”

‘But thank you.”

“I’ll remember this though.” she said.  “Us short people can get up on the high shelves too.”

He laughed.  “Well round 1 to the shelf.”

Sally nodded.  “But next time…”

“It’ll be all me.” Sally said.

Jack chuckled to himself.  “And a ladder.”


Drake held Peppermint tightly.  She had called in tears and he raced over.  Toulouse must have told her.  Drake wasn’t sure what to expect.  After this hug would she slap him for covering for Toulouse?  He would…actually he had already done so.

“Thanks for coming.” she tried to smile, but it fell flat.

“Anything for you, babe.” he replied.

“It’s just so…” she closed her eyes really tight and sighed.  “Unexpected.”

“Toulouse is an asshole. We all know that.”

Pmint narrowed her eyes.  “Why would you say that?” she asked.

Oh no.  Drake thought.  She doesn’t know.

“He’s gonna break up with me?” she asked.

Drake locked his jaw. 

“Tell me, Drake!” she shouted.

“I don’t know what was going to happen, but…” Drake sighed.  “Toulouse…”

“He was cheating on you…apparently.” he replied.  “Double-timing actually with Sasha. She didn’t know about you until last night.”

“That’s why she wanted to talk to him?!”

“Oh my god, oh my god!” Pmint shouted.

“I’m sorry. I should have been a better friend.  I should have told you sooner.”

“I’m pregnant.”

Drake took a step back.  “You’re what?”


6 Responses to Chapter 31

  1. Zhippidy says:

    Shane and Cassie make a very interesting duo,
    Jack is an absolute (pretty pretty) doll.
    And a big oh boy for P’mint. ugh, oh no 😦

    • I’ve been working hard on the perception view on Shane and Cassie and it’s turning out rather well I believe. Once upon a time (before posting things on the INternet) their relationship was pretty vague (like Shane and Sally’s now).

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Jack. He’s my favorite (TS2) version of him. 😉

      Could it get any worse for Pmint? She just found out she’s pregnant and her boyfriend’s cheating on her and her supposable “best” friend was hiding that secret. I can be a cruel God of my characters, but writing that scene between her and Drake was horri-bell.

  2. 4mamma says:

    I have finally read all the chapters…..
    And I’ll give you both thumbs up…
    It’s a great story and the pics are taken
    with precision and with thought

  3. 13pumpkin says:

    Very interesting…so many stories unfolding! And…P’mint!!!!!
    What a shocker!!!!! What a twist 🙂

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