Chapter 30

Writer Notes:  Happy Halloween to everyone!  And happy days to me, The Gang UP to Chapter 30!  See that!  That’s awesome!  Hell, there was a time during the big switch from TS3 to TS2 that I almost gave up, but nah.  Anyhow, tell me about your Halloween costumes and which of The Gang you like the most. 🙂  I’m going to be a Shade Elf.

Warnings: pic spam: 75 in all, multiple changes in views, language, costumes, seizure-ified lights, drinks, half nakedness, O-faces, jealousy, psyching, and the use of the word muster

Shane’s View…

Call it what ya want, but this festivity is a school kid’s dream.  Being all in costume, being someone else, hell even dressing in drag is accepted full-heartedly by the man’s man.  Everyone has a good time.  They’ve gotta.  Look: lights, smiles, irate dancing.  It’s da best night of ya life if ya let yaself get loose. 

But it’s a nightmare for those like me.  Peeps all dressed up.  Ya can’t hardly tell who’s who.  A nightmare indeed if ya wanna keep ya friends safe from da bad guys, whoever da hell they may be.  Iz tried not lookin’ suspicious, stay at da bar, talk ta da pretty barmaid.  Yeah, not suspicious at all.

Keepin’ up a low profile.  Check.

Sally knows what Iz doin’ and she doesn’t like it.  She wants me ta get out dere and have a good ol’ time, but Iz know different.  Gotz ta be prepared for anything.

“Well, be the judge.” Sally said.  “Who has the best costume?”

Yeah, gettin’ me involved with da holiday.  Check for Sally.

Rez and Angel tacticfully came as ninjas.  Pretty original on their part.  They’ve gotta be a pair after all.  A pair of super sneaky flirty ninjas.  Good pairing.

Sasha came as some “Goth” girl.  Evidently, Iz didn’t get da joke.

Twister was da Green Hornet, Dewy his sidekick.  Forget da name…Twister hated the wig and hat.  Stated: it was killing his mohawk.  Iz can only imagine.  Dewy wasn’t complaining too much with all of da black color hairspray in his hair or maybe he was high off of it?

Iz liked Kassidy Lane as Silk Spectre II…if ya don’t know what dat is, rent Watchmen and figure it out.  She sang for da crowd all day and all night.  She likes da spotlight, ya see and isn’t shy about puttin’ her fanny up dere for all to see.  She must have stuff that fanny too, cuz her butt looked too good to be hers.

Misconception?  Iz don’t know how many peeps kept mistaking da clown for Drake, but he just kept on gigglin’ like a little girl.

His date…forget her name…thought he was a little “mad.”

Den there was dis belly dancer that came with Sasha and mesmorized all of da guys.  Eh, one of da early gals made a comment ’bout it being her usual outfit on da streets.  Iz got a feelin’ dat girl was jealous of belly dancer’s flat stomach.

And den there was these three in black.  Kat showed up as Born this Way Lady Gaga.  Some other girl came as Catwoman and Jack…Iz really didn’t understand what he was suppose to be and if there was really a theme to his costume so Iz just marked him under masquerade.  Nice hair though.

And then there was da bunny.  Yeah, pretty and innocent at da moment.

Cassie didn’t really believe me when Iz showed up with her costume ta try on.  It was da only one I could find for her matta whatever her suspicions may be.  She kept giving me mischeivious/dirty looks.

Iz kept givin’ her da cold shoulder though.  It’s betta on me dat way.  ‘Member, can’t look suspicious and she wasn’t helpin’.  We couldn’t look like a pair, cuz wez in hidin’.

But beyond dat everyone was havin’ a good time.  Iz guess I was too.  Beer, dancing, and oddly high suspicions make for a good time.

Well, Iz guess not for everyone.


One hour later…

Ya think of some’tin really smart ta say when ya walk in…

…but ya lose all ya thoughts as ya see the stage before ya.

Itz obvious ta me dat some’tin was wrong with her.  Iz made a comment ’bout da good times she was misisn’ but she gave no reply.  Bad mood indeed.  A guy’s best chance in makin’ it out alive iz ta back up and exit before da lioness makes her move.

Iz wasn’t fast enough.

“You know what I’m missing?” she asked.  “Freewill, no paranoia, and just being able to relax!”

“Iz know what ya mean.” I replied.  “But…”

“No!” she shouted.  “There are no ‘buts.’ There is no ‘it’ll be fine’ or ‘we just have to sit and wait!’ There’s only this misery that won’t end.  This frustration, this paranoia.  You know what I miss…”

“Fuck you!” I shouted.  “I don’t give a damn! Ya think yuz da only one with all of dese problems? Iz tell ya now, missy, Iz spent my whole life lookin’ over my shoulder wonderin’ if itz gonna be today,  tonight, any minute now! Ya can spare me da little ‘poor me’ thing ya doin’ and fuck yaself!”

Iz expected many things to follow in dat argument, but I didn’t expect her ta cry.  Why?  Why all of dis misery?  It seems ta follow me.

I depicted some’tin about patience or was dat patients?  Brothers…didn’t know she had any.  And overall just how crappy it was dat she got me into all of dis.

Iz told her it was ok.  It really was.  Iz was use ta dis life.  Iz protected my flock by puttin’ it all on me.  She wasn’t use ta someone else bein’ in charge.  Strong gal.  Always in control, always makin’ da sacrifices.  Iz understood.  Iz knew it all too well.

But more than anything, Iz wanted ta see those tears fade.  Dis strong gal needed ta stay dat way.  A little crumbling was ok, but wez couldn’t let our guard down.  She needed ta keep a clear head for sanity sakes.  Iz did too, but dat look in her eyes and da pressure we both were feelin’

Sometimes da only thing ta do iz ta work it out.



“Where’s Toulouse?” Peppermint asked the very Mad Hatter of a Drake.  “He’s like extremely late.”

Drake shrugged.  “Overtime, I guess.”

“Well, I’ve gotta go then if he doesn’t show up.”

“Well, speak of the devil…” Drake said.

“Did someone have a complaint about awesomeness?”

Toulouse paused when he looked at Pmint.  “Awesome awesomeness.” he smiled.

“I thought you might like it.” she said in embrace.

“I know I’m late.” he said.  “I’m sorry about that.”

Drake squeed a little bit when Toulouse hugged Peppermint.  Toulouse may not have understood why, but…

Drake was smiling in the inside, but his legs were shaking in fear.

“Hi, Toulouse.”

“Can we talk outside?” she was small and danity, but there was always something very aggressive about Sasha Fire.

“Sure, sure.” Toulouse said.

“We’ll just be minute.” Sasha replied to Pmint.

“You two play nice.” Peppermint answered ignorantly.

Sasha was beyond upset.  At first she couldn’t find real words to describe her fury.  Toulouse just waited patiently for his fiery death.

“I-I-I…” she stuttered.  “I can’t believe that I’m not surprised!” she finally managed.

“Does she know?” Sasha asked.  Toulouse hesitated.  “She doesn’t!  So you’re a two-timing bastard! Oh, this is just great!”

“You better tell her!” Sasha shouted.  “Because if you don’t, I will and then I’m going to kill you.” Then she smiled mischeiviously.  “Slowly.”

“So,” Peppermint began.  “What’s that smile for?”

Drake just shook his head.  “Oh, nothing.”


Sally’s View…

Everyone was having a good time…even when Shane was in here.  It was odd that suddenly we were on good terms, but Shane and I had been all right friends before we were dating.

After her little spat with Toulouse, Sasha got back up on the stage.  I wondered what that was all about.  It wasn’t like Sasha to randomly terrorize Toulouse like that.

But I completely turned my head away from that.  Whatever their issue was, was their issue.  Twister on the other hand had fixated himself on Whitney, Sasha’s little friend.  She was a cutie and she danced really well.  A little too well.  Twister obviously liked the girl for more than one reason.  And I believed it had nothing ta do with her really revealing outfit.  Twister after all was a gentleman.

Kassidy Lane had gotten stupid drunk over the last few hours.  She kept flirting with Dewy as if he was her limo driver.  He just kept smiling while the ninjas hounded him with their stares.

But my real attention had nothing to do with any of them.  It went further down the row…

…black leather, sexy, and appealing…

…just like the guy wearing it.  I must admit that the girl rubbing up against him was making me furious!  I don’t know why.  It shouldn’t have bothered me.  Jack was a single stud…well…he was much too nice to be called “stud.”  And he wasn’t objecting to the dancing…but still.

I really needed to get myself together before the ride home.


The night was just about over.  Sally was cleaning up the bar with Jack’s help and there they were.  At closing.

“Crap,” Sally said.  “I’ve gotta call E.J. It’ll just be a minute.”


Yeah, she did have to call E.J., but that was just to stall and to collect herself.  She had a long ride ahead of her in the tiny car with Jack and for some terrible unknown reason she couldn’t get past her usual nervousness…maybe…it wasn’t just her usual nervousness?

Jack was pretty leaning against the door waiting for her.  He asked if she was ready to go and it took two attempts for her to muster a simple “Sure.”

There was just something about Jack.

Something about just being around him that made her feel so…tingly.  She didn’t like it at first, but now she fed on it.

“What’s going on?” Jack asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Sally quickly replied.

“Uh huh.”

“Look, whatever it is you need to get it out in the open before it just cripples you.”  He said.  “So tell me.”

Jack had his own suspicions.  He was not blind to Shane hanging around at the bar all night.  Sally seemed to not mind her ex being so close to her.  It was odd considering she didn’t even want to be in the same room with him a week ago.

When she didn’t reply, Jack decided to change tactics and Sally noticed this change.  She had witnessed it all night.  It was called Psych.  You just thought something was going to happen, maybe even as big or small as a kiss.  Jack had played this joke on everyone, even the guys.  They fell for it and some way Jack always made them squee when he pulled away.  Someone had to pull away for the game to work after all.

“So what’s wrong?” he asked in that dark, yet sweetheart tone.

Sally stuttered.  “N-n-nothing.”

It wasn’t his closeness or the fact that he was touching her that had her so starstruck.  It was those eyes, staring deep into hers.  They were mystifying.  No wonder he had put a spell on so many people that night.

She knew the game though. 

“Is it Shane?” he asked.


“Is it work?”

“No…” she replied.

“Is it me?” he asked almost a whisper.

She was breathing harder now.  Her heart pounding.  His face, his eyes, his lips were so close…so unbelievably close.  All she or he had to do was lean just that much further.

“Nope.” she said, pulling away.  “Psych!”

He just smiled.  No one had been able to psych him, but some way, Sally had managed it.

“Get in the car, lover.” she smiled and the nervousness was gone.


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Loved it! Laughed at the part with P’mint, Sasha and Toulouse…that was great 🙂

    Best costume goes to Jack! Sexy!!

  2. Zhippidy says:

    Fun 🙂 Jack = Zorro? heh… Loved Drake’s costume.

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