Chapter 3

Writer Notes: 3rd chapter remade from TS3 to TS2. Enjoy

Warnings: flashbacks, fastforwards, problems

All Peppermint wanted was for her brother, Jack, to be happy, but it was consuming her life.  The violence between androids and humanoids of their home town was becoming unbearable.  They needed to escape.

So Pmint left in search for a better place.  What she found was a little town off the coast.  It was nice and serene.  The crime rate was low.  She felt a little safe and hoped that Jack would too.

Peppermint was adopted into his family.  When she turned four a terrible accident tore her away from her biological parents and she be landed in the hands of foster care, where she was abused and starved.  Jack’s mother, Arianna Saiders, had always wanted a little girl, but her husband had died before Jack was born and she had not remarried; therefore, her only option was to adopt, in which, she found Pmint.

With the friendly atmosphere the Saiders lived in, Peppermint felt that their home had always been hers.  She immediately bonded with Jack since they had much in common, including the same birthday so they started calling themselves The Twins

Some time down the line, they met Dewy Russell, who had run away from drama in his previous town.  Maybe it was destiny that he met them?

When Arianna died, Dewy, Jack and Pmint stuck together, doing whatever necessary to survive.  Then the android war began.  Since Jack was synthetic and very outspoken about it, the Saiders were demeaned.  They woke up some mornings to find their house ransacked, goods stolen, and property damaged.

Jack advised that Peppermint stay in her discovered town for awhile and when she was completely sure it was safe, he and Dewy would follow her.  Jack would make sure everything financial was orderly.

Now there was a new problem.  Pmint had okayed the town and as promised Jack and Dewy moved in.  However, she had not told her brother that she met someone, who she was entirely crazy about.  Jack had always been overly protective of his sister, running off a few guys.  She didn’t know how she was going to tell him.

Toulouse Zane was definitely ready to meet her over eccentric brother.  He had been great even with the knowledge of Jack being an android.

Evidently, Dewy’s former town was the one Pmint had found.  This was great opportunity for the Twins.  Jack decided to hold a party for Dewy to reunite him with his past friends and for the Twins to also meet new people.

Peppermint decided this party would be the best time to introduce Toulouse.  Jack would have to stay polite in front of guests.

At least, she just hoped.


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