Chapter 29

Writer Notes:  This whole chapter is brought to you by Vivian, the PC.  On the main page there is a list of details, specifics, and problems that forced me to leave Chrome, the laptop.  It will also help you for the new chapters to come so please, pweez, go check it out.

Warnings: walking + thinking = pillow to the face, intro of new character, telling of suspicions, distractions, and plots against men

Twister had called Sasha and asked if they could meet.  He was a little nervous.  One because of the news he was going to give her and two, that he hadn’t seen her in awhile.  Sasha was a lot of things to Twister.  She was the only other Elemental in the area and she was a Fire one as he was an Air…he preferred it to be called Wind.  Elementals were rare now.  It wasn’t in every day society that someone had the power to contain or control elements.  Twister was a little sad by that.

But then again…it wasn’t every day that you got a face full of pillow on Main Street.

The girl laughed, innocently.  “I’m sorry, but you looked waaay too serious.” she grinned.  “Welcome to national pillow fight day.”

Twister smiled and nodded.  Yeah, he should have been prepared for this when Sasha had told him where to meet.

“Could you help me?” Twister inquired.  “I’m looking for my friend Sasha…”

The girl nodded.  “I’ll go get her!”

She returned with Sasha, but they were giggly and giving him side glances.

“You’ll have to excuse Whitney.” Sasha said.  “She’s…a little strange.”

Twister laughed.  “I’m use to strange.”

They sat at a little table by the Bistro and Twister remembered why he was nervous.  He had to tell Sasha about Toulouse.  He couldn’t let his friend be used this way.  She needed to know, but it wasn’t easy to compile in words.  For now, they just caught up.

“So on the phone you said there was something important you wanted to talk to me about.”  It was a statement, but it sounded more like a question.  Sasha had her suspicious eyes already on.  Twister sighed.

“Stop being so serious!” Sasha demanded.  “Or I’m gonna have Whitney come back over here and give you another concussion.”

Twister uneasily smiled at that.  His head did hurt a little.  Those feather pillow weren’t as soft as they looked.

“Look,” Twister began. “I don’t really know how to say dis, but…” he took a deep breath.  “But you need to…”

“Need to?” There was something about Sasha that always came out fierce.  Twister was a little afraid.  She was a Fire Element and Fire Elements always had a hard time controlling their emotions.

“It’s Toulouse…” Twister replied.  “I believe he’s been very untruthful to you.”

“What do you mean?” Sasha questioned.  “What has Toulouse done that’s made you be so…?”

“I…I…” he stuttered.  “I just don’t want you to be wronged.” There, that was honesty.

Even though Twister could see the intensity in Sasha’s eyes growing, he couldn’t help but be distracted by that girl…Whitney, he recalled was her name…skipping to the bistro.  She was so innocent, too innocent it made Twister smile.

Sasha followed his line of sight and smiled herself.  “Hey Whitney!” she shouted.  “Come here.”

Twister’s nervousness returned.

“Can you believe this guy?” Sasha said.  “He came all the way out here, got hit by a pillow, and still wanted to warn me about my boyfriend.”

“Aww,” Whitney smiled.  “You’re a true friend.”

Twister braced himself.  If there was anything about women he knew, it was that they would plot together to ruin men.

“And he’s single.” Sasha then said. 

Crap.  Twister thought.  He hadn’t been listening to their conversation.  How did it get to be about him being single?

“Well, how do you do?” Whitney smiled.

“Ya know, Twist, when’s the last time you went out on the town and had a good time?” Sasha asked.

“Umm,” he swallowed.

“See,” Sasha began.  “You need to loosen up. Let me worry about Toulouse and you worry about livin’ the good life.”

“I’ll be happy to help.” Whitney said.  “How about we set a date?”


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Poor Twister! He is sure to get another pillow in the face! hehe!!

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