Chapter 28

Writer Notes: This is the last chapter made off of Chrome, the laptop, everything has been transferred to Vivian, the PC and all following chapters will be made from that processor.  Since everything was being UPloaded on the PC as I was still making chapters on Chrome, there will be no “wait” period for new chapters.  I’ll put UP more information as it becomes available.  Anyhow, enjoy the chapter.

Warnings: awkwardness, hiding, and that look

Sally entered E.J.’s Bar and smelt  familiar smells.  Booze and cigarettes.  It always smelt that way even if the bar was dead, except for a lone lady in red.  Sally was glad that the bar wasn’t packed.

But E.J. wasn’t there.  His wife was however. 

“Well, long time no see.” she smiled.  “What brings you over here?  Wanna take some shots at Shane? I’ve got a shotgun in the back.”

“No, no.” Sally said, even though Shane wasn’t in sight.  “I’m just here to see if you and E.J. need some help running this place.”

“What a dear.” she replied.  “Our last barmaid quit on us so yeah, we could use the help.”

“That’s great.” Sally smiled.

“Yeah, but I’ll have to talk to E.J. about it, honey.” she said.  “He’s been going over the numbers, you see.”

“It’s that time of the year again?”

“Yep and you know how he is bout those numbers.” she laughed.

Sally nodded.  “Well, give me a call after you’ve talked to him.”


Notorious gangsta?  Hiding from his ex-girlfriend?  Shane felt a little ashamed, but he promised himself that he’d let her have all the space she needed.  Even if that meant him hiding in a very claustrophic hallway?  Sure.

But there was apart of Shane that just couldn’t hide.  He was a risk taker, chancer.  He’d gone up against bad guys, guns blazing.  Someone was going to die, but he’d make sure it wasn’t him.  Sally had taken the hit though and that was unforgivable.

He stepped out as she strode across.  “What’s goin’ on Sally?” he asked.

She flinched, recognizing his voice.

But her face showed no sign of hostility this time.  Maybe they were over their little spat.

“Job hunting.” She said.

Shane nodded.  Awkward times.  “Yuz goin’ back ta work?” he questioned.  “Da Saiders tired of ya sittin’ around deir place already?”

Sally tsked.  “No, but I’ve gotta have some’tin ta do.” she said.

“Well…” she said after a moment of silence.  “I’ll talk to ya later.”

“…yeah.” he replied.  “See ya.”

He held onto those words.  At least their friendship would be saved.  Maybe.

“…I know that look.” the lady in red said from afar.

Shane’s smile quickly faded.

Yeah, Cassie was still with him and still his responsibility, even though she refused to understand that last part.  She was a very odd person, Shane thought.  And very out of place in the world of guns, gangs, and kidnapping.

He went to join her.  She wasn’t all bad.  At least he could carry out a conversation with her.  It was strange how he couldn’t speak to a person he’s known since high school, but share a whole brunch story with a complete stranger.

Cassie had that appeal though.  You just wanted to talk to her.

Or maybe that’s what Shane kept telling himself.


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Cassie…the “Lady In Red”

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