Chapter 27

Writer Notes:  This chapter is long over due…I wanted to bring in a new focus earlier in the series, but Drake’s chapter got pushed back.

Warnings: man feelings, humor, and fears…MAGIC!!!

“Someone got a haircut.” Drake smiled.  “What’s the occasion?”

“Nothing.” Toulouse replied.  “Just decided to clean up.”

“I’ve gotta go to work so you’ve got to deal with him.”

“Oh no…” Drake shook his head.  “What’s his problem now?”

“Me evidently.” Toulouse replied.  “But I’ve gotta go so…see ya.”

“Bye Twister.” Toulouse called.

Twister uttered something in his native tongue, but it came out rubbish, but hostile to Drake.

“What’s goin’ on, buddy?” Drake asked with a smile.  “Toulouse said you were in a foul mood.”

“And he would know of it.” Twister muttered.  “I cannot stand him!”

“So what he do? Forget to dispense the shampoo again?”

“Drake…dat’s you.” Twister said. 

“Yeah.” Drake sighed.  “Yeah.”

“Toulouse is a lying cheating bastard and I cannot lie for him.” Twister replied.  “I cannot do it…not for him.”

“Well, do it for me cuz if Sasha or Pmint finds out I’m chopped liver!”

“You shouldn’t be put in dis situation either.” Twister frowned. 

The guys were silent for a moment and Twister took the time to take a deep breath.

“I’m going to tell Sasha.” he then said.

It was Drake’s turn to sigh.  “Man, you know that’s not going to play well.”

“Not if I don’t make it play in my favor.” Twister said.  “I’ll make her really suspicious and have her figure out by herself. She’s a smart girl. She’ll figure it out.”

“Yeah, thanks…I just introduced her and Pmint yesterday and they didn’t utter a word of Toulouse at all.” Drake said.  “My take on getting them suspicious didn’t go so well.”

“So you tried?” Twister asked.

“Yeah, like Hell.” Drake answered.  “But I’m too involved now so you drop the bomb and I get blown up too.”

“It’s sacrifices we have to make for de better good, Drake.”


“But for now, here’s some good ol’ fashion Elvin magic to make you feel better.” Drake said.

“You know, it doesn’t work on me.” Twister laughed.  “I’m an Elemental as much as you Elves.”

“Yeah, but you laughed so you are in a better mood. AH HA!”

Twister scowled.

“I try at least.” Drake said.

“Yes, you do. I’ll give you dat. You do try.”

“And it’s because of your efforts dat you can’t make your move, Drake.” Twister said.  “You’ve tried too hard and become de friend instead of de romantic interest.”

“Hey, what’s up with this putting me down stuff?” Drake grumbled.  “I thought we were friends?”

“We are.” Twister replied.  “And friends are always honest.”

“Yeah, I guess we ought to be.” Drake said.  “I hate your sunglasses. You need new ones.”

“Dat was completely uncalled for!” Twister laughed.  “And you bought dese for me so I know you don’t hate dem.”

“Yeah…” Drake said.  “Yeah.”

“You just can’t be mean, Drake.”


“But you are a great friend.” He muttered something else in his native tongue that Drake knew to mean I am grateful.

Drake nodded.  “And I grateful to have you in my life too, Twist.  But since we’ve got all of the girly girl stuff over with, let’s get married and have a hole bunch of kids.”

Twister shook his head.  “You use your humor to hide your real feelings, Drake. You know I can see dat.” he said.  “If you like Peppermint so much, why not tell her de truth?  She’ll be mad at you for sometime, but she’ll come back around and dank you for it in de end.”

“I can’t do that, Twist.” Drake replied.  “You know I couldn’t watch her break down like that.”

“No,” Twister shook his head.  “What you’re really afraid of is rejection.  What if she decides to work it out wit Toulouse instead of moving on…wit you?”

“Bullshit, there won’t be any Toulouse left after Sasha burns him to a crisp.”

Twister just shook his head and said he was going out .

Drake was left to his thoughts.  Yeah, Twister was right about one thing.  Drake was afraid of rejection.  Afraid to be rejected…again.

“Yeah…” he sighed.  “Yeah.”


5 Responses to Chapter 27

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    I think (and hope) he should tell Pmint how he feels!
    Great chapter…I began to laugh…”These are not the droids you are looking for.” LOL!

    • The Drake feels trapped. On one side Toulouse is his best friend and his roomie so he has the bro before hos problem. But then again, Drake is pretty good friends with the girls and doesn’t want to hurt them or get them hurt. He’s in quite a predicament.

  2. Zhippidy says:

    This – “…since we’ve got all of the girly girl stuff over with, let’s get married and have a hole bunch of kids.” – laughing laughing – that’s a good one. 🙂 … I enjoyed the chapter. Hopefully one of the guys will have the you-know-whats to say something to the girls. heh

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