Chapter 26

Writer Notes: Still same day as Chapter 24 and 25

Warnings: more girl chatter mixed in, language, one-sided flirting, a moment of closeness, and sigh/pouty face.

“Oh,” Kassidy smiled through the embarrassment.  “Didn’t see you join us…”

“Yes, we do have a problem.” Kat said.  “And a driver is needed.”

“I do have a car and I don’t work.” Jack said.  “I would be happy to drive any of you around if you needed me.”

Kassidy giggled.  “Well, thank you, honey.”

The other girls didn’t giggle.  They knew that KL had a terrible tendency to fuck up relationships.  Her record with Dewy was still solid in fucking up.

Kassidy continued to flirt with Jack, asking about his car and his “driving skills.”  Jack was polite and answered her questions, but there was no teasing in his voice.

Kassidy didn’t seem to notice how unmoved he was by her flirting, giggling, and low cut top.

“So why do you need a driver?” he finally asked before KL could ask another juicy question.

“Oh,” Kat began, but was quickly cut off by Kassidy.

“Sally needs a ride to work.” she said.  “It’s pretty far out of most of our ways.”

Jack quickly turned his attention away from KL and to Sally.

“You’re going back to work?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she replied in a small voice.

“Peppermint and I don’t mind you just staying here until you’ve collected yourself.” he said.

“Well,” Sally said a little louder.  “I’m going kinda crazy with not having anything to do and I can’t really stay here and not help out…that just wouldn’t be right.”

“Well, if that’s what you want.” He said.  “I’ll still be happy to drive you anywhere you need.”

“Thank you, Jack.” Sally replied with a smile.  “That’s really…”

“You’re just a doll.” Kassidy interrupted.

Jack stared past her as if he didn’t even hear her comment.

Sally gave her a not-too-friendly-glare even though Kassidy was looking the other way.

“Well, then that’s settled.” Kat said.  “Good thing too. I would have worried about it all night”

“Oh, Kat.” Sally shook her head.  “I wish you would stop worrying all the time.”

Jack stood and walked in front of Kat and Sally.  “Just let me know in advance when you need to go somewhere.” he said.

Sally just nodded, breathless at his presence so close.  They hadn’t been this close since the other night when she had flipped out and ran.  Yeah, that’s a relationship fuck up for her.  She didn’t want Jack to think she was intimidated by him, but truly, she was.

He walked past without another word and Sally felt a shred of fear.  Her and him in a car, all by themselves.  That was going to be one awkward ride.

“See, it worked out well.” Kassidy smiled.

“Not that you were any help.” Sally muttered.  “Or your clevage.”

“Clevage has its perks.” Kassidy said, looking over at the other guys.  “It sure does…”

“So, you and Jack in a car together…” Kat was very serious.  “I’m sure you’re not looking forward to it.”

“Why not?” Kassidy asked.  “He’s gorgeous and a talker. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Sally sighed.  Kelly Louis just didn’t understand her the way that Kat did.  It was a pressure thing, like with her and Shane.  She really hadn’t wanted to date him, but the group forced it upon her.  Sally would only hope that the cycle didn’t repeat itself.  She wasn’t ready after all and she liked Jack, but she just didn’t know what to do with him.

“Well, there you are.” Jack said as Peppermint and Drake emerged from the front door.

“Yeah, Mr. Roland over there got side tracked.”

“Hey!” Drake cried.  “That sale was worth it just to see the stuffed monkey!”

“I need to talk to you.” Jack said seriously to his sister.

“Ok.” she replied, waiting for a conversation to follow.

Jack then smiled at Drake.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it.” he said  “Family stuff. Private, don’t say another word, or lack of words. I’ll disappear.”

“Sorry Drake.” Jack said.  “I’ll make it up to you with a game of foosball.”

“So, what’s up?” Pmint asked.

“Man, Rez is kicking some serious ass.” Drake said.

“Shut up,” Dewy mumbled, setting up his shot.

“So how was your day with Pmint?” Kat asked.

“Did you two kids do anything special?” Kassidy questioned.

Drake just sighed. “It was fine.”

The girls were hoping too much, Sally knew.  After all, Peppermint was dating Toulouse and he was Drake’s best friend.  There was no way in Hell that Drake would do something stupid to mess up their relationship.  That was the Drake.  Even if he did like Peppermint in that way, he would never take advantage of her or take her for granted.

Peppermint was probably clueless too of Drake’s feelings.  Most of the girls he liked were.  He was always the friend.

Kat loved him.  She loved him with all her heart, but she was too scared to be in a relationship with him.  She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, not on purpose, but she just couldn’t make that big of a commitment.  Not now at least.

And Drake was too much of a pansy to take what he wanted.  He was going to be alone, very alone unless he started to make some decisions.  Sally had that problem too.  She didn’t want to make those decisions.  She just wanted to put it off until the opportunity was taken away or she burst into flames.  Maybe her and Drake weren’t so different after all?  Or maybe it was just their hair?   Yeah, Sally was beating on the second.


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Once Jack gets Sally in the car, he better lock the doors so she doesn’t try to jump out.

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