Chapter 25

Writer Notes: Same day as Chapter 24…

Warnings: girl-talk, aggravation, ideals, slip up, and questioning blondie

What?!?” Sally shrieked.  “What on Hell would have you believe that?”

“Well, you’re always talking about going back to work.” Kassidy Lane said.  “And you really liked working at E.J.’s Bar so just go back and ask.”

Sally sighed along with Kat.  KL was thinking right.  Sally did love E.J.’s, but there was one problem.

“That’s Shane’s bar.” Sally said.

“Technically, it’s E.J.’s.” KL replied.

“Come on,” Kassidy began.  “You know Angel and Rez are going to get a new place for a growing family and I doubt you’ll feel ‘right’ with all of their baby making going on.”

“So they’ve decided to start having kids?” Sally asked.  “This is news to me.”

Kat sighed, loudly.  She had accidentally let that little secret slip to KL.  She just knew it was going to blow back up in her face.

“When they start having kids,” Kassidy tried to fix her screw up.  “I mean…they’re going to want to soon, ya know.”

Sally tilted her head with curiosity.  “Yeah, maybe they will…”

“So, are you gonna wanna play live-in nanny?” Kassidy asked.

“No, I guess not.”

“We would let you move in with us.” Kat said.  “But our landlord won’t allow any more tendants.”

“That bastard.”

“So, where are you going with all of this, KL?” Sally asked.

“Well, start working at E.J.’s and you can get your own place.”

“And what glorious amount of money are you talking about?” Sally shook her head.  “We only make mininum wage, if that.”

“Oh,” KL seemed to think for a moment.  “Well, that would work for a small apartment…on South Street?”

“She’s not going to live on South Street!” Kat shouted.

Sally bowed her head.  KL did have a point.  She couldn’t move in with Angel and Rez again if they were going to start making a family and she doubted that the Saiders would house her unemployed ass forever.  She did need a job and she did like E.J.’s bar, but there was still that one problem and it was nagging.

“Ok,” Sally began.  “If I worked at E.J.’s again, it would just be temporary.”

“Yeah.” Kassidy said.  “Go on.”

“Because Shane being there all the time would drive me insane so…I have to be flexible, work there, and look for somewhere else to work, while holding back every second not to scratch his eyes out.”

Kat giggled.  “I can picture that.”

“But I’m sure Shane’s doing other things than just hanging out there.” Kat smiled.  “I mean, I’m sure he’s still trying to crack down who burnt down yall’s house.”

“Well, that’s true.” Sally smiled.  “He is anything, but stubborn.”

“So that’s a plan.” Kassidy said.

“There’s just one problem.” Sally claimed.

“What would that be?” Kat asked.

“I don’t drive.”

“Well, Kassidy can drive you then.” Kat said.

“Perfect.” Sally smiled.

“WHAT?” KL shook her head.  “My little car wouldn’t make it that far out.”

“Besides, I do work too and that would be waaaay out of my way.”

“You work in your daddy’s company.” Kat said.  “And he doesn’t make you do anything half of the time.”

Kassidy just frowned.

“Fine,” Sally shook her head.  “I’ll just take a cab…I guess.”

Kat shook her head.  “With what petty cash?”


The girls thought for a moment and then Kat threw up her hands.

“You said Sasha was back in town.” Kat said.  “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.”

KL crossed her arms.  “Yeah, she wouldn’t, but there’s a problem.”

“What’s that?” Sally asked.

“Her and Shane are on bad terms at the moment and if there’s a chance she’d run into him, she’s not going to take it.”

“Not even for me?” Sally questioned.

“Not for anyone.”

“Well,” Kat blinked.  “I’m out of ideas, unless one of you can get Drake to do it.”

“Pass.” both of them said in unison.

Kat didn’t understand why the girls didn’t like Drake driving them places.  Out of all The Gang, Kat was the most frightened and Drake’s driving was fine to her.

“It’s not the driving.” Sally claimed.  “It’s the flirting. He can’t stop.  I mean, someone needs to admit him or something.”

“That or talking about his old relationships.” Kassidy shook her head.  “That boy surely is broken.”

“And you don’t talk about your past break-ups?” Kat asked.

KL just blushed.

But that led to anger.  She knew what Kat was poking at and she purposely said it loud enough so Dewy could hear, but he stayed active in his game and left the girls alone.

“So I take it someone needs a ride?”


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