Chapter 24

Writer Notes: This is like a Part 1 of this day…

Warnings: sticks, balls, and an assortment of playing.

“Don’t be condesending, Jack.” Dewy said.

“I’m not.” Jack insisted.  “But just loosen up.  This doesn’t have to be a competition.”

Dewy just rolled his eyes and continued.  Jack did not.  He could see frustration in Dewy’s face.  Jack was prepared that some of Dewy’s old bad habits would flare up when he returned to his previous resident and he feared that all of Dewy’s progress would be lost.  Not saying that one game of pool would change Dewy’s life again, but it sure did give Jack a perspective of what was to come and he didn’t like it one bit.

Rez shrugged.  “You can have a game, fun, and a little friendly competition all in one.” he said.

Jack laughed.  “Yeah, I guess you can.”

“Not like I’m playing any ways…” Jack continued to laugh.

“Yeah, you’re just our commentary.” Rez said.

“More like our complainer.” Dewy huffed.

“What ever killed your good mood this morning?” Jack questioned.

“Oh stop it.” Dewy shook his head.  “You’re provoking all of the evil within me.”

Jack sighed then just smiled and looked pretty.  He was good at doing that, but in the inside there was a lot of ugliness.  A lot of darkness.  Jack had seen real evil and nothing he had ever done to Dewy was evil.  But he tried to put those thoughts behind him and just concentrate on looking pretty.  It was harder than it looked sometimes.

Dewy went back to the game.  All serious like the game could have cost him his life.  He was losing, definitely and the male ego just could not take defeat.

Rez laughed it up.  He was winning after all, but he was a good sport and carefree about the game.  Maybe it was his lack of seriousness that led to his victory?  Surely.

Of course there were more obstacles than just hitting the ball into a hole.  No, there was the chatter of the girls in the background.  And for some reason, Dewy just could not concentrate over them.  Kassidy Lane was ever so loud.

Yeah, stand and look pretty can be hard.  Jack was less concentrated on either of the events going on.  He could ignore any chatter and he was bored of the game.  There was a lot on his mind though.  Not just about Dewy or why Red was so cool, but there was a little voice, small and danity that just wouldn’t go away.  He was worried about life.  A useless worry as life would happen without his consent.  But he did worry about life.

Rez would be a winner, probably forever. He had the means and the cool to get there.

Dewy was as scattered as puzzle pieces.  He could not ever match any of them out and if he got help, he would later reject it.  Once he made progress, he would get so frustrated that he would break apart his pieces and just sink.

Jack?  He didn’t have a clue.  He knew that he wanted peace.  He had wanted that for a very long time, but he wasn’t sure that it was possible.  After all, when your world is filled with corruption, prejudice, and war…what can you expect?

But he did know one thing.  Just one tiny thing.  Pool was gay.


2 Responses to Chapter 24

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    What’s so gay about three guys playing with balls and a bit of wood and trying to hit the balls in the hole???

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