Chapter 23

Writer Notes: So a NEW chapter, right?  Yeah, it’s cool.  I’m glad that the remaking is over because the fun can begin again!   As always, comments not required, but I appreciate them greatly. 😉

Warnings: a freakin plumbbob poked its little bottom in (grr face), introductions, and awkward moments

“Come on,Drake.” Peppermint said.  “She’s not here so let’s go.”

“Well, Toulouse said that she was so…”

“Maybe she went out to get groceries or something?”

“I’m checking around back.” Drake called rounding the corner.  Pmint felt a little awkward just standing at the front door so she followed him.  She didn’t know why Drake was so insistant of introducing her to this girl, but whatever made Drake happy.


“Hi, Drake.” Sasha smiled.  “What brings you to this neck of the desert?”

Drake chuckled. “Checking on you. Toulouse said you were back in town.”

“So he finally made that public, did he?” Sasha mumbled.

The Drake just smiled.  Toulouse always kept stuff to himself even if it affected other people.  He was absent-minded that way…or didn’t particularly think that others might care.  Well, he just needed to “think” period.

“So you came all this way to check on little ol’ me.” Sasha smiled.  “What a charmer.”

“Well, yeah, but…” Drake began.  “How was your trip? Your sister?”

“They’re a bloody mess.” Sasha said.  “But what can we do about them?” She shrugged.  “It’s good to be away from all of their drama. That’s for sure.”

Drake laughed.  “Yeah, I bet it is.” he said.  “And how about that ‘friend’ of yours…what’s-his-face?”

“Zackery?” Sasha questioned.

“Yep, the imaginary boyfriend.” Drake smiled.  “How’s he?”

“For th last time, Drake, he’s not imaginary.”

“If you say so…”

Sasha shook her head.  “Zackery’s fine.”

Peppermint finally cleared her throat.  She knew that Drake and his friend were catching up, but she had other places to be.  She couldn’t spend all day standing there.

“Oh…” Drake said, facing her with an uneasy smile.  “Sorry.”

“Sasha Fire, this is Peppermint Saider.” he said.  “Pmint, Sasha.”

“Hello,” Peppermint smiled.

“Hi,” Sasha said, shaking Pmint’s hand. 

“Drake showing all of the exciting places?” Sasha asked.  “He has a way of not remembering people have lives to tend to.”

Pmint laughed.  “Yeah, he does that.”

Drake stood aloof as the girl got to know each other.  He thought this introduction was purposeful.  Toulouse may not think so, but Drake couldn’t stand the backstabbing.  He hoped that the girls would bring up Toulouse or something, but neither did.  This made Drake’s plan futile.  He could bring up the fact that his friend was dating both of these girls without their knowing of the “other” woman, but Drake knew the girls would turn on him.

In the end, the damage would be dealt and it would hurt.  It would hurt real bad and Drake knew the consequences…he knew them very well.  Anyone who knew about the treachery and didn’t confess would be more than pained by guilt, they would suffer the wrath of the angered.  Drake didn’t do so well with wrath…or even guilt for that matter.

“You know Drake,” Sasha began in an obvious whispering voice.  “She’s really pretty. You should pounce on that before someone else takes her.”

Drake got really bright red.  This was either really bad timing or really great irony.

Before Pmint could say anything, Drake hugged her side and smiled.  “Well, Pmint’s my best new gal, but I don’t think…”

“We’re just friends.” Peppermint interrupted.

“Awww, that’s too bad.” Sasha pouted.  “You two are pretty cute together.”

“Maybe that’ll change in the future.” Sasha smirked.  “You never know.”

“You never know…” Drake repeated.


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Yep…you never know! Hehehe 🙂

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