Chapter 22

Writer Notes: RE-Post Chapter 22 of The Gang in TS2 format.

Warnings: too kind of a competitor, mostly quiet reader [mostly], aww moment, B-rated movie, awkwardness, brilliant bright blue eyes, and cowardnessessss

Friday evening at the Saiders house was eventful.  Rez had finally figured out that Jack was quite the racer when it came to all things, even video games.  The two guys had great fun, but unfortunately Rez couldn’t find a strategy in beating Jack.  Losing twenty times in a roll certainly had it’s toll on his pride, but Jack never rubbed it in.  He acted as if every new race swiped the previous race away.

Rez was definitely thankful that Jack was so kind.  If it was Shane…Rez would have never heard the end of it, even six months later.

Still, Rez was determined to at least get one win over Blondie.


After Sally’s daily dose of the Man of Clay Drama’s advise and updates, she decided it was time to join the others.  Clay was worried for Sally, more than usual.  He expressed on his updates that Sally find something to preach, to get her anger out.  She insisted she wasn’t angry, maybe stressed, but most definitely not angry.  He said otherwise.  Maybe she was angry.  Sally really didn’t know.  Her emotions were all jumbled into a mess.

But there were some things that were clear.  She had great support.  A sister and brother-in-law, these amazing friends, and of course the Man, Clay, would always be there if she needed to share things outside of the family.  She also knew that Jack would lend an ear her way if she wanted him to.

“Oh thank god, Sally, I need a rescue.” Rez said.  “Please take over.”

“He forfiets.” Jack smiled devilishly.  “Couldn’t take the heat?”

“Yep, that’s why I’m getting out of the kitchen.” Rez laughed.  “Sally kick his butt!”

“Well, I’ll try.” Sally smiled, taking the controller out of Rez’s hands.  He retreated to the arms of his lovely smiling wife.

“You’re still a winner in my eyes, honey.” Angel kissed him quickly on the cheek.

“Thanks, babe.”

“I win!” Jack celebrated.  “YAY!”

“Surprise, surprise.” Peppermint muttered.

“Well, I’m going to bed.” Peppermint stood.  “Have a great night.”

“Yeah us too.” Angel said.

“Play another round?” Jack asked after everyone left to their rooms.

“Nah.” Sally smiled.  “Do you think any of our lame movies are on?”

“Shall check.” He returned the smile switching to the regular TV.

“Dancing hos…” Sally shook her head.

“Why is it always a stupid blonde?” Jack asked.  “Why not a brunette?”

Sally busted out in laughter.  Jack was always on the offensive of the old insult to blondes.

“Well blonde actresses are the favorites to cast.” Sally said.  “Maybe they should all dye the hairs brown and see what the public thinks.”

There’s was nothing, but silence on Jack’s part.

Sally turned to face Jack because she didn’t particular like his silence.  “I was just jok…”  There staring into his eyes, she felt her heart race.  Something raw was in all that blue, something deep, more than just plain admiration, but she denied her eyes to see it fully.

A violent scream blazed from the surround sound making Sally jump.  She faced back to the screen to see the fangs coming out.  Her heart was trying to escape from her chest.  Why was she freaking out so much?  It was just one look.  Just one.


She side glanced at Jack, but his eyes were back to the crappy animations.  Sally wondered, though, what he was really thinking about?  What was it that she had seen in those beautiful eyes of his?

Then a commercial came on.  Panic. Panic.  That’s all Sally felt.  She knew he would say something.

“Are you all right?” he asked.   “You’re all jumpy tonight.”

Sally didn’t know really what to say so she just shrugged.  Of course that led him to smile.  Such an innocent little facial expression, but Sally’s pulse was skyrocketing.

“Yeah, I-I’m kinda t-tired too.” she stuttered then stood.  “I think I’ll go hit the pillow.”

Before he could say anything back, she practically ran away.  “Ok…”

Jack was left, blinking in the darnkess where Sally had vanished.


One Response to Chapter 22

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Sally…(shaking head).
    Jack should have hit her with a pillow!
    If Sally wanted to have a good dream…she could have had Jack!

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