Chapter 21

Writer Notes: RE-Post Chapter 21 of The Gang in Ts2 format.

Warnings: bright greenery even though its night??? First person Cassie’s view, talk of hate crimes, death threats, and cowering. 

This is all just a huge mess and it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to clean up this one.  For everything that happens in this world, they always seem to find me.  I put everyone in danger around me by being here, but I just can’t leave my patients behind.  They need me after all.  They’re helpless and only I can help them.

But I’m weak right now.  Everything seems to be bringing me down.  The weather, the noise, my heart, my head…everything.  I need rest, but they’re on the move.  They’ll find me.  I can’t let that happen.

And all of this just because I am Android friendly.  I use to build them, but now I just repair them.  All the hate groups targeted people like me, independents that would hide the Androids before the laws changed.  Androids may not be made of the same things as regular Humans, but they have hearts and they have feelings.  They can feel pain.  They can feel joy.  They do not deserve the evil that has filled their world.  No more than any other soul.

I can be lost only for a moment, but eventually they will find me and I will be doomed.

Is there nothing good left in this world?

“There you is.” Even he can find me.  How many times is it now that I’ve tried to run away from him?  “Ya need ta stop sneakin’ off like dat.”

“Ya not well.”

“I’ll be fine.” I reply.  Even to me, I sounded a little hostile.

“Go away.”

“Look gal,” he matches my level of aggravation.  “Ya need ta rest. If ya keep this up, I’m gonna hafta bring ya to a hospital.”

“You know, I’m a big girl.” I hiss.  “I can take care of myself.”

“Ya know very well somebody’s afta ya.” he says.  “Ya be a fool if ya think ya can just parade around town and think they won’t find ya.”

“So what am I suppose to do, oh-wise-one?” I question.  “Sit around and hide for all eternity?”

“Ya have neva heard of lying low?” He asks.  “Wait until da heat comes down.”

A growl escapes me.  He cannot be serious.  Out of everything I may be, I have never been a coward.  I’ve gone through too many prosecutions, death threats, and torture to run now.

“Don’t let ya arrogance get ya killed.” he then says.

“Arrogance?” I take a step back.  He has know idea of everything I have gone through to call me arrogant.  Walk in my shoes, boy, and we will see who’s being the arrogant one.  I know of the danger.  I know of it very well.  “Believe me when I say if anything is to get me killed it is you following me around. If no one pays any mind to me then I can be invisible to their eyes.”

He shakes his head.  “Ya have obviously neva looked in a mirror before.”

I narrow my eyes at him.  “What is that suppose to mean?”

A sigh escapes him.  “Look, I’m what ya call da friendly neighborhood gangsta. I know all da best places to hang low so no one can find ya. Ya will be safe. Once da heat is down then I’ll let ya go.”

“Why do you care this much about me?” I ask.  “I don’t know you and you sure as hell don’t know me.”

He looked away.  “Well…I feel slightly responsible dat they found you.”

It’s my turn to sigh.  Guilt, such an odd emotion.  And even worse, he means everything behind his words.

“Fine, if you can put up with me…I suppose I can put up with you.”

Now he smiles.  “Ya finally seein’ da light.”


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