Chapter 20

Writer Notes: RE-Post Chapter 20 of The Gang in TS2 format. I’ve cut some pictures though…just because I felt like it.

Warnings: attitude, definitely full of attitude…anger issues, pleading, awkwardness, and stomping

Sasha Fire and Kassidy Lane had been out all day shopping and other girly things and decided before they had to go home to stop by the park and relax.  It was the evening now and people were leaving, afraid to be caught in the dark, but the girls had no problem with the twinkle light of night.

Sasha was retaining suspicions as she sat with KL.  Kassidy had been off and on the phone, talking and texting while they had been shopping.  It really had irritated Sasha because it was their day to hang out and do whatever.  If Sally had been free, Sasha had rather gone with her, but no, she had Kassidy Lane and that seemed to be it.

“Will you please put that damn phone up?!” Sasha held back a scream.  KL did as she wished, but seemed reluctant.  “Geez, you’ve been on it all day. I’m sure whoever is texting isn’t going to miss you for the next five minutes!”

“Someone’s pissy.” KL said.

“I think I have the right to be.” Sasha replied.  “I’ve been the one physically here with you, but you haven’t actually been ‘here’ with me.”

“Sorry.” Kassidy sighed.

“Who-the-hell have you been talking to?”

Kassidy looked down.  “You’d rather not know.”

“Uh, beg to differ, I would like to know.”

“Kenneth…” muttered Kassidy.


Kassidy sighed.  “You know…the married guy I use to date.”


“Well, he’s not married anymore.”

“Again, WHAT?!?”

“We’re not dating, just ya know talking.” KL said.

Sasha just shook her head.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Sasha?” Shane questioned to himself.


She winced when she heard him shout her name.  She definitely wasn’t ready to face him yet.

“What do you want, Shane?” Even to her, she sounded a bit rude.

“Someone’s in a bad mood.” Shane smiled at KL.  She nodded in agreement.

Sasha was glad she was angry.  It helped her think a little more, instead of drooling over him.  She hated it when it happened to her, but she couldn’t help it.  She had always been in love with Shane Zones from the very first time she laid eyes on him.  However, he had dated Sally, who was Sasha’s bestest friend; therefore, she had to retain her feelings for him.  They were broken up, badly broken up, so she couldn’t confess her undying love to him now either.  It’s a shook up world for sure.

“What do you want?” she asked a little softer.

He smiled and said.  “It’s just a blessing that I ran into you. I kinda need your help with somet’in.”

Shane began explaining that the other night there had been an incident at the Red Gem.  A girl had gotten “hurt” for possibly being in the way of whoever-the-guy-was from getting to Shane.  He dealt with the guy, but then feeling guilty, Shane brought the girl to his house and tried to treat her “wounds,” but evidently that had gone south as well. 

“Get to the point, Shane!” Sasha shouted.  “Why do you need my help?”

He froze for second then blinked.  “I’m in some deep shit.”

“How I’m not surprised by that.” Sasha said.

“I need your help, Sasha.”

She sighed.  “You haven’t told me what it is exactly you need my assistance for.”

He glanced at Kassidy standing there behind her.  Sasha knew what that meant.  It was gangster business.  Another sigh escaped her breath.  She was tired of all of this crap.  Having to bounce back and forth trying to clean up the scraps for Shane and the gang.  That evidently had become her job by nomination without her ever knowing.

But she was also tired of being so conflicted, for hating Shane because he didn’t love her the way she loved him, for having to be angry with him because of how he treated Sally, for having to only be important when Shane could use her for some project that was forming in his mind.  Sasha wanted escape more than anything.

“I rather we talk about this alone.” Shane then said.

Sasha stomped her foot.  “No.” she said.  “I’m not going to get into your shit anymore.”


“No! Shane!” she screamed.

“Figure it out by yourself!”

Both Shane and Kassidy Lane stood there flabbergasted as Sasha walked away.

“Well, see you later, Shane.” KL said.  “Hope you figure out how to solve your problem.”

“Sasha…” KL called after her.  “Are you all right?”

Was she?  She had basically spat in his face and turned on her heel.  It was such a new feeling for Sasha even as the anger rode on top of her mask, she was feeling…relieved.

“Yes.” she finally replied as they crossed the park.  “I’m fine.”


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