Chapter 2

Writer Notes: Re-release of Chapter 2

Warnings: jogging, talking of problems, racism, and war

There’s nothing like a good jog with an even stride, feeling of the light breeze blowing through your hair, smell of the sea close by, no worries, no struggle, just your heart pounding at 112 beats per minute, trying to escape out of your chest.  Perfect.  At least, it is to Jack. 

He had finally created a routine suitable for his new area.  Moving wasn’t something he had planned on, but it was for the best, for both of them, him and his sister, Peppermint.  Of course, she had lived here for some time before he joined her.  They had to make sure it wasn’t like before.

To Jack the Universe was very simple.  Ten to twelve planets revolve around a star, with or without their own rocky satellite circling them, thousands of days and years pass and everything stays constant, in routine.  Yet, some way life exists, maybe living habitually or perhaps rebelling from that normal life.

However, the only thing that created controversy in these perfect little routines was the inevitable problem of conflict.  The religious proclaimed that God was the answer to all who wished to solve their affairs.  Supposable great leaders sought unity, while evil willed power over their fear.

Riots roared.  People bled.  Spectators became famous for their theories and documentaries.  Their employers grew fat in wealth.  The weak died and the strong suffered to the end of their days remembering exactly what had happened that day. 

Nonetheless, all beings argued and fought over what they called atrocity, what scientists claimed was the next step in advancement of technology, the arrival of the android.

Many generations have passed since those days, yet the android situation had not improved.  They were bought and sold just like merchandise, even appraised with the company’s logo tattooed on their right hand.

However, these beings had evolved.  In the beginning, they were programmed for special tasks such as cleaning the yard or washing the dishes.  Now they worked, ate, and felt just like regular humans.

The churches cried blasphemy!  Though the Christians, Catholics, and other religious beings wept in sorrow of the merciless anguish that defied their god, companies continued to build and advance.

Yet, the creations which caused such arguments and pride were still treated like vermin.  Some places had separate water fountains, even taunting them with signs that read oil drinkers here.   Others would not sell products to androids or even allow them in their businesses.

Was society fair?  No.  Society was never fair.

This brought out the worse in the synthetic people.  Angered by the wretch they were labeled, riots and battles raged against the organic and the metallic.

The Judges took action.  They ordered the logos imprinted upon the androids to seize then no one could tell a synthetic from a human.

For the most part the plan was successful, except to those who already had the tattoo appraised upon their skin.  The push for humanity and robotic to segregate would never end. 

Jack just remembered the facts, the images, and the stories from everyone who witnessed the horror.  As a journalist for the newspaper, he pushed stories of personal experiences the androids and humans had under gone together.  But because he was synthetic himself, he was some times bias.

Although his stories were intriguing and inspired androids to be more open about their race and humans to accept the synthetics, Jack stopped writing.  He felt adversity between his social and home lives.  In the light of the public, Jack was a star, everyone’s hero, the best friend, and the one person you could talk to and feel safe.  At home, he could be himself, conflicted with reality and fantasy

Now here he was trying to create a new start with friends, family…

…and a fantastic horizon.


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