Chapter 19

Writer Notes: RE-Post Chapter 19 of The Gang in TS2 format.

Warnings: very short on pictures, but more text than usual, awkwardness, shouting in one’s mind, and innocent flirting 

It had been a long day for KittyKat, Kat Baylor.  She had been once again denied by an employer for a job, but as a sigh escaped her breathe she didn’t let it get too personal.  However it was very frustrating to be refused again.  She had dived into all the opportunities, but none of the opportunities wanted her.

She went home and down dressed into some more comfortable clothes.  It was night by the time she made it to “her” spot, but she found it already occupied.  Another sigh escaped her breathe.  Today hadn’t been a good day, now her night was going to be ruined as well.

Was she meant to be so miserable all the time?

“NO!” Kat yelled in her head.  It was about time for her to stand up on push forward.  She had been without bravery for so long and fallen deep in the clutches of depression.  There had been no escape, but now…Kat made sure to take another step even if she was filled with uneasiness.

He said hello and welcomed her to the fire pit.  It hadn’t been until that moment she realized how cold the night was.  She warmed her hands over the flames as he offered her a marsh mellow.  Though she declined, he didn’t seem so rejected.

“What brings you up here tonight?” he asked.

She shrugged not trusting her voice.

“Me too.” He smiled and with that pure smile she felt her core relax.  This guy was not a threat.  He wasn’t dangerous.  He was just…casual.

When he asked if she wanted to sit down, motioning to the other folded up chair on the ground, she accepted.  It was odd for her to sit down with a stranger.  It was exciting too.  They talked for a while and Kat learned that evidently this area was nice place to paint and meditate if you wanted to clear your head.  She found herself giggling at his jokes.  He was such a scatter brain.

Her bravery hadn’t fully assembled as she could not meet his eyes.  She always found looking into a man’s eyes to be intimate, especially in the fire light and twinkle of the stars.  Keeping this guy as a stranger was fine with her, she wasn’t looking for a relationship, but she was compelled to look at him and it frightened her so she stared at the fire.  It was weak, but she was out of courage this night.

“Well,” It was his turn to sigh.  “It’s getting late.”

She nodded.

“It’s been nice talking to you…”

“You too.” She had to leave it at that.


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