Chapter 18

Writer Notes: RE-Post Chapter 18 of The Gang in TS2 format.

Warnings: stuff, conversations, and annoying text messages

“So glad you could join us.” Kassidy Lane smiled.

Sasha just shrugged.  “It’s great to be back in town.  Right, Dewy?”

He nodded with a grin of his own.  “Good to see you too.”

“So that the whole gang is now back in town, I think we’re up for another celebration.” the Drake said.

“Another?” Sasha questioned.

“Oh, heck, that’s right.” Drake smirked.  “You missed the big party at the Saiders house.”

“Who’s the Saiders?” Sasha asked.

“New people in town.” Drake answered.  “They came with Dewy from the journey of the beyond.”

Dewy rolled his eyes.  “So dramatic, don’t ya think?”

“Well, I wonder why Toulouse didn’t tell me about them?” Sasha questioned.  “I mean, I saw him the other day.”

“Ya know Toulouse, his mind is always somewhere else.” Dewy said.

“Mostly on work.” KL added.

Sasha held her suspicions.  She had been out of town recently to visit her sisters, Jade and Ashley, but now that she was back, she felt a little lost.  Maybe she hadn’t been ready to come back yet.  After all, Sasha had needed the vacation to get away from the city, just like Dewy, even though everyone knew he just needed a break from KL.  Sasha’s reasons were similar to his, except she had wanted to get away from Shane.

“You’ll like Jack and Peppermint.” Dewy smiled.  “They’re terrific people.”

“Wonderful indeed.” KL echoed, trying to hold back daydreaming about Jack Saiders.

Kassidy’s phone buzzed with a text.  She quickly replied to it while the others were talking about how weird it was to have the absence of Sasha Fire.  She too had missed her friend.  Without Miss Fire the group seemed unbalanced.  She was the flame that kept them burning with her smart mouth and gutsy attitude.  The phone buzzed again and KL ignored it, but that had caught Sasha’s attention.

“You expecting someone?” Sasha asked while the guys talked about sports. 

KL shook her head.  She really didn’t want to talk about this while Dewy was sitting with them.

The phone buzzed twice more before KL knew that it was forming into annoyance and temptation.  She turned it off, but that raised questions in Sasha’s eyes.  She knew Kassidy’s devilish side better than anyone; after all, she was the blame for it.

“Do you men ever stop talking about sports?!” Kassidy questioned.

The guys blinked at each other then shrugged at the same time, meaning something, but nothing.  Sasha stared at KL, trying to burn holes into Kassidy’s skull to figure out what she was hiding.


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  1. 4mamma says:

    hey…. where did you get the recolor of the sofa in the pic you see from above??

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