Chapter 17

Writer Notes: RE-Post Chapter 17 of The Gang in TS2 format.

Warnings: a very cute Sim, lots of conversation, a Sim from another story (TS3), cold shouldering, VI-O-LENCE

Usually Shane would walk into this bar and find twenty people stand up and look his direction, but he decided to make his entrance during the dead hours of the day to save himself from having to prove that some stranger had his chair.  It was a process that he would love to live without, but those few people always wanted to prove themselves worthy and always ended up on the floor or out the door.

If it wasn’t for one lady in red, the bar would have been empty. That would have almost been too good to be true in Shane’s eyes.  There were always ears around when he didn’t want them.  Not that he wouldn’t have asked the same questions in a room full of people, Shane just didn’t like particular conversations being overheard.  It was most likely in a room full of people that no one would pay attention to his conversation with the bartender, but with a small group to one person the chances that no one heard them was slim to none.

The bartender was named Greg and he was actually kind of glad to see Shane. He owned this bar, the Red Gem and a few other little ones down the street.  However he managed all of them at once was amazing all on its own, definitely considering this was hot gangster territory.  Nonetheless, he always had some information, if it was useful or not was the question.

“What can I get ya?” Greg asked.

“Some information.” Shane said, glancing over at the lady.  She seemed non-interested in their conversation or even their presences.

“What will it be?” Greg questioned.

“Ya heard of any gang banger blowin up houses in da area?”

Greg looked down for a moment, trying to recollect on any relative topics. “I heard about Rez’s house the other day. You’ll tell him the wife and I are thinking about him and Angel.”

Shane nodded.

“Some younger kids have been comin’ in here causin’ all kinds of problems.” Greg said.  “They’ve been talkin’ bout some arsonist in da area. Not sure he’s a gang banger though, seems rather on da crazy side.”

“Yeah,” Shane sighed.  “I’ve already heard about him.”

Greg nodded.  “Well, the kids also talked about an extremist.”


“Might be who you’re lookin’ for.” Greg said.  “Been told he likes to take out local gangster families. Killed a few kids and a wife last week.”

Shane sighed. “I’ll take the usual.”

Greg went to make the drink, while Shane took a seat.  He didn’t know why, but he was compelled to sit by the lady in red, not too close, but just close enough.

After the bartender gave Shane his drink he turned to his only other customer and asked her if she’d like anything more.  She have smiled and said no thank you.  She seemed too proper to be found around these parts, which made Shane even more curious.

“Ya come to a bar not to drink, but to read?” Shane chuckled.  “Seems kinda like ya should be in da library.”

She didn’t react or reply.

“You got a name?” he asked.

“Yeah, girl who came here for the quiet, not girl who came here to hear you talk.” Well, maybe she did belong on these streets.

Shane bobbed his head. “Sorry.”

“I must have gotten the wrong impression.” He continued. “Didn’t think a gal at a bar wouldn’t want to talk.”  Her eyes met his full of warning.  “Guess I was wrong.”

“I suppose that’s because of your ignorance.” She said.

“Couldn’t be a little nicer?” Shane questioned.

She just shook her head and gathered her valuables.

“Stop chasing off my customers, Shane or I’m going to have to terminate our friendship.”

“That’s almost mighty of you to say, Greg.” Shane slid over a hefty tip.  “But I am your number one customer remember.”

Shane hesitated when he heard shouting, but he knew his eyes hadn’t betrayed him when he saw a man charge towards the bar.

Even Shane wasn’t fast enough to get to her before the man smack her across the face, flattening her out and then turned towards Shane.


He didn’t know where else to bring her.


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