Chapter 14

Writer Notes: RE-Post Chapter 14 of The Gang in TS2 format. 

Warnings: Slight change in view for a moment…which equals a few pictures.Also let me know if you cannot read the diary entry above.

Sometimes you can lose yourself and not know it happened.  You can go day-by-day believing everything’s all right, but it isn’t.  Sally knew someone had bombed their house in attempt to attack Shane or possibly to even scare Rez.  It was horrible, but probably true.

But do you pretend that is not what happened?  Do you pretend everything’s going to be ok?  After all, Sally knew she was safe at the moment.  The Saiders were kind people and new to town.  Not many knew them.  A villain wouldn’t parade into unknown territory to attack them here.  Would they?

Sally could not help, but wonder that they being there would drag Jack and Peppermint into this mess.  What a terrible thought, but possibly true.


“Well, thank you, Jack and Pmint.” Angel was able to smile.  “You two have been wonderful.”

Jack shrugged.  “I couldn’t leave you on the streets.”

“You don’t understand what it means to have such great friends.” Rez answered.  “Definitely now.”

“I just hope it’s over.” Angel muttered.

“Let’s not think about that.” Peppermint said.  “It’ll only make you feel down.”

“Exactly.” Kat tried to smile.

Sally hesitated when she saw Jack standing there.  She didn’t know why, but some way she felt light headed.  Why was her heart beating so fast?

He peered back just slightly.  Was he looking at her?  She couldn’t tell, but she saw a small smile form on his lips for a moment before he sat next to Kat.

“Much better?” Angel asked.

“Yes,” Sally weakly smiled.  “It’s wonderful what a shower can do.”

“I’m glad we can accommodate that.” Pmint grinned brightly.

“Thank you.” Sally was able to say.  How could these people be so kind, impossibly kind?  They let almost strangers into their house without even as much as security questions bloom in their minds?  How did they know that Sally or Rez, or even Angel was a scammer, just after a few things to steal and pawn off later?  They were too trusting.  Maybe that was their flaws?  People who are too kind?  Why isn’t the world filled with more of them?

Even though Angel had that smile on her face, Sally could see the fear in her eyes.  She was thinking just like her sister.  What if the villains came after them again and the Saiders were hurt—or even killed—in the crossfire?  How would they live with themselves?

“Ooh, there’s a lot of worrying going on.” Jack finally broke the silence.

Sally blinked at him. 

He grinned sweetly.  “Please don’t. Everything will be fine. I promise.”


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