Chapter 12

Writer Notes: RE-Post of Chapter 12 of The Gang in TS2 format

Warnings: several switches inviews, uncomplete thoughts, annoyance, and a irrelevant foosball game

“Where’s Angel and Rez?” Sally asked Drake, forcing him to focus.

“Uh—umm—having alone time.” He tried to smile.


“Hey, Sally, gotta warn you, Shane’s on his way over here.”

She rolled her eyes and sighed, marching off to her room.



“So Kat and Peppermint know.” Rez shook his head.  “What happened to keeping it a surprise?”

“Well—I was too excited.”

“I forgive you.” Rez said.  “But this means I get to tell Shane.”

Angel readjusted herself.

“What’s the matter?”

“Just—a little light headed.”

“Sitting down?”

“I’m fine.”


“Yo, Drake!” Twister shouted as him and Shane entered the room.  “Ready for the ultimate whoopin’ in foosball?”

“So you’re ready to be beatin’ again?” Drake laughed.

“Oh, it is war!”

“Drake, where’s the happy couple?” Shane asked.

“In da living room.” He replied.  “They wanted some ‘alone’ time.”

Shane rolled his eyes.  “Ya see Sally around?”

“Yeah, she’s in her room.” Drake sighed.  “I wouldn’t bother her, Shane.”

“Now what makes you think I’m going to?”

Twister stared at Drake with widened eyes.

“Nothing.” He shook his head.

“Iz gonna go interrupt the love birds.” Shane said.  “So if there’s gun shooting and hollering, don’t be alarmed.”

Twister shook his head.  “Oh, there will be blood.”


Oh, that was Shane’s voice Sally had just heard.  She already felt her stomach become unbearably tight.  A sigh escaped her breath as she logged onto Clay’s Drama.

Clay had finally replied to her message about her situation with Shane.  He said that she needed to confront him and explain her feelings to him.  Had she done that at Dewy’s party?  Or did that not count?  He also explained closure to her, which she had already thought he would have.  Of course since he was the Godfather of Healing Wounds, Clay knew exactly how to examine, dress, and mend all Sally’s sores.

She replied, thanking him and continued to tell him about her and Shane’s argument at the party and her embarrassment.  Actually, she wanted to continue that discussion and add some details about Jack Saiders, but she decided that would have been awkward.  She didn’t know why, but that was her feeling.  She’d save Clay from her girl talk.


“Ey!” Shane almost yelled.

“Shane—” Rez sighed.  “Go away.”

“We got some things to discuss.”

Rez shook his head.

“Go ahead, honey.” Angel said.  “He’s gonna bug us until he gets his way.”

Rez looked at her for some time.  “You’re sure.”

She nodded.

“Come on!” Rez shouted, going for the kitchen.

Shane bowed his head.  “Why do you take all the fun outta it.”

“So what is it?” Rez asked, taking a seat on a bar stool.

“We gotta go to a meetin’ at Jones.” Shane replied.

“What’s it about?”

“Have no idea.”

“Makes me nervous though.” Shane closed his eyes.

“Shane, I want out.”

“You what?”

“I want out.”

“What the hell?!?”

“Angel and I are starting a family, Shane.” Rez said.  “I don’t want to get killed or get her killed because of this crap.”


“Twister, I need to ask you for a favor.”


“Will you go to the drug store and pick me up—” she looked at Drake then leaned in and whispered so only Twister could hear.  “Some prenatal pills.”

“Some what?”

“Prego pills.” Drake smiled.

“Wha?!? Your what?!?”

“Shh! No, I’m not.” Angel said still whispering.  “But we’re trying to.”

“OH…oh ok…SO…”

“Twist, are you going to do it?” Angel asked.

“Yeah, yeah, but just let me know what I’m looking for.”

“I suppose we’re going to have to get a rain check for that foosball game.” Drake laughed.

“No!” Twister shouted.  “I’ll be back soon!”

Sally rushed out of her room, looking suspiciously at Drake to the door.  “I know he’s here.”

“Yeah, he’s talking to Rez.”

“Good he can keep talking to Rez.”

“Are you all right?” Drake asked.

Sally smiled.  “I’m ecstatic.”


“Children?” Shane questioned with pure amazement in his voice.

“You act like you’re surprised.”

Shane shook his head.  “I thought ya two were gonna wait a while.”

“We were, but…” It was Rez’s turn to shake his head.  “I dunno. It suddenly hit me.”

“Ya were the one?”

“Yeah, boy was she surprised.” Rez laughed then his face fell serious.  “I want out, Shane.”

“I ain’t gonna keep ya.”


“You’re not all right.” Drake said.  “What’s going on, Sally?”


“Come on, Twist, we gotta go!” They turned to see Shane standing there.

“Sally?” Drake said once more.  “What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” she hissed.

“Sorry, babe, but we gotta emergency meeting.”

“Just hurry back.” Angel sighed.

“Drake, don’t forget to pick up Kat from the Saiders!” Rez called.

“No problem, won’t forget!” Drake shouted back.

When the guys were on the road to return that night, they did not suspect the many fire trucks and ambulances to be heading in the same direction they were; however, that was not the case when they arrived at their destination.

Rez raced out of the vehicle even before Shane had stopped.  “Angel!” he shouted, frantically searching.  She pushed the fire fighter out of the way and dove into his arms, sobbing.

Drake also pulled up into yard, looking frightened as he searched for his friends.  The fire marshal walked up to him and Drake began asking the man questions.

“Looks like an arsonist.” The fire fighter said.

Drake shook his head, knowing it was more than that.  It was a personal attack.  From who or whom, he had no idea.

Shane walked around, searching through the crowd.  He finally reached Drake.  “What the hell is going on?” he asked.

Drake shook his head incredulously.  “I—I just got here. I have no idea.”

Shane thought he heard someone cry his name, but he didn’t recognize anyone in front of him then suddenly someone was in his arms.  It took him a moment, but in the dirty ash filled hair was a tint of orange.



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