Chapter 11

Writer Notes: RE-Post of Chapter 11 from The Gang in TS2 format.

Warnings: Mostly conversation, mention of war, loss, and death, and awkwardness

“So what led you to move here?” Kat asked.

“The war.” Peppermint solemnly answered.

“It was bad in your area?”

“Yeah.” Pmint sighed.  “It was horrible.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but are you android friendly or—”

“Jack’s an android.” Peppermint interrupted.  “I’d never turn my back on him.”

“Of—Of course.” Kat tried to smile.  “Well, he’s not the only—android on the block.”


“Yeah, Rez and Sally are too.” Kat giggled.  “Suppose Jack would feel at ease knowing he’s not the only one?

“Pmint?” Kat blinked for a moment then looked ahead.

“Veronica?” Peppermint questioned as she watched her brother greet a visitor.

“Oh my god, it is you!” the guest turned around and wrapped her arm around Peppermint’s neck.

“Just dropped by.” Jack said.  “I was about to call you.”

“Sure you were.” Pmint rolled her eyes.

Kat stayed afar.  She could tell by the way the Saiders were acting that this was a very good friend of theirs, but it made her feel more and more out of the loop.

“Hey, Kat!” Jack took her hand and led her back over to their guest.  “This is Veronica, my bestest of best friends.  Veronica—KittyKat Kat.”

“Nice to meet you.” Veronica smiled.

“Y—Y-You too.”

“Well, let’s go inside and have a cup of coffee.” Pmint said.

Jack shook his head.  “I’m afraid not.  The crew’s in the middle of redoing the floors.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot that was today.”

Jack ushered them to the guest house.  Kat thought it was nice for a little shack.

“So how long are you gonna be in town.” Peppermint asked Veronica.

“Well, we’re planning on moving here.” She smiled.

“Really?” Jack returned the grin.

“Following me are you?” he chuckled.

“You know it.”

“How does Sebastian feel about that?”

“Oh, he’s very excited.” Veronica teased.

“He’ll love the business life here.” Jack said.  “There’s sure a lot of prosper on.”

“Please don’t get him started.”

“Why on earth would you think I would?” Jack mischievously smiled.

Veronica shook her head then turned to Kat.  “So have you lived here for long?”

“All my life.”

“Kat helped us pick out the house.” Pmint said.  “How would we ever survive without you?”

Kat giggled.  “Well, I’m sure Jack would have eventually found this place.”

“Yeah, after one hundred and fifty-two tries.” Jack muttered.

“It use to be an art museum.” Kat said.  “I loved it, but once it went out of business no one wanted to buy it.”

“Until now!” Jack announced.

After a moment of discussing the move and Dewy and the Saiders’ welcoming party, Kat felt very comfortable with Veronica.  She was a great person: very nice, funny, and kind.  Her and the Saiders went way back when they were kids.  Jack and Veronica seemed to be very open with each other.  Kat suspected a history of teasing and love.

“So what about this Mr. Zane?” Veronica smiled at Peppermint.  Pmint bit her lip.

Jack shook his head.

“Oh brother.” Pmint almost shouted.  “What’s wrong with Toulouse?”

He shrugged.

“Jack?” Veronica’s voice seemed concerned.

“Please, don’t ruin this one.”

“I would never do something like that.” The sarcasm was obvious in his voice.

“Toulouse is all right.” Kat said.  “He’s got a great career ahead of him. Just like me he’s lived here his whole. We all grew up together in the orphanage.”

“The orphanage?” Veronica questioned.  “Oh my.”

“Most of the kids here are orphans.” Kat claimed.  “It’s all right. Basically we’ve stuck together as our own family.”

“Where are all the parents?” Veronica had to ask.

“Well—” Kat sighed.  “Most of the kids, like me, were just given up for adoption. Toulouse’s parents died of the flu. Angel’s of a car accident.” She looked at her hands.  “We still don’t know what happened to Shane’s.”

“That’s all terrible.” Veronica almost gasped.

“We had each other.” Kat shrugged.  “It made us not realize we were without anything.” She giggled.  “Really, Angel and Rez are the parents of our group. Toulouse, Drake, and Twister the big brothers. And, Me and Sally are their little sisters.”

“What was Dewy?” Jack asked.

“Hmm…” she bit her lip.  “I suppose, he was our really cute cousin.”

They laughed.

“It’s always nice to have a family.” Veronica smiled then looked at Jack.

He grinned as well his eyes full admiration.


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