Sunday Sims crew

If you’re a follower of Sunday Sims (as you should be) then you may recognize a few of these faces.  This is just one of my many photoshoots that I have done lately.  You’ll see these pictures hanging on the walls in The Gang, mostly [mostly] in Jack and Pmint’s house. 

Some explanation?  Many of you know that 13pumpkin is my aunt and simming buddy.  We have gone through so many years together laughing, building, decorating, creating Sims, and wondering if God was going to strike us down from above because of “dear baby Jesus, 6 pounds 4 ounces in your little golden diaper, we beggith thee to let our Sims load this time. Hey man.” and other things people may believe to be blasphemy.  We just thought it was funny.. 

 Then it was just fun and though it still is, through the last few years we have gotten a little more serious about our Sims.  We not only have stories, but enter contests.  We are both trying to be more active in the communities even creating our own site called Hell Has Spoken for both of our main neighborhoods are called Hell.

We have also been wanting to create custom content.  I have thus far successfully made quite a few picture recolors for Sim houses and one deco recolor for my Catwoman entry of Round 3 of DOTY at BlackPearlSims.  Those things are going quite slowly, but well.

As for why 13pumpkin’s Sunday Sims…sims…are in my pictures?  Well, most of you know some of the Sims that star in her story are my Sims for example NiNjeia is my Jack…Peppermint is…well, Peppermint.  The Rowin is The Drake.  So on and so forth.  It’s like a different dimension of the same characters in a way.

Actually most of the Sims in her computer are my Sims.  I am over populating her worlds!  Well, without my characters she would have very under populated worlds. 😉

Anywho, enjoy these pictures!

Actually my Pmint is made from 13pumpkin’s Pmint so they’re not actually the “same” Sim.  She also has different eyes.

Kevin’s hair is different textures in our games, which a little funny, but I should fix any way so they match.

This Veronica and 13pumpkin’s Veronica differ a little bit because I don’t have the same skins, make-up, and such that Veronica usually wore on her computer…so there was some experimenting with the make-ups I have.  She’s a natural beauty anyways.

Sebastian is so funny.  He did this pose all by himself. 😀

Luvz me my Jack…I mean NiNjeia…I mean Jack…I mean NiNjeia Jack…yeah…

Oh Dewy/Chris…he’s a completely different Sim on 13pumpkin’s computer, but still cute and dandy as always.  We call him the “Eor of Winnie the Pooh” of the group.

And, like always, I find the “chemistry” between Veronica and Jack quite photo-fabulous. 🙂

Now, now you two! What if Sebastian found?  (Hmmm…evil thought)

See! Nope, this isn’t real.  I “made” him do that.  This is what he did on his own:

FAIL!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

MDP out.

Cheers 8)

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2 Responses to Sunday Sims crew

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    I wonder how many were con-fuzzled…hehe!
    It’s true Sim buddy, so many laughs and good times we have shared over the years…they have been some of my best memories!
    Love all the pictures…Veronica looks wonderful 🙂
    Where did you get that hat/hair NiNjeia…I mean Jack is wearing?
    Love it!
    Just to also say…I hope we will be SIMming together 4-ever!
    See you in Hell! ♥

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