Happy Holidays

(Three characters in the picture have not been introduced yet in storyline.)

I’m pretty good at making group pictures with Sims.  I consider it a speciality of mine when it comes to dollhousing with poseboxes.  I think I only used four different boxes in this group shot…maybe five…and I believe all but one were from MayPink…

Anyhow, something I like to do with my group shots is to look for flaws.  There are four in the photo above (that I have found).  Why look for flaws?  How else will you improve on your skills? 

So the flaws I have found are: Angel sunk into her chair (from stretchskeleton code), two are: Toulouse and Shane not looking at the “camera,” and the fourth is the lantern in the picture…I forgot to delete it…

Have a Merry Christmas (or whatever other holiday you’ll be celebrating) and a Happy New Year too.

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