Vivian, the PC, Info on The Gang

Ok, so the Sims of Hell (hehe…Sims of Hell…no, seriously the neighborhood is called Hell) have been moved from the laptop: Chrome, to the PC: Vivian.  Why have they been moved and why does this sound so terribly familiar?  Well to answer the second one first the TS3 move to the PC was similiar.  First question, Chrome’s performance has been running horribly.  She may be having a mechanical problem or she’s been invaded by a virus, hopefully not of the killer type.  So I was forced to find an alternate route to keep the stories going while getting Chrome some help.  So the game’s been moved to the PC, Vivian.  So hello, Viv.

Though the move (I consider) was successful, as always, there are a few issues.

One was moving the houses over.  I finally made a Mediafire account and put those items on it…along with some other things…I may even start to offer my houses/sets for download…may being the word.  Don’t hold me to it.  Part of me wants to resist because people should make their own crap, but then again I download other people’s work (no Sims or lots though).  And I appreciate all their hard work when they make us stuff…Creators are AWESOME!


The Sims were another issue.  I’ve packaged Sims before using Bodyshop and that was never a problem…except most of my Sims were not in Bodyshop…so I had to use SimPE to export my Sims.  Well, that created issues.  Not in SimPE, but the moving process.  A few of my Sims corrupted in some way, not sure how, but it happened.

Therefore, here is a small list of the ones I had to REcreate:

Sally Saither
Jack Saiders
Dewy Russell (skin)
Shane Zones (skin)

I’m not sure why these Sims corrupted.  Maybe a lot they were on or they just got screwed UP when being exported (Don’t know how that would have happened. It’s a fairly simple process)…but there’s nothing I could do so I just remade them. 

Below are comparison shots to show you how much they’ve been changed.  Also keep in mind different atmosphere (lights, daytime/nighttime, graphics/processor) effect the quality of the comparisons.

First are the skin changers…I’m not going to show all of them just Dewy and Shane:

Both Dewy and Shane’s problems weren’t because of reconstruction…it was the lack of their original skins…so facially they’re the same.  I didn’t get the Louis skins back this time as I feel they’re a little outdated.  I didn’t use them as much as other skins like the ones made by teru_k (my defaults) or chakara at ModtheSims or Pooklet’s skins (I’m afraid I cannot provide a link to Pooklet’s site as  it is down…hopefully temporarily).  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Louis skins and most of the skins I download are based off those skins.

Dewy’s change wasn’t that dramatic.  He pinked a little, but the one thing that aggravates me more than anything…his eyes are the wrong color!  In both before and after!  So that means Dewy’s running around with the wrong eyes. [facepalm]  Those eyes are a dark aqua…they’re actually suppose to be a really dark deep green.  Grr.  Oh well…not much I can do about it now.

As for Shane, I’m happy about the change in skin…to me he does look better.  It helps to also change the eyebrows…Shane had been in the Louis skin since the beginning so it’s weird to see him out of it.

Now for some reconstruction…these Sims were completely lost (thank goodness there were only two):

Another REmake for Jack (14th time…that’s not on one computer if you’re concerned).  Change in hair, eyebrows, and skin…same eyes though.  I did have an itch to change them as well, but no other eyes suited him.  Those are Yumedust eyes by-the-way…his original eyes from a time before posting stories on the Internet were PickPock eyes.  13pumpkin was extremely happy the day I took him out of those.

All-in-all Jack looks just fine.  In this REmake I didn’t go by my usual set of rules when creating Jack.  I kinda wanted to match inbetween his original-ish TS2 self (2007-2008), his TS3 self, and his drawn self.  It’s always a work in progress with him.  Because he’s important and difficult all at the same time.  He has to be able to look serious, witty, charming, and smexy.  See, not easy to obtain.

Showing Sally last because obviously her change was the most dramatic.  It was clear to me that a complete change was needed.  (After all Sally was three different Sims from Chapters 1-16, if you didn’t notice.)  She needed a fresh start (again, 10th time?).  Her Sim corrupting gave me the extra push I needed (and had to) REcreate her.  I’m very pleased with this version of Sally.  Her skin (Pooklet) is what I image her skin color and texture to be.  Her face is rounder, eyes wider.  Glad she’s been changed.

There’s still a few more houses to be imported into the game…and lots more sets…but don’t worry.  There will be no wait or downtime for new chapters.

So I hope that this information helps you readers with the transition into newer chapters.

Get it, got it, good.  Have a nice day 8)

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